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10 Best Places To Go For Shopping In Townsville Every Shopaholic Must Visit Atleast Once!

From fashion to antiques, furniture to appliances, Townsville is a place where you can get anything you want. The place has a number of different boutiques, shops, and shopping malls. It can be said that this place is no less than a shopping paradise for all the shopaholics out there. If you need the motivation to shop, you should visit Townsville once. Here you can literally shop till you drop. So what are you waiting for? Get your bags ready as we explore the top 10 shopping centers in Townsville, Australia. Out of all the places on the list we have brought you the 10 best places to go for shopping in Townsville where you can shop your heart out.

You can explore a number of shopping malls and markets in Townsville. To help your confusion, we have prepared you the list of the best places to shop in Townville. Here at these places, you can experience the best shopping in Townsville.

1. Canon Park

Canon Park In Townsville

This is a lifestyle center which includes 6 screen cinema complex along with a great selection of restaurants and cafes. You can also visit Townsville only Kingpin Bowling Lounge. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the laser skirmish out here. In short, this is a place where you can both shop and have fun. Visit the lifestyle center with your family and have a great time shopping out here.

Location: Townsville, Australia
What to buy: Try out the cafes and restaurants in the center.

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2. Central Village

Central Village In Townsville

Image Courtesy
The next best place to shop in Central Village. The place consists of sidewalks dining areas and cafes. This is an ideal place to take your family out for dinner or a movie. You can also come across a number of shops in the building which you can explore. This is the perfect entertainment spot for all the shopping lovers.

Location: Townsville, Australia
What to buy: Spend some time relaxing at the cafes.

3. Urban Loft

Urban Loft In Townsville

This is an ideal spot for the ladies to shop. Here you can get a wide range of quality products. Starting from jewelry to clothes, you can get it all from here. You can even get bathroom products from the shop. Located at the Gregory Street, the shop is known to provide quality goods to its customers at a reasonable rate. The shop is also quite popular with the tourists because of its a unique range of products. This is one of the best places for shopping in Townsville, Australia.

Location: 48 Gregory Street, North Ward
What to buy: You should definitely bring back some clothes and jewelry from the store.

4. The Strand Emporium

The Strand Emporium

Image Courtesy

This is a unique boutique located at Flinders Street. This small little coastal store is a place where you can get some of the unique types of items. The shop mainly deals in beach inspired décor, accessories, homewares, batik resort, and furniture. The shop also has a café inside where you can relax with a cup of coffee after you are done with your shopping. This place is actually considered to be one of the best Townsville shopping centers.

Location: 202 Flinders St, Townsville City
What to buy: Go for the beach inspired décor which the shop is known to specialize in.

5. A Few Beautiful Things

A Few Beautiful Things

Image Courtesy
Instead of a few beautiful things here you can find plenty of beautiful things. This is a place where you can find all sorts of antique and unusual products. The store is known to hold a great vintage collection of items that is surely going to impress you. Some of the main items that you can find out here include handbags, cushions, furniture, books and much more. The store also deals in both new and second-hand goods. In short, it can be said that this is a rather unique place to shop. However, the store is worth a visit because of its uniqueness.

Location: 1/226-224 Flinders Street, Townsville City
What to buy: Get some antique vintage collection for yourself.

6. Bianco Lane

Bianco Lane

If you are a fashion freak then this is a must visit place for you. Here you can find all the latest fashion in store. This little boutique is an ideal place for all the ladies who love to dress up and look pretty. Other than fashionable clothes you can also find statement pieces including chic finishes from Staple the Label, Ministry of Style and many other top class brands. You can even find fashionable shoes out here.

Location: 373-385 Flinders Street, Townsville City
What to buy: Buy some fancy dresses along with fashionable accessories to style-up your look.

7. Hazel Mai

Fabulouis clothes

Image Courtesy
This is yet another boutique fashion store which you must visit in order to find some of the best collection of clothing and other fashionable stuff. This is a shop which is a one-stop solution for all your fashion needs. Starting from attractive glasses to accessories to clothing, you can find it all out here under one roof.

Location: 2.345 Flinders Street, Townsville City
What to buy: Check out the accessory section where you will find some of the best collection.
You can also get some fancy clothing for yourself from the store.

8. Stellar Moda

Stellar Moda

If you are looking for some bohemian and vintage collection then this is the place to be. Here you can find quality clothing from all the top brands like Wayne Cooper, Barbarella Vintage and more. The store is located close to many cafes where you can relax a bit after you are done with your shopping session.

Location: 1/8 Palmer Street, South Townsville.
What to buy: Get some bohemian style dresses for yourself.

9. Billie & Me

Shopping place

Image Courtesy
If you are a sucker for bold patterns, float styles and colors then this is the store that you need to pay a visit. Starting from loose kaftans to maxi dresses, the store has everything in store for you. The needless collection of the store is surely going to boggle your mind. This is ideal for the people who love to add a bit extra in their life. The store also has a fantastic collection of scarves, handbags, and purses as well.

Location: 1/46 Gregory Street, North Ward.
What to buy: Go for the bold patterns that you will find here at the store.

10. Bluebell Trading

Bluebell Trading

Image Courtesy
If you are looking forward to finding a good present for someone then this is the store for you. The store is stocked with numerous items and small gifts. The collection is quite unique. Here you can great gift ideas to present someone.

Location: 280 Flinders Street, Townsville City
What to buy: Go for the unique gift items that you can get here.

So these are some of the best places to shop in Townsville. All the mentioned places or the Townsville shopping malls have something unique in store for you. Explore the lovely collection of each of the store and bring back happiness from your trip. All these shops and stores are ideal for shopping your heart out while vacationing in Australia!

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4 Most Exciting Places To Visit Near Sundays Beach Club Bali In August

Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods” and appropriately so. It is an island in Indonesia that is full of natural marvels. Bali is home to many serene beaches, picturesque landscapes, lush green rice paddies and volcanic mountains. August is a very good time to visit Bali. It is one of the busiest months in Bali, so all the popular things to do and places to visit are easily available to tourists. One such popular place is Sundays Beach Club. You can also explore places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali in August.

Sundays Beach Club is a wonderful place for those who are fond of getting their adrenaline rushing. Adventure sports like snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, etc. are included in the entry fee to the beach club. Sundays has a very beautiful ambience. It boasts of a crystal clear lagoon and rock pools that are scattered all around. It is advised to arrive as early as possible to get the best spot on the beach because the beach club strictly follows the “first-come first-served” rule. The club opens everyday at 9 AM and closes at 10 PM. To spend the whole day at the club you have to pay the entry fees. The entry fees for adults is different than that for children. However, children below 6 years of age are allowed to enter without paying any entry fee.

