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4 Adventuresome National Parks In Czech Republic For The Love Of Nature & Wildlife

One of the most prized possessions of the Central European region, the Czech Republic is home to many tourist attractions in its area of 78,866 square km. With a highly varied landscape, the region offers stunning sights to thousands of visitors who flock the area each year. There are four national parks in Czech Republic and each one of them deserves a visit for their own unique reasons. Take some time from roaming round in the beautiful cobblestone streets in the capital city of Prague to the corners of the country where you will find these national parks, known for their breathtaking flora and fauna.

We have curated a list of the best national parks in Czech Republic to help you plan your itinerary better. So, which of these will you like to start your holiday with?

1. Krkonoše National Park

Krkonoše National Park

Often referred to as the best national park in Czech Republic, this beauty is located in the Hradec Králové and Liberec regions. The history of this park goes way back to the month of May in 1963 when it was first established. The park is located at an altitude that ranges between 1300 feet to 5256 feet in different parts and this park also inhabits a part of the Krkonoše Mountains, the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. Of all the medals up its sleeve, it has also been given the recognition of a Biosphere Reserve Site by the UNESCO.

Krkonose National Park spans an expanse of approximately 363 sq. km and you can consider hiking to the summit for the gorgeous views of a Polish Hut and the chapel of St. Lawrence which was constructed in 1681. The summit offers unparalleled views of both Poland and the Czech Republic and gives you a rare chance to spot an alpine butterfly fluttering by.

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2. Šumava National Park

Šumava National Park

It is a fairly recent national park, when contrasted with Krkonose and is located in the Czech Republic’s South Bohemian Regions. It was first established in 1991 and the elevation ranges from 4,521 ft to 1,870 ft spanning approximately 685 sq. km. Sumava National Park is a part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as well, and rightly so! Of all the beautiful elements of nature present here, a few are glacial lakes, peat bogs and patches of primeval forests. While the natural vegetation of the park has been replaced by spruce plantations; many non-native species thrive here today including an absolutely stable population of lynxes.

An interesting fact that you might not know is that there are more than 150 miles of ski trails inside this park. In the summer, one has the option to go hiking the trails in the park or kayaking down the Vltava, Otava and Vydra rivers. Try to spot the exotic and stunning Capercaillie (wood grouse) during your time here since there are only 300 birds left of this species.

3. Podyjí National Park

Colourful lizard view

The third National Park in this list but an equally important and beautiful one as the two mentioned above, the Podyji National Park is located in the South Moravian Region, where it has been since 1991. Podyji National Park was built with an objective to provide security to the Dyje River valley’s forested areas and is spread over an area of 63 square km with the elevation ranging from 534 to 214 m.

There is a wide variety of habitats here including grasslands, forests, shrubland, wetlands, arable land, etc. An interesting thing to do here is to visit and get pictures clicked in the ruins of ancient castles that can be accessed through many designated trails in the park. There are more than 70 species of plants that one can find here, 152 species of birds. 65 species of mammals and 7 species of reptiles.

For an ethereal experience, go for a hike in the Dyje Canyon where you can look at the stunning rock formations, boulder fields and rocky cliffs as you stand with your binoculars on to spot otters, eagle owls and kingfishers. Of all the things that this park is known for, a particularly interesting one is the presence of unique species of reptiles and amphibians such as the fire salamander, great crested newt, tree snake and emerald lizard. With so many things to do, you cannot go wrong with any of the national parks in Czech Republic.

4. Prague National Park

Prague National Park

This one is known by many different names such as České Švýcarsko National Park, Bohemian Switzerland National Park and is located in the north-western part of the Czech Republic, also known as the Czech Switzerland; this is one of the most visited national parks in Czech Republic. This is the youngest park in the list and was established fairly recently, in 2000 and is spread over an area of only 79 square km. The smaller size does not mean that there are not enough surprises inside!

The national park is known for its mountainous landscape which has patches of varying topography inside, ranging from patches of forest, sandstone arches, and other natural features. If that is not enough, one can spot many ancient castles in the region as well. You might have heard of the most popular feature here if you have heard of Prague National Park, which is Pravcicka Brana, known for being the largest natural stone bridge that exists in Europe.

Moreover, this is only one of the many attractions that you will find while hiking on the trails in this park. Climbers love this national park, but there are some restrictions so you should check out the website before planning anything crazy! All castles and no nature makes your vacation a dull one! The national parks in Czech Republic are tourist attractions that are waiting to be visited by you! Plan a comprehensive tour itinerary by booking your travel packages to the Czech Republic from Travel Triangle for an unparalleled holiday experience.