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Though April, May, June and September are popularly considered to be the best months to visit Bali, August is also a very good time to visit Bali. As mentioned earlier, August is one of the busiest months in Bali. So, all the popular things to do and places to visit are easily available to tourists. Also, you can spend time at the beach under the sun most days because it does not rain often in August. You can participate in island activities that are rampant all over Bali in August because it is a summer month. August is a good time to visit Bali also because Hari Merdeka – the Indonesian independence day takes place on 17th August. With the whole island in red and white, great celebration takes place on this day. Many games are played and a parade is held.

While Sundays offers an excellent beach experience, it does not have any sightseeing options. If you wish to explore sightseeing options near Sundays, you can explore these places to visit near Sundays Beach Club in August.

1. Boneka Restaurant


Boneka is an Indonesian traditional puppet. The restaurant, located at the five star St.Regis Bali Hotel, is based on the design concept of the boneka, whose motif you will find repeated everywhere in the diner. Breakfast here is a buffet that includes tropical Indonesian fruits, sashimi as well as oysters. The Egg Nouvelle is a specialty here, which is basically a lobster stuffed with egg. The place is also quite well known for Bali Marys, Balis own little version of the Bloody Mary cocktail, which has put it in the heart of the Nusa Dua restaurants map.

Location: St Regis Bali Jalan Nusa Dua
Average Cost for two: INR 6000

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2. Trunyan


Located near Lake Batur, this village is right at the center of Bali at the Kintamani district which can only be accessed by a boat. The village is home to the Bali Anga, who have the most interesting funerary ritual. They dont burn their dead or bury it, rather the inhabitants of this village leave their dead out in the open to decompose naturally. They lay the body near the kemenyan (incense) trees, which neutralizes the smell.

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3. Kuta Beachwalk


The newest addition to Kutas leisure spends is Kuta Beachwalk. It resembles a high-end shopping mall in Bali but with a unique design. The striking complex boasts of numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, brands and franchises and a parking facility for over 1000 vehicles. Stretched on 3.7 hectares of land, this place is perfect for best shopping in Bali for your complete family.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 10 am 10 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes. It has Play Zone, Water Play, The Amazing Walk and day care facilities to hold a childs interest. Also, Early Learning Centre, Gingersnaps and Playskool, among others, offer fine quality of imported toys and apparels.
Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta

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4. Jimbaran Fish Market

As mentioned before Jimbaran was once a fishing town, so, why not have a walk where the actual business happens and discover its true self-

The Jimbaran fish market is the biggest seafood market in Bali as its the place from where the vast majority of the fish in southern Bali is sourced from.

Arriving early here accompanies the additional perk of buying the best choice of fresh fish.

Tip: Arrive around sunset to watch the fishing pontoons dumping their treasures of mahi-mahi, red snapper, shellfish, squids, and heaps of other fish brought from the deep seas.

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Sundays Beach Club is a wonderful place to visit if you wish to spend a good day at the beach. Now you know that August is a very good time to visit Bali. You also know quite a lot about Sundays Beach Club and which places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali in August. So, plan a holiday to Bali next August and visit Sundays Beach Club to experience the beach life of Bali.

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Shopping In Lithuania: Top 10 Places To Go On A Shopping Spree!

Lithuania is a country which holds a lot of surprises despite its small size. There are several cities in here, which have shopping malls and centers where you can buy everything from clothes by main brands to artifacts and designer clothes by local designers. If you are thinking about what to bring from Lithuania, then, the options are limitless with all the varieties of markets which sit here.

Here’s a list of some of the top places to shop in Lithuania for a soul-satisfying experience while you’re holidaying there. Take a look!

1. Kaunsas


This was the most important trade center in the 15th century. Kaunsas has a lot of unique things which include the Devil’s museum and more. Here everyone can buy a figure of a daemon. Kaunsas also has a pretty large selection of jewelry as well and the number of entertainment and shopping centers here are many shops for shopping in Kaunas Lithuania will let you find many places which sell paintings, tapestries, clayware, sculptures, embroidery, toys made from flax and wood, Lithuanian pies and linen summer dresses. But that’s not it, you will also find tinctures which are composed of berries, herbs and such. All of these things make for excellent souvenirs.

Location: Kansas, Lithuania
What to buy: Daemon figures, paintings, clayware, toys and more.

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2. Palanga Resort

Palanga Resort

This is truly a paradise for who appreciate amber. This is a stone which can be used as an amulet or other jewelry to become a masterpiece of art. If you want to see and know more about amber, then there is a whole museum dedicated towards it in Palanga. The amount of sun stone is really excessive in this city, so much so that it can be found just walking along by the seashore. Tourists can buy straw hats, figurines of mythical heroes, embroidered lampshades, religious symbols, handwoven belts, ashtrays, mugs and more in here to take back home.

Location: Palanga Resort, Lithuania
What to buy: Amber items

3. Alytus


Lithuania’s sparkling wine is really famous and almost all of it comes from this town. Their amount of varieties found in here is just mind boggling and all of them have the ability to surprise you with its unconventional tastes. Try out some and take some back home to surprise them. But wine isn’t all that this town makes, you will also find tinctures here, like the Triarios Devinares which is made up of 27 different types of herbs and it has a high alcoholic content- almost 75%. But the list doesn’t end here as you should definitely buy Sakotis here, which is the national came. This cake is uniquely cooked and sold so that it becomes easier to take away.

Location: Alytus, Lithuania
What to buy: Wine, tinctures, Sakotis

4. Senasis Kuparas

Senasis Kuparas

Here you will find a unique collection of reproductions of the works of famous painters, original Russian icons, furniture, silver and a lot more varieties of souvenirs. The owners of this market place believe that every period brings with it something different and if it is, then it can be sold on the ground floors of 14 Dominikonu street, where this is located. The venue was opened in 1982 when the number of antiques demanded that they are shown. This place is reliable and it is also said that it is the best amongst the southeastern and Eastern Baltic States.

Location: 14 Dominikonu street, Lithuania
What to buy: Paintings

5. Kalvariju Turgus

Kalvariju Turgus

This is one of the best places to go shopping in Vilnius, Lithuania if you want some organic items. This is one of the biggest vegetable markets in the city of Vilnius. Turgus means market in Lithuanian, and like markets are all over the world; you will find yourself in the midst of a great opportunity to bring out your bargaining skills. You can find in-season vegetables and fruits in here, which are purchased from local farmers and growers. Apart from this, you can also find cheese, meat, clothes, baked goods, and other household items as well. Prices here are generally budget friendly, but the quality isn’t sacrificed for that.

Location: Kalvariuj g. 61, Lithuania.
What to buy: Fruits and vegetables.

6. Hales Turgus

Hales Turgus

Finding some good quality fruits and vegetables in Vilnius is easy thanks to the number of markets in here. Situated in what was a transportation building, this market sells both imported and local vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, nuts, grains and much more. The prices here are cheap and apart from organic products, you can also find discounted clothing, household items, and other knockoffs for really cheap prices. But you don’t have to wait to go home and then cook your purchase, there are some bakeries and restaurants which offer amazing food. The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 am.

Location: Pylimo g. 58, Lithuania.
What to buy: Organic products, household items.

7. Tymo Turgus

Tymo Turgus

While vegetables and fruits are found in every market over here, but this market specializes in selling eggs, cheese, meat, and baked goods apart from fruits and vegetables. All these are organic and locally produced. The prices here are definitely higher, but the quality is top notch since all these are freshly made, freshly picked and seasonal. Here you will also find products which you will have difficulty finding in other markets like kale, wild strawberries, asparagus and other types of berries. The market is open from 11 am to 3:30 pm, every Thursday.

Location: Right on the corner of Aukštaičių g. and Maironio g, Lithuania.
What to buy: Eggs, cheese, rare vegetables and fruits

8. Blusturgis


This is a weekly flea market, which is found in Vilnius. Here you can buy items like toys, clothes and other such items. The market is held every Sunday at Dance Bar from 12 PM. You can find both expats and locals coming here to purchase handmade and local items from a variety of vendors. If you are lucky, you can get some good discounts but of course, you will have to bargain a little for it.

Location: Šermukšnių g., Lithuania
What to buy: toys, clothes and handmade items

9. Gariunu Market

Gariunu Market

It is situated around 20 minutes, outside of the main city center, but this is a massive flea market, which sells car parts and tires apart from food and clothes. Prices here are pretty similar to those found in supermarkets. This flea market is open the whole week, except on Mondays. Here’s a tip: make sure to visit the place early so that you can get your choice of the items put on sale. The market opens at 7 am.

Location: Gariunu g. 70, Lithuania
What to buy: Car parts and tires, food, clothes.

10. Cathedral Bookstore

Cathedral Bookstore

Image Courtesy

This bookstore sells albums, books, DVDs, CDs and also postcards about the country along with its capital Vilnius. The DVDs and CDs contain Lithuanian folk music apart from classical, religious and children’s music. Apart from these, you can also find works of professional painters and folk artists like sacral sculptures of Angela, pensive Christ, saints. They also have souvenirs made from clay, linen, metal, wood, and amber in here. Visitors can find literature in various languages along with other items of handicrafts like devotionals, managers, and sculptures which were created in monasteries. The bookstore also organizes a lot of exhibitions as well.
What to buy: Books, postcards, CDs, DVDs, albums and such.

Shopping in Lithuania is an experience. The shopping options here are unlimited and one can find anything in here for cheap. From books to car parts, it’s all in here for you to buy back home. So, plan a trip to Europe and have a perfect holiday!

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10 National Parks In Israel That All Adventure Seekers Would Love For Sure!

Israel is one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations in the world. It is packed with beautiful monuments, ancient ruins, national parks, beaches, nightclubs, luxurious resorts, and the mighty mountains. A trip to Israel is an enriching experience in terms of culture as well as history. But there’s more to Israel than meets the eye! There are several national parks in Israel for people who wish to explore beyond the historical attractions and cultural centers of this beautiful country.

The wildlife and flora of a country tell a lot about that place, which is why we bring you a list of the best national parks in Israel that you must visit:

1. Makhtesh Ramon National Park

Makhtesh Ramon National Park

Moving South in the Negev Desert area, you will come across one of the most beautiful national parks in Israel named Makhtesh Ramon. The national park is situated inside a crater which formed after the ocean water started to recede. Currently, the area of Makhtesh Ramon is 40 kilometers. The park is famous for various species of rare vultures as well as reptiles. You can book a jeep safari, hire cycles or just go for hikes. If you like spending time in national parks, you could also book an overnight stay with one of the camping agencies.

Location: Mitspe Ramon
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

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2. Beit Shean National Park

Beit Shean National Park

This national park is famous for its untouched beauty, wildlife and the night shows. The best time to visit the park is during the early hours as the place gets very hot during the afternoon. If you are looking for a good time at the park, you must book an overnight tour. During the summer months, the park hosts an audio-visual show every night. The show enables people to enjoy the beauty of the park.

Location: Beit She’an
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

3. Mount Carmel National Park


Mount Carmel National Park is famous for the towering pine trees and over a hundred different plant species. In a country like Israel, this is the only park which is evergreen. You can visit Mount Carmel throughout the year. It is a great spot for people who just want to go for long treks. They also have camping packages available at very reasonable prices. The forest was devastated after the wildfire in 2010, but the rehabilitation project has made significant progress.

Location: Route 4 via Oren Interchange, Haifa
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 684 with private car tours

4. Gan Hashlosha National Park

Gan Hashlosha National Park

One of the most beautiful national parks in Israel, Gan Hashlosha National Park is also known as Sachne. According to some legends, this park is the site of the famous Garden of Eden. The park has a cascading waterfall, spring water lake, thick green grass, and tall trees to boast of. Apart from this, it has a stockade, museum, and tower. If you are looking to sunbathe or have a nice picnic, then this is a place that you must visit in Israel.

Location: Nir David
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters)
Entry fee: INR 722 (adults), INR 437 (children), INR 361 (senior citizens)

5. Achziv National Park

Achziv National Park

Achziv is a well-known nature reserve in Israel. It is the best place to relax by the shore and learn about the history of Israel. The park is located between the cities of Acre and Lebanon. It is a hub of historical artifacts dating back to the second millennium. The place looks absolutely stunning as the sun goes down and the skies turn into various shades of pink, red and orange. If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Achziv National Park.

Location: Achziv
Timings: Open throughout the day
Entry fee: Free

6. Agamon Hahula Park

Agamon Hahula Park

All the people who love watching birds, Agamon Hahula is the place to be! It is one of the few Israel national parks which are home to a wide variety of bird species. It is located between the bridge of Africa and Asia. Every year, during spring and autumn over 500 million bird species cross this park while migrating across the world. You can opt for guided safaris, walk, cycle, or roam around in golf carts in the park. If you opt for a night safari, you can spot some owl, bats and the nocturnal cats.

Location: Hula Valley
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 380 onwards per person

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7. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Apart from the various Israel national parks, this place attracts hundreds of tourists. It is located on the west shore of the Dead Sea. It is popular for the two spring water pools, extensive flora and the several species of wildlife. At this reserve, you can spot ibex herds and leopards. The reserve was used in the olden times for cultivation of dates and making perfumes. You can also visit the remains of those agricultural areas and the buildings.