Nature Summer River

If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic, try aligning it during the spring season between mid-March to mid-May for an absolutely pleasant experience. Fall is another great option and any time between September and November will guarantee you a great crowd and pleasant weather. The high season in the region falls between June and August and if you are one for the crowds, you should definitely consider visiting during those months. If you are looking for a good vacation but not a lot of hustle, consider visiting Czech during the spring or fall months.

Excited much? We bet you are. These four national parks in Czech Republic are sure to leave you in a trance with their endless natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and a diverse array of flora, fauna, and avifauna. Make sure you visit all of them on your trip to the Czech Republic. And when you’re back, don’t forget to write about your awesome experience in the comments section below!

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Shopping In Varna: Find The Best Shopping Malls & Streets In This Small Bulgarian Town

Tourists can find excellent destinations for shopping in Varna to shop the best of things available here. It has numerous women’s and men’s clothing shops, functional stores with items for children, perfumery, and brand cosmetics stores. The shopping experience in Varna could be a great adventure if you choose the correct destinations for your shopping purposes. We have discussed below a great spot where you can experience the pleasure of comfortable, and easily accessible shopping venture.

Numerous notable shopping malls in Varna enable buyers to explore a broad array of items. We are here to make the visitors who are new to the town and looking for a one-stop destination where they can get what they are actually looking for without having to move around for searching their essentials. Let’s have a look at a few of the most prominent shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria.

1. Grand Mall Varna

Grand Mall Varna

Grand Mall is the latest and the most prominent center for shopping in Varna. A great position of the trade center with comfortable entrance to Varna railway station, Varna bus station, Varna airport, and the various significant landmarks of the town. It offers various possibilities for entertainment, shopping, and leisure purpose. It has around 1750 parking spaces, more than 220 shops.

Among the local and global brands embodied in the Grand Mall are the Inditex Group brands – Oysho; H & M, Pull & Bear, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Bershka, the brands of LPP Group – LC Waikiki; Reserved and Mohito; Arena IMAX and Arena Cinema with 9 movie theaters; supermarket BulMag, Technomarket. There are also the sports fashion brands Intersport, Sports Vision, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Humanic, Camper and Liu Jo, Deichmann, Guess, Replay, G Star, Scotch & Soda, Calliope, Terranova, Baldessarini.

Location: Varna, 2 Andrey Saharov Street
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

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2. Varna Towers


Varna Towers is among the largest shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria with a complete space of 83,000 square meters, incorporating with office space of 23,000 square meters and retail space of 60000 square meters. Each of the mall towers is rising to 70 meters high, and the apartment provides 800 basement and surface parking areas.

The most radiant attractions of the apartment are the only rotating eatery in Southeast Europe identified as Magneto, positioned on the Eastern Tower’s head. Correspondingly, the peak of the Western Tower emphasizes a “Helipad”, which is for the very first time that has been taken place in Bulgaria to be positioned on a building’s roof.

Location: Varna, Vlasdislav Varnenchik Blvd, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM every day

3. Mall Verna

Mall Verna

It is among the well-reputed shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria, offering a broad range of possibilities for shopping, leisure, entertainment, and relaxation best-fitted for all age people. It is one of the top-rated places for spending a good time with family and friends. In this trade center, you can visit cafeterias, and fast food restaurants are providing homely taste and extraordinary comfort.

Mall Varna possesses the movies “Arena” which has a 3D cinema and eight movie halls. The Mall encompasses the only hall for table tennis lovers in the town, furnished with the Mirror school of dance & movement, and trained flooring Gerflor. The spots of Playground recreation provide various points of attractions. It includes the comfort of a pub with multi-gaming tables supporting touch screens and the arcade games recent generation, associated by type.

Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

4. Hypermarkets


Moreover, in the more Sofia’s outside quarters, hypermarkets of many retail chains are located there along with this: seven of BILLA, four of KAUFLAND, and two of METRO. There are many local retail series such as 345 and Elemag, Fantastiko. If you are looking for furniture, you visit Martineli, IKEA, Domo, Aiko, Domko, etc. Most of the furniture shop architectures you will get at the Sofia Ringroad’s South arch.