Location: Ein Gedi, South District
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM, open on all days
Entry fee: INR 1,482 onwards per person

8. Gamla National Park

Gamla National Park View

Another noted tourist site in Israel is Gamla National park. The park is famous for four, very different reasons. Firstly, it is home to one of the largest vulture populations in the world. Second, the hike to Mount Gamla and the waterfall is worth every drop of sweat. Lastly, the park boasts of various antiquities from the centuries-old ruins. It promises an action-packed day for you and your family or friends.

Location: Golan Heights
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters)
Entry fee: INR 475 (adults), INR 247 (children), INR 238 (senior citizens)

9. Qumran National Park

Qumran National Park

One of the oldest national parks in Israel, Qumran has been mentioned in biblical manuscripts as well. Most of the manuscripts were moved to the museum at Jerusalem. However, there are some well-preserved manuscripts at the park which tell the story about the Qumran National Park. The area was once the hermitage site for a particular sect which had cut it off from the worldly matters. It is a major attraction for the people who are interested in world history.

Location: North on Route 90, Dead Sea
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (summers), 8 AM – 4 PM (winters); the park is closed on Saturdays
Entry fee: INR 532 (adults), 285 (children)

10. Korazim National Park

Korazim National Park

This Park was once home to a civilization from the era of Second Temple. The total area of the park is about 25 acres. According to the New Testament, Korazim was a city cursed by Jesus. The ruins in this park are made of black rocks with some very intricate designs. You must visit the synagogue which dates back to the fourth century and the ancient bath area used for rituals.

Location: Route 8277, between Korazim and Almagro
Timings: 8 am to 5 pm (summers), 8 am to 4 pm (winters)
Entry fee: INR 418 (adults), INR 171 (children)

The best way to grab great deals for a trip to Israel is to book a trip during the winter season. The temperature in Israel does not go below 13 degrees Celsius. You can skip the heat and the hot winds at the national parks if you visit during winters. Also, the hotel and flight bookings are comparatively cheaper between November and February.

A trip to Israel is incomplete without exploring the nature reserves and national parks in Israel. If you loved exploring the cultural and historical aspect of the city, you’ll definitely love exploring its natural side as well. Book your trip right away and skip the hassles of navigating through confusing Israel national parks map or guides.

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Bandos Maldives Island: An Ultimate Guide For A Blissful Staycation

Maldives has been everyone’s dream destination and this is because it has such beautiful islands and places where you can make many memorable memories. There are many provinces and every province has a beauty of its own and is quiet distinguishable due to the different attributes of different islands. If you fall in love with beaches and eye-pleasing islands, then Bandos is a place you should visit. This Bandos Maldives Island is astounding and should not be missed if you love waking up to white sand beaches and endless blue water of ocean.

beautiful island

Bandos Island is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. The snowy white beaches compliment the lush green forests of this island. Irresistible beaches are one of the main attractions of this island. This land is a 180000sq km wide area where tourists can spend their time and walk around leisurely. North Male Atoll is the center location of Bandos and is a popular diving spot here and there are over 40 diving sites which makes this island a perfect place for divers.

It is a multi-lingual island and people are always happy to help tourists around. Turquoise lagoon, pearl white beaches, clean blue water and lush green forests is what makes this island an amazing one. Bandos also has a glamorous Bandos Convention Center that can accommodate around 400 people and is a great architectural and modern piece on this island.

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1. Big-game fishing

catching fishes

With a great expanse of sea around this island, fishing seems to be a normal activity here. Big-game fishing is recreational fishing game that fisherman play to entertain them. They play which big fishes like tuna and marlin are used and it is an offshore game fishing that fisherman enjoy. This is also known as blue-water fishing or offshore sport fishing.

2. Snorkeling

snorkeling in seawater

This is one water sport that tourists and local people seem to love on this island. As this island is surrounded by water on all the four sides, snorkeling is bound to be a popular water sport. So, make sure you indulge in this experience during your trip to this place.

3. Windsurfing

adventurous windsurfing

This is also a known sport that many people do here. People seem to enjoy such recreational activities as they are worth your time. Water sailing is another activity which visitors seem to enjoy as gives the ultimate thrill to satiate one’s adrenalish rush.

4. Catamaran sailing

catamaran sailing

This type of sailing is a multi-hulled watercraft. Two parallel hulls that are held by a deck. Bandos has catamaran sailing which is a recreational sport and most of them also have a trampoline on the boat.

5. Wakeboarding

wake boarding in Water

Water sports are a big thing on this spectacular island and wakeboarding is another sport which is quiet popular. Tourists love the numerous sports available here as many visitors love a good adventure.

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6. Parasailing

man on balloon

Some love a good outdoor sport and for such people parasailing is the best option here. Tennis is also another sport which is played on this island. Parasailing is also known as parascending or parakiting.

These are some things one can do on this island when they are done exploring and relaxing here. Many more activities that are offered by some resorts that will leave you exhausted by night but in a good way.

1. Bandos Maldives

Luxurious rooms

This hotel is 8.4km away from Male airport. Travelling to this place is quiet convenient and easy. People also guide you around if you get lost around this island. Luxurious rooms and this hotel is a popular one amongst all others. Villas and bungalows are also offered here and based on your budget and liking you can choose an appropriate option.

2. Kurumba Maldives

kurumba hotel in Maldives

2.9 km away from Male airport, this hotel is really easy to locate. They also have amazing views that will be great start of your morning and a wonderful end to your night.

3. Paradise Resort And Spa

room with all facilities

Male airport is just 10.1 km away. People seem to love this place and good reviews are heard about this hotel and its not even that expensive. Many more hotels are available here from which you can choose and select the best option according to your budget and preference. Most of the hotels are sea facing and give you a great view of this spectacular island.

This magnificent island has so much to offer and see. So, don’t wait and visit this paradise by planning your Maldives trip with TravelTriangle.

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6 National Parks In Cape Town That Are Known for Their Rustic Scenery & Wilderness

National Parks are a site of attraction to tourist visiting from different places over the world. The national parks in Cape Town are significant with its uniqueness in pulling numerous visitors every year. Situated in the southwestern curve of South Africa with a warm Mediterranean weather and mild moderately wet winters, the city is close to several notable national parks. The national parks in Cape Town celebrate a national park week, SANParks Week (South African National Parks Week) which gives free chances to the visitor to roam about in their local national park every year. The city has a beautiful view from the top of the mountain’s dock towards the Robben Island (World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1999) and is mainly seen from the most well known national parks in Cape Town- the Table Mountain National Park Peak. Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa, is situated in the southwestern coast on a peninsula below the Table Mountain range with a surface area of 400.3 sq km and a total population of 4.34 lakhs according to 2011 census.

The scenic beauty of the region attracts people from different places to the national parks near Cape Town. The city has several national parks nearby. Each of the national parks is famous with their uniqueness in attracting visitors all over the world.

National Parks Cape Town Accommodation does not consist of free admission to visitors. There are boarding houses, tents, old farms, lodges provided with different rates to the people by the national parks in Cape Town.

1. Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park

Viewing the city from the peak of Table Mountain range can be called as an iconic vision of the country. The park (TMNP) is the largest and significant national parks in the country. It spreads out from the Table Mountain over 221 sq km to Cape Point. The park is also well-known for its exclusive vegetation of Fynbos in the region. Wildlife in the estate is limited to small mammals, antelope, birds, and reptiles. There are several access points of the park with no requirements of admission fee for most of them. With its uniqueness in bordering the city, people mostly take advantage of mountain bike, to hike the protected region, for a picnic, or simply to take views.

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: Boulders- adults R70 per person, Children R35
Cape of Good Hope- adults R135 per person, children R70
Silvermine- adults R50 per person, children R25

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2. West Coast National Park

West Coast National Park

The park locates in the West Coast province of Cape, South Africa with a distance of 120 km north of the city. This park is also one of the important national parks of Cape Town with an area of 36,259.8 hectares. The park is famous for its feathered creatures and spring flowers occurring from August to September, mainly in the Postberg flower store section. To the west, the park borders the Atlantic Ocean and to the south, it borders R27 coastal road running from Yzerfontein town to the Langebaan Lagoon.

Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: R60 for South Africans, R84 for SADC visitors and R1 for international visitors and children up to the age of 12 pay half price.

3. Agulhas National Park

Agulhas National Park

Agulhas National Park is situated in the Agulhas Plain, in the southern part of the Overberg area of the Western Cape and is about 200 kilometers south-east of Cape Town. It is a South African National Park stretching along the region of the coastal flat-land between the cities of Gansbaai and Struisbaai including the southern tips of Africa at Cape Agulhas. According to January 2009 survey, it is estimated in covering a surface area of 20,959 hectares. The famous tourist attraction of the park is the Cape of Agulhas and is believed to be the meeting end of two oceans (Atlantic and Indian Oceans). The months of November to January are mainly for whale watching in the Agulhas National Park. Animals mainly found in the region are the Southern Right Whale, Cape platanna, Damara tern and African Black Oystercatcher.

Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: According to daily conservation and entry fees for 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019. Different rates according to age groups and Id proofs. Availability of Wild Card Year Permits for all guests.

4. Tankwa karoo National Park

Tankwa karoo National Park

South African parks with a different picturesque view have a remarkable place to visit in a unique place between mountains and the Tankwa River. The park lies within it and was established in the year 1986 with an area of 1,436 sq km. Located in one of the aridest regions of South Africa, wildlife in this park is very rare. And with the slow existence of wildlife, only a variety of antelope and small mammals like hares, porcupines, and mongooses, including other animals like leopard, aardvark, aardwolf and caracal are found. Overnight accommodations of boarding houses, tents, lodges and old farmhouses are managed by the South African National Parks in Cape Town. The Park is famous for an event is known officially as Burning Man regional event. And it is commonly known as AfrikaBurn to the local people of the region.

Location: Northern Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: According to daily conservation and entry fees for 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019. Different rates according to age groups and Id proofs. Availability of Wild Card Year Permits for all guests.

5. Bontebok National Park

Bontebok National Park

Bontebok National Park was built in 1931 with an initiative to preserve the Bontebok. It (Bontebok)is a creature found in countries like South Africa, Lesotho, and Namibia. The park is also known for its uniqueness in preservation as a Species-Specific national park in South Africa. Located in the Western part of Cape in South Africa, it covers 27.86 sq km in terms of area and is smaller than twenty national parks of South Africa. It is bordering the Breede River to the south and is located 6km south of Swellendam in the foothills of Langeberg Mountains. Apart from the Bontebok other breed seen in the park are Stanley’s bustard, Secretary bird, the African Clawless Otter, the Blue Crane, Cape Grysbok, Duiker, Red Hartebeest, Grey Rhebok, and Cape Mountain Zebra. The estate is also known for being a part of the World Heritage Site of the Floristic Region.

Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: According to daily conservation and entry fees for 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019. Different rates according to age groups and Id proofs. Availability of Wild Card Year Permits for all guests.

6. Namaqua National Park

View of Namaqua National Park

This is a national park of South Africa and is situated in the Northern Cape Town. It is 22km northwest of Kamieskroon with an area of 700 sq km. established in the year 1999, the beautiful landscape of flower carpets of this park invites thousands of visitors every year to feel its breath-taking site. It is estimated of 100,000 tourists visiting the park every year. The main tourist’s attraction is the blooming of the spring flowers in the wheat fields. The park is also well known for providing shelter to the world’s tinniest tortoise, commonly known as the Namaqua Speckled Padloper. This park was created mainly to protect its flowers with juicy plants in its arid environment. It is semi-desert with hot and arid summers and freezing winters with the eastern part receiving more rainfall than the west.

Location: Northern Cape, South Africa
Entry fees: According to daily conservation and entry fees for 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019. Different rates according to age groups and Id proofs. Availability of Wild Card Year Permits for all guests.

The picturesque beauty of these parks invite visitors from various places of the world, and creating an awareness of visiting these National Parks in and around Cape Town will attract tourists from different parts of the world. So, plan a trip to South Africa and experience the rustic wilderness it has to offer.

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Sri Lanka Group Tours: An Economical And Fun Way To Travel And Explore

Enchanting landscape, picturesque beaches, magnificent historical places, rugged mountains, and lush green valleys, the description of Sri Lanka is no less than that of a paradise. Visiting this ethereal country is definitely a dream for many of us. But some thinks of money while others are just too busy in their monotonous work life. With Sri Lanka group tours, you will be able to save more and enjoy even a lot more. So, it’s time to get some time out of your mundane life and take a getaway to Sri Lanka for an experience like never before. Admire the scenic and cultural beauty of Sri Lanka with your buddies, family, or travelers who are of your type. Let’s have a look on to this guide to know more about Sri Lanka group tours.

Know More About Sri Lanka Group Tours

Group tours are basically a unique way of traveling and exploring a new country. With group tours, you travel in a group with many different people from all over the world with interests similar to yours. Group tours make the trips economical and enjoyable at the same time. Group tours in Sri Lanka are very popular and help tourists enjoy the cultural, historical, and natural aesthetics to the fullest.

Best Time To Go For Sri Lanka Group Tours

The west and south coasts of Sri Lanka can be best experienced during the months of December to March when the weather is pleasant. If you are planning to visit the east coast, then the best time would be April to September.

With so many scenic, religious, historical, and cultural places to visit in Sri Lanka, tourists often miss out on the best ones. Here is a sorted list of best places to cover in Sri Lanka on your group tour.