5. Shopping Streets In Varna

Shopping Streets In Varna

Sofia’s Traditional commercial centers are the Central Universal Store on the pedestrian Vitosha shopping street and Nezavisimost Square. On Vitosha Boulevard principally boutique stores of world-famous designer’s patterns of cosmetics, shoes, and clothes are located. A few of the mythical shopping spots in the downtown sector, such as Graf Ignatiev Street, Rakovska Steet, Pirotska Street along with Slaveykov Square are ordered as pedestrian alleys.

Dolls Russian Dolls Matroschka

Souvenirs such as Russian dolls, reproduction icons, jewelry, wooden items, ceramics, embroidered tablecloths, and lace are for available for sale on stalls at Alexander Nevski square of the very well-known antique market. You can get post stamps, antiques, communist heritage items, WWII items; from here one can also purchase KGB membership card and Russian soldiers hat.

Also worth searching for souvenirs are the stores in the road between Balkan Sheraton, TZUM and the National Ethnographic Museum’s ground-floor store. Luxury products to take home comprises wines of Bulgaria, prominently the rakiya (fruit brandy) and full-bodied red Melnik. Another social tipple is mastika, a drink of anis-flavor that is identical to Greekouzo. These can be accessed from stores across the city.

Varna is the place not just for shopping but you can spend a great time exploring a vast collection of items that will surely attract you as well. There are a significant number of Shopping streets, Marketplaces, Souvenirs, Hypermarkets, and world-famous shopping malls in bulgaria . If you ever plan an international trip to Bulgaria, these are the places where you should go shopping.

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Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park: An All-inclusive Guide To This Wildlife Haven

Located in the state of Goias, in Brazil, is the Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park. A park that ages up to 1.8 billion years, yet discovered and established as a national park only in 1961 by President Juscelino Kubitscheck. Due to its brimming beauty, the park has been listed as one of the World Natural Heritage Sights by UNESCO in 2001. The park is an abode to innumerable species of flora and fauna, waterfalls and landscapes and therefore makes you one with nature and forget all your gadgets for the time being (except your cameras, they are important to capture the moment).

About Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil

Once upon time, this area gave people around the world the gold rush, as it was a flourishing gold mine around the 18th century. And it was during this time when slavery was at its peak. However, with the mines soon disappearing, some clans escaped from the grip of slavery and sustained their nativity over the years. You may find many of these native and tribal communities such as the Quilombos and other such Kalunga communities, who with the idea of preserving their nativity and culture, engage with the tourists in the most welcoming way and give them a taste of originality.
Also, to make things more interesting, NASA has stated that Chapada is earth’s brightest point as seen by space because it lies on a bed of crystal quartz and reflects like a mirror. Spooky as it is, rumor has it that Chapada has had many frequent guest appearances by the foreigners such as the aliens.

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Things To Know About Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park

There are a few things that are better known if planning a backpack getaway to this National Park-

Opening timings: 8am- 6pm
Entrance fee: INR 190 per person
Location: Brazil
Park Area: 2,359.7 km2
Flora and Vegetation: Cerrado
Wildlife: The park resides many threatened animal species such as the giant armadillos, pampa deer, swamp deer, jaguars, guará wolves, rheas, crested seriemas, tapitis (small hare-like rodents), great anteaters, capybaras, tapirs, red-breasted toucans, king vultures, and black vultures.

1. Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

These parks and sanctuaries have always been a hub for activities such as trekking and hiking. With so much variety and diversity all around, the park promises to indulge its travelers into wondrous hikes. But for the hearts that ask for more, there are many agencies that take up treks during the day to make sure you have completely seeped in all the evident essences of the park. The trek will keep you busy and will offer quite a lot of places to visit around this wildlife hotspot.

2. Canyoning


Love heights? If you do, the option of canyoning in the park is open. Quite a lot of agencies take up these activities inside the park and awaken the primate beings within you. However, to know the others, you need to do your homework. With many wells around, along with a private property, one can enjoy these pristine scapes on foot or on their cycles. On the other hand, for camp lovers, there are many camps in and around the parks which keep you still and amazed throughout the night.

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3. Visit the Waterfalls

Visit the Waterfalls

From the Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park, a lot of many waterfalls put a show of their evangelical beauty. of almost 30-40 waterfalls, the Almécegas waterfalls, Raizama waterfalls, São Bento waterfalls, Andorinha waterfalls, and Segredo waterfalls are quite famous. Usually, all the waterfalls are marked and a quick briefing is given on the noticeboards nearby.