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Ella is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places to visit in Sri Lanka, especially for nature lovers. Ella is a hill station covered with lush green forest cover, vegetation fields, rugged mountains, and misty valleys. The stunning views which one gets to see from here are simply amazing and enthralling.

Major Attractions in Ella: Ravana Waterfall, Diyaluma Falls, Little Adams Peak, Ceylon Tea Factory, Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

2. Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple

Group Tours to Sri Lanka lets you explore the mysterious Dambulla cave temple. Going to this temple in a group is so much fun as you get to listen to so many tales related to this old charm of Sri Lanka. There are more than 150 statues of Buddha here with other sculptural masterpieces. The whole environ is tranquil and enchanting.

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm.

3. Mirissa


Mirissa is a pristine place in Sri Lanka which is famous for its sandy beaches and tranquility. You can have adventurous activities here with your group and have fun while watching the whales. Or you can just relax on a hammock and praise the scenic beauty of nature. Enjoy having a chit-chat session with the fishermen of this village or relish the tasty seafood for which Mirissa is famous for.

Best Places to Visit in Mirissa: Polhena Beach, Mirissa Beach, Unawatuna Town, Galle Fort

4. Colombo


How can a trip to Sri Lanka be complete without paying a visit to its capital? Sri Lanka group tours from India lets you explore the capital city of Sri Lanka in the best possible way. There are so many cultural and historical places to visit here. Apart from this, Colombo is also great for savoring the local delicacies and for a great shopping experience.

Major Attractions in Colombo: Arugam Bay Beach, Mount Lavinia, Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Beira Lake, and National Museum of Colombo

Never miss out on anything that enthralls you in a new country. We have segregated a list of top things to do in Sri Lanka on group tour so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

1.Temple of the Tooth Relic

Temple of the Tooth Relic: Seek Blessing of the Divine Power

One of the most peaceful things to do in Sri Lanka is definitely visiting the world renowned temple of the Tooth Relic which is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. The temple is said to be the home to Buddha’s sacred tooth and hence has immense importance in Buddhism. Offering prayers here with your fellow travelers on Sri Lanka small group tours is definitely a must to do things in Sri Lanka.

2. Visit Madu River

Visit Madu River: For an adventurous stroll

Madu River in Galle is the best place for adventures and hanging out with friends or with your tour group. There are a number of thrilling adventures which can be done here like parasailing, diving, jet skiing, banana boat rides, kayaking, canoeing and what not? Spend some time here to indulge in a fun-filled experience.

3. Visit Gangaramaya Temple

visit Gangaramaya Temple: Marvel at the architecture

By the end of this post you will realize the importance and beauty of temples in Sri Lanka. There are so many gorgeous temples in Sri Lanka that one should not miss out. Gangaramaya Temple tops the list of temples to visit in Sri Lanka. Famous for its architecture, this Buddhist temple attracts a large number of tourists every year.

4. Ella

scenic and refreshing toy train ride

Famous for its tranquil and refreshing trails, adorned with natural beauty, taking a train ride from Kandy to the scenic town of Ella is a must do thing in Sri Lanka. We are sure that you will surely be enjoying this train ride adventure with your fellow group members. Feel the fresh breeze of air and capture the surreal surroundings and landscape.

We are sure we have lured you to plan a trip to Sri Lanka by giving so much fascinating information about Sri Lanka tourism. You should wait no further and book your Sri Lanka group tours as soon as possible for a getaway which is economical, amusing, and enthralling at the same time.

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Sheesh Mahal In Patiala: An Insight Into The Palace of Mirrors

Sheesh Mahal is one of the most alluring and magnificent structures in Patiala. Often referred to as the palace of mirrors, Sheesh Mahal in Patiala is a remarkable place to add to your itinerary when planning a visit to Patiala. Adorned with great art and architectural value, the palace will remind you of the grandeur of Kings and Maharajas of Punjab and their lavish lifestyle. Home to various paintings and sculptures, Sheesh Mahal is built in a fancy setting with an artificial lake, bridge, fountains, and gardens. Here is a handy guide to this amazing place which will definitely leave you awestruck.

Phool Mahal Palace

Sheesh Mahal is one of the most magnificent structures in Patiala. The palace was built by Maharaja Narinder Singh in the year 1845 to 1862 behind the main Moti Bagh Palace. The architecture of the palace is an amalgamation of both the Mughal and European styles. The palace was a residential palace which was made in a forest with an artificial lake, fountains, gardens, and a suspension bridge which is a replica of Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh. The palace is known for its spectacular works of art and architecture.

Sheesh Mahal ticket price: Free
Sheesh Mahal in Patiala timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Best Time to Visit Sheesh Mahal in Patiala

Winter season is the most ideal time to visit Sheesh Mahal in Patiala. The temperature from October to February is cool and pleasant, perfect for sightseeing and other activities. The temperature in Patiala during the winter season ranges between 8 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius which are the lowest and the highest temperatures recorded here during the winter season. Warm clothes are preferred if one is traveling to Patiala during the winter months.

Architecture of Sheesh Mahal in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal’s architecture is one of the main reasons to visit this place and witness its grandeur. The architectural style used in Sheesh Mahal in Patiala is a mix of Mughal and European architecture. The palace is built in a forest with a suspension bridge and an artificial lake. The walls of the palace are impressive with floral designs and intricate glass and mirror work. Painters from Rajasthan and Kangra were especially called by Maharaja Narinder Singh, who was an admirer of art and architecture to paint the walls of Sheesh Mahal. The paintings reflect Nayak-Nayika, Raga-Ragini, and Bara-Masa in the style of Rajasthan.

One of the highlights of the Sheesh Mahal are the miniatures in Kangra style portraying Geet Govind which is an incredible poem by Jaidev. These intricate details of art and architecture depicting the various glorious things about India makes this palace one of the remarkable structures of the 19th century.

Within the Sheesh Mahal is a museum which contains rich artefacts and important miniatures of the Tibetan art. Royal furnitures, Kashmiri and Burmese carved items, portraits of Royal Kings and rulers, rare manuscripts like the Jain manuscript and Janamsakhi manuscripts can also be found inside the museum. There is also a medal gallery inside the museum which has a collection of around 3200 medals collected by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh from different parts of the world. The gallery is said to have the largest number of medals ever in the entire world. Besides this, there is also an impressive collection of coins from the 19th century which shows the trade and commerce during that time.

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Some Facts About Sheesh Mahal in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal tells a lot about the Kingly rule and the grandeur of the rulers and the Maharajas of India of the 19th century. It also depicts the richness in art and architecture during that time. Each and every wall and the painting at the palace has something to tell about the history. Lets just quickly take a brief about what makes Sheesh Mahal so special and alluring.

  • The walls and ceilings of Sheesh Mahal are painted in floral designs and miniatures referring to legends, mythology, and literature by the painters from Kangra and Rajasthan.
  • The museum inside Sheesh Mahal is said to have the largest collection of medals in the world which were collected by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh which were later gifted by his son to the Punjab Government.
  • A large part of the palace is adorned with glass and mirror work which gives this palace its name Sheesh Mahal or the palace of mirrors.
  • The miniatures in the Kangra style are one of the highlights of this palace as they depict Geet Govind which is an iconic poem by Jaidev.
  • The museum houses Jain manuscripts, Janamsakshi manuscripts, and the Tibetan arts and architectural objects.

History of Sheesh Mahal in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal in Patiala location is very easy to locate on the google maps. It is located at the Old Moti Bagh area in Patiala which is easily accessible by road. Almost all the major cities of India are well connected by roads, trains and flights, hence it is very easy to get to Sheesh Mahal in Patiala by different modes of transport. Below is a list of various modes of transport which one can choose to get to Sheesh Mahal in Patiala from Delhi.

By flight: Traveling to Patiala from Delhi via flight is not at all a convenient way. As one needs to travel to Chandigarh by flight and then take a bus from Chandigarh to travel to Patiala. This mode of transport is costly and at the same time not very convenient.

By train: This is the best way to travel to Patiala from Delhi. Trains like Dli Fka Express, UA Toofan Express run from Delhi to Patiala. It will approximately take 4 hours 20 minutes to reach Patiala from Delhi. After reaching Patiala, one can take a taxi or rickshaw to reach Sheesh Mahal.

By bus: There is no direct bus connectivity between Patiala and Delhi. In order to travel to Patiala from Delhi by bus, one needs to take bus to Ambala Cantt first and then take a taxi or another bus from Ambala Cantt to reach Patiala which will approximately take 1 hour. Keep the Sheesh Mahal in Patiala map handy to avoid any confusion.

A visit to Sheesh Mahal is a must when planning a trip to Punjab. It is a place which will definitely enrich one with its remarkable artefacts and exhibits. The magnificent mirror and glass work of the Sheesh Mahal in Patiala will surely lure the one visiting this place for the first time.

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Top 10 National Parks In Norway To Explore The Country’s Rare Wildlife & Beautiful Terrains

Norway is a Scandinavian country, known for its beautiful and picturesque scenery. It has a rugged landscape shaped by the ice age. This country features mountains, hills and valleys, waterfalls and a long coastline with fjords and islands. Norway is a shelter to a rich biodiversity. It has almost 16,000 species of insects, 20,000 species of algae, 2800 species of vascular plants, 95 species of mammals, 45 freshwater species of fish and many more. It is also a shelter to whales, basking sharks, polar bear and brown bear. Norway has been ranked as the world’s top tourist attraction by the National Geographic. It is known for its dramatic breathtaking scenery and the unique phenomenons called ‘aurora borealis’ or the northern lights and the midnight sun (during summers).

Since Norway is sparsely populated, there are a many places that are still not intervened by urban settlements. 60 percent of the area is covered with mountains and forests which are up to 5 km dense. Thus majority of this area are covered with rocky wilderness and hence converted into national parks. Norway has got 47 national parks in total, out of which 37 are on the mainland and 7 on the Svalbard. You can go hiking, skiing or simply roam around the park although vehicles are not encouraged considering the environment safety. Here is the list of some of the best national parks in Norway that you must visit.

1. Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park

Established in the year 1980, this park is spread over an area of one thousand km square. Surrounded by the glacier scarred terrains, this parks homes over 250 mountain peaks with a height of 1900 meters. The highest of them are Galdhopiggen and Glittertind. The turquoise lakes with clear blue sky and snow capped mountain peaks sparkling in the sun make it a perfect paradise like view. The waterfalls and rivers along with slow moving glaciers together create a blissful music that will give you long lasting memories. Thus the parks arrestingly beautiful features has made it the most popular national park all over Norway and is a must visit place!

Location- Fjordane and Oppland, Norway Southern part of Norway.

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2. Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Established in 1991, this park features the largest glacier in the mainland Europe. This national park is awe inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful. The rocky grey mountains whose peaks are covered with snow complete a passage between the clear blue sky and crystal clear water beneath. The lush green valleys and glinting of sun capped peaks of the mountains add beautiful colors to this picturesque view that we already have. The endless array of amazing views that something that you will get to see when you go for hiking in this place.

Location- Norway

3. Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park

Spread over an area of 454 sq km, this park is located on the Folgefonna peninsula. This park was opened in 2005. This park in itself is a delight to visit. Featuring some of the breath taking natural wonders, a visit to this park will leave you with memories of a lifetime. The scenic mountains covered with ice gives you a glimpse of what heaven looks like! The chattering rivers rushing down between the mountains to the sea reminds you of the paradise. This wet and wild landscape is a true work of art and you must visit this beautiful place.

Location- 5470 Rosendale, Norway

4. Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park

This is the largest national park in Norway which is spread over an area of approx 3000 sq km. It spans from Numedal and Uvdal in the east and Røvelseggi and Ullensvang in the west. It is also the largest national park in the northern Europe. Along with enjoying the awe inspiring view of this place, you can also indulge in some fun and adventures activities here. You can go for hiking, cycling or horseback riding amidst the wilderness of the gigantic mountain plateaus. The awe striking scenery of this place is a beauty to behold forever. Being peaceful and calm, this place is full of blissful ambience everywhere. Also you may get to catch the glimpse of the herd of reindeers on the landscapes of the mountain.

Location- Norway

5. Breheimen National Park

Breheimen National Park

This park was established in 2009. This park is known for its versatility and well marked trails. It is named after Breheimen mountain range that dominates this park. This park has ever changing scenery with plethora of spectacular sights for the tourists to enjoy. Hiking, skiing and mountaineering are some of the adventurous activities that you can indulge yourself into once you visit this park. This place is great for explorers who can walk high up to the mountains only to discover glaciers with breathtaking view.

Location- Nigardsbreen, 2693 Jostedal, Norway

6. South-Spitsbergen National Park

South-Spitsbergen National Park

South-Spitsbergen national park covers the southernmost part of the island of Spitsbergen. It also is home to large colonies of bird of different species which beautify the surrounding even more! This place is surrounded with ever stretching ice caps and glaciers creating a picturesque view of the whole surrounding. Although this area is dominated by ice, it also sparsely vegetated. Although it is located in one of the remote location, coming here coming here is worth the effort because of its amazing view and ambience.

Location- southern end of Spitsbergen Island in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway

7. Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park

This park is less icy and greener. It features almost 10 peaks towering over the height of 2000 m. This park has got mountain, plateaus and lofty peaks. The area is surrounded by lush green grasses and thick forests with tall trees. This is a perfect place for hikers who want to have a view of the stunning scenery of the whole park from the top. The highest mountain here is Rondeslottet which white rocky and barren and still scenic. Exploring this place is a delightful experience and one can easily get lost in the beauty of this place!