One of the most famous waterfalls in the park is Loquinhas waterfall which has been lauded for its utmost beauty. Reaching out to these waterfalls will be a cakewalk for those who have a knack for adventure and a good spatial sense.

Mountains view

Being in the heart of a tropical land, the Chapada Dos Veadeiros weather is semi-arid, tropical and hot and therefore sunblock creams and hats are much advisable. The Park is shut down during the monsoons between December to February. However, it still rains almost every day and going near the waterfalls during these times is not recommended as it can be dangerous. After May, the clouds close their taps, leaving the lands almost deserted, but fit to travel. The best time to march would be between June and July as the probability of rains is low and water in the waterfalls is in abundance.

How To Get To Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park

The main gateway to the park is from the city of Alto Paraiso de Goias. Other places where you can sneak in from are Brasilia and Goiania.

By Air: There are no direct flights to Chapada but one can always fly down to Brasilia and then travel on land to any of the gateway routes

By Car: The roads leading to the park are not in their best shape. However, those who like the rough terrains and the jeep rides can always take up this option. BR-020 and the G0-118 roads access you to the park, taking you through the cities of Formosa, Sao Gabriel, and Sao Joao D’Alianca. G0-327 is another access that takes you to Sao Jorge village, which is the main entrance to the national park.

By Bus: Many buses depart from Brasília to Alto Paraíso. But there’s only one bus a day at 6 pm from Rodoviária Alto Parais that gets you to Sao Jorge.
After reaching the Sao Jorge village, the national village is at a distance of 300-400 meters which has to be accessed on foot.

Where To Stay In Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park

The park is in close vicinity to the villages of Sao Jorge and Alto Paraiso. So to rest your tired souls or soles after the adventure trip, but still being one with the beauty of wildlife, these places are quite accessible. However, they may not be like your atypical top-notch hotels and resorts. Being within and near the premises of the park, these places believe in keeping it a bit low so that they do not disturb the wildlife around them. So don’t be shocked and dulled if you don’t find illumination after a particular time.

With this we come to the end of our guide to Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil comes to end. While we can certainly share all that we know about it, the real experience can only be enjoyed live. Equipped with this amazing guide, you will know what to see when here. So, don’t forget to pay this park a visit on your next trip to Brazil. 

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Kaudulla National Park: An Untamed Safari Through The Sri Lankan Wilds

Sri Lanka is home to twenty-six national parks and the Kaudulla National Park is one of the most eminent parks, it is spread over a massive 6656 hectares and is home to a countless number of wild animals, aquatic animals, and exotic birds. The Kaudulla National Park is also connected to the Somawathie Chaitiya Park and the Minneriya Wildlife Park, both of which are excellent spots where you can explore Sri Lanka’s wildlife, especially elephants.

Elephants group view

Declared as a National Park in the year 2002, the Kaudulla National Park was the fifteenth nature reserve that was given the title. The Park also brings tourists and travelers from all around the world mainly to see the elephants population that lives in abundance at the Park. In the dry seasons, all the elephants from the surrounding National Parks including the Kaudulla, Wasgomuwa and the Somawathie Chaitiya Parks come together at the Minneriya National Park in an unofficial ceremony called “Elephant Gathering” by the locals.

When you look at the map of Kaudulla National Park a little closely, you will notice how the National Parks in Sri Lanka are so closely connected to each other, making it easier for animals to go from one park to the other in search of food, water or mates.

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Beautiful place

The best time to visit the Kaudulla National Park is between the months of August and December so you can see a maximum number of wild animals at the Park. The famous Sri Lankan elephant gatherings take place in the months of September and October so plan your visit accordingly.

Cab View

You can reach Kaudulla National Park from the Colombo-Trincomalee main road if you are traveling by road. You can hail a cab directly from Trincomalee to the National Park which would cost about INR 2300 to INR 2800 and reach you to your destination in about 1 hour 20 minutes.

From Dambulla to Kaudulla National Park: If you’re traveling from Trincomalee to Kaudalla National Park, you can board a night train from Trincomalee that drops you at Galoya Junction in 2 hours, costing you around INR 29 to INR 100 (one way). From Galoya junction, you can either walk it up to the park (takes about twenty minutes) or hail a taxi.