Location- eastern Norway

8. Forlandet National Park

Forlandet National Park

This park was established on June 1, 1973 and ever since then it is famous for its breath taking scenery and picturesque views. This parks covers the entire island of Prins Karls Forland. This park features huge swathes of sea. This park also shelters stone seals and guillemots. You can take a boat trip around the sea cliffs and find yourselves complete lost while trying to take in every last detail of this magnificent place. A tour of this park will give you some unforgettable beautiful experience for sure!

Location- Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Norway

9. Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

This is one of the newly established parks, being created in the year 2002. This park is home to a large number of wild reindeers. The main motive to establish this park was to protect and preserve the pristine alpine ecosystem. The sprawling mountains are a good place for trekking. You can also get a glimpse of reindeers, musk oxen and wolverines. The lofty peaks towers over a height of 2200 meters. There is also a beautiful waterfall that adds even more beauty to this place.

Location- Norway

10. Femundsmarka National Park

Beautiful lake View

The sprawling wilderness of this place is bewitching in their beauty. As you make your way through the beautiful trails of this path, it gives a beautiful view of the surrounding. This place is untamed and mostly desolated. The low lying hills create a picturesque backdrop. Mostly marshes and lakes dominate the park. And the scenery of this whole place is simply breathtaking!

Location- Norway

Are you excited to visit this beautiful country now? Norway is ranked as one of the best tourist places in the world for valid reasons. This place not only has some of the most breathtaking scenic views but is also considered to be one of the safest places in the world. So, plan a trip to Norway soon and make sure that you visit these world famous national parks and go home with long lasting beautiful memories.

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7 Stunning Cruises In Bangkok For A Perfect Getaway To The Vibrant City

Bangkok is a city rich in culture, ful of light and great food. Due to its vibrant culture, the city has witnessed a large number of tourists in the recent years. One can never be bored in Bangkok as there are a plethora of things to do like visiting historical places, temples, palaces, vibrant nightlife, relaxing experiences like an affordable spa or dinner cruise. Cruises in Bangkok are one of the best ways to get around the city. Be it a fantastic dinner experience along the Chao Phraya river or a romantic sunset view, a cruise offers it all in the most convenient way. Make your trip unforgettable by not missing out the attractive cruises in the vibrant city.

Enjoying a Bangkok dinner cruise is one of the most recommended activities to do while in Thailand’s capital. Check out the amazing cruises in Bangkok along with the basic details.

1. Floating Markets Of Damnoen Saduak Cruise

Bangkok Thailand Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Watch the local vendors selling fresh vegetables and handmade sweets from their traditional canoes on your private day tour of the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak. Explore the floating market on a long-tail speedboat and get a personalized experience of rural Thailand. You will have a guide to answer all your queries and provide insight into the life of local people in the water.

Time Duration: 7 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 4,900 per traveller

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2. Apsara Dinner Cruise By Banyan Tree

Nature Cruise Dinner Water Vessel Open Lake

Embark on this most exciting dinner cruises in Bangkok on the traditional Thai vessel Apsara. You will get to see the most amazing temples at night while you drift along the Chao Phraya river. This is surely the most enchanting view and the four-course meal will prove to be an ideal romantic setting. Enjoy the best soups, rich curries and delicious desserts that are the best of Thailand’s legendary cuisine. The city skyline illuminated at night will leave you mesmerized and make your night memorable.

Time Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 6,450 per traveller

3. Bangkok Dinner Cruise On Chao Phraya River

Bangkok Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya dinner cruise in Bangkok enables you to enjoy a fine dine on a stylish luxurious cuisine. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Chao Phraya river embracing your dinner experience to another level. Being one of the best dinner cruises in Bangkok, it lets you explore the historic temples and landmarks as you gulp your dinner in buffet style. This cruise is ideal for private parties, meeting or wedding receptions providing you with timeless memories.

Route: Starts with your pickup at Central Bangkok and sails through the bank of Chao Phraya, Temple of Dawn, Grand Palace and back to your location.
Time Duration: 3 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 3,000 per traveller

4. Wonderful Pearl Dinner Cruise

Wonderful Pearl Dinner Cruise

Experience an elegant dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya river in the newest and most luxurious boat offering great entertainment with dinner by candlelight. The boat has modern amenities and takes you to ancient architecture including temples, markets, skyscrapers and a royal palace.

Route: Starts with Valley of Kings and sails through architectural heritage including Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn), Wat Phra Kaew, the Royal Grand Palace, the Golden Bridge and enjoying cruise’s entertainment and back at River City Pier.
Time Duration: 2 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 4,150 per traveller

Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? These Thailand travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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5. Arena River Indian Dinner Cruise

Arena River Indian Dinner Cruise

The only authentic Indian dinner cruises in Bangkok, let you experience two cultures at once along the Chao Phraya river. You can enjoy a variety of Indian buffet including vegetarian options while listening to a live Indian singer and DJ. You also get to see the major attractions of Bangkok from the water the view of which is unbeatable. This river cruise in Bangkok is perfect for those who love to see the blend in two cultures while enjoying the scenic beauty in a romantic setting.

Route: Starts from Asiatique pier and takes you along Chao Phraya river letting you enjoy various attractions and experience two cultures and back to your location.
Time Duration: 2 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 3,200 per traveller

6. Grand Pearl Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

Grand Pearl Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

Anyone looking to beat the crowd can take a mesmerizing sunset dinner cruise on the Grand Pearl along a Chao Phraya river. You get to enjoy the beautiful sunset views on both sides of the river. The cruise will pass through interesting attraction in Bangkok letting you explore the major temples, Royal palace, 5-star river hotel and more. This cruise is also ideal for culture lovers as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy classical dance and live music while you have your fresh buffet dinner.

Time Duration: 2 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 2,750 per traveller

7. Rice Barge Afternoon Cruise

Cruise Port Kiel Passenger Ship Baltic Sea Ship

Bangkok canal tour via long-tail cruise boat will let you enjoy the Thai scenery. Just sit and relax as you enjoy local fresh fruit and soft drink on board. You can learn about the life of locals as you see them doing their daily routines. There are plenty of photo opportunities, therefore, don’t forget to pack your camera.

Route: Starts from canals of Bangkok and sails through restores rice barge along the Chao Phraya river and back to the starting point.
Time Duration: 3 hours
Timings: Daily
Price: INR 2,800 per traveller

So, wait no longer! Book your trip to Bangkok now and get ready for the world-class experience of cruises in Bangkok. Get up and pack your bags and make this trip count. We promise you won’t be disappointed and come back with a bag full of memories. So, get up now and pack your bags and get set Bangkok.

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