From Dambulla to Kaudulla National Park: If you are staying at Dambulla, you can hire a taxi that will take you from Dambulla to Kaudulla National Park, covering a distance of 44 kilometers in 42 minutes, costing you around INR 1400 to INR 1800 (one way).
Kaudulla National Park Entrance Fee: INR 1280

The Kaudalla National Park lies between the coastal city of Trincomalee and Dambulla so you can find accommodation at one of the following hotels:

1) Dambulla Rock Arch

Dambulla Rock Arch

Dambulla Rock Arch is located only two kilometers away from the Dambulla International Cricket Stadium and only at an hour’s distance from the Sri Lanka airport, making it one of the great place to stay at when you are in Sri Lanka. Dambulla Rock Arch is a bed and breakfast concept with well-furnished rooms having access to beautiful views of the gardens. The guesthouse also has pick-up and drop facilities for guests coming in from the airport.
Where? 696/4, Anuradhapura Road, 21100 Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Pricing: Moderately priced.

2) Sevonrich Holiday Resort

Beautiful Resort

The Sevonrich Holiday Resort is a great option for those looking for more of a fun time with family and friends. The resort is located in Dambulla and has an outdoor swimming pool that all the guests can use. The better part about this resort is that you don’t need to step out of the resort to grab a meal at the resort itself has an in-house restaurant that serves up yummy food. We suggest you go in for stay packages that are inclusive of the buffet breakfast so you can pack yourselves up on some sumptuous food before you take off to exploring the places around.
Where? No:151, 2nd Lane, Jayamawatha, Yapagama, Dambulla, 21100 Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Pricing: Relatively expensive.

What To See In The National Park

What you will see on the park tour:

  • There are over 200 elephants in Kaudulla National Park so, if you want to go elephant-watching, there is no better place than Kaudulla.
  • Other than elephants, you will also find a lot of colorful peacocks, chirping birds, wild boars, Sri Lankan axis deer, Sri Lankan sambar deer, spotted deer, black bears and varied monkey species along with crocodiles lounging around the park.
  • If you are lucky, you might also get to see a few leopards with their baby leopards loitering around the forest when you are on the safari.
  • You can’t miss the main center of attraction, the Kaudulla reservoirs which co-incidentally also lie in the center of the National Park. The Kaudulla reservoirs were built in the third century by King Mahasen for irrigation purposes but were left in the ruins for the longest time. After a long period of desertion, the reservoirs are now major sources of life for diverse aquatic species and provide drinking water to all the animals residing at the National Park.
  • Around the reservoirs, you will also see a lot of birds such as the Spot-billed Pelican, Asian Spoonbills, the Grey-headed Fish Eagle, the Black-headed Ibis, and the Open Bill Stork that lounge around the water tanks, especially during the summer months.

1) Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

If you want to explore the national park, there is no better way to do it than to do a jeep safari through the park. If you’ve been on safaris before, you might have had disappointing times where you don’t see any animals all through the safari. However, if you are on the Kaudulla National Park safari, you will see a lot of wild animals roaming about freely in the park. The jeep safaris usually start off from the main entry gate of the Kaudalla National Park and take you around the entire park to watch the wild closely.

Jeep safari timings: There are two jeep safari slots that you can choose from, the morning slot or the afternoon slot. The morning slot starts at 5:30am while the afternoon slot starts at 2:30pm. If you are going mainly for the elephants, we suggest you take the afternoon safari slot.

Duration of the Kaudulla National Park jeep safari: You would take about three hours to go around the entire National Park through the jeep safari.

Kaudulla National Park Safari price: The jeep safari costs around INR 3189 and is inclusive of a private safari jeep, Kaudulla National Park entry fees and a pick-up/ drop to your place of accommodation if it falls within five kilometres from the park’s main gate.

2) Elephant Gathering at Kaudulla National Park

Elephant Gathering

As you might have already gathered, the elephants at Kaudulla are the main stars of the National Park. Irrespective of whether you are fond of elephants or not, watching the “Elephant Gathering” at Kaudulla is a sight you that you just cannot miss! These elephant gatherings peak around the months of August and September where you can see herds of elephants coming together to chill by the park’s reservoirs while munching on some fresh grass.

3) Photography in the wild

Photography in the wild

We all have hidden photographers in us and the Kaudulla National Park is sure to bring out the photographer in you. While you are on the safari, be very vigilant and look around for wild animals that hurry through the forests, so you can quickly pull out your cameras and take beautiful shots of these animals as they are in their natural elements, jumping across the forests.

The flora and fauna at the Kaudulla National Park consist of diversified species of plants and animals that only add to the beauty of the verdant forests that surround the reservoir. Visit the Kaudulla National Park and the surrounding national parks to pack in your fix of wild adventures on your visit to Sri Lanka.

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