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Pantanal Matogrossense National Park: A Peek Into The Marshy Lands Of Brazil

Within in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, lies the Pantanal Matogrossense National Park. The park is so huge that it includes in itself other national and state parks.

With the main aim being the preservation of natural ecosystems, the National Park facilitates scientific research and environmental education and also is a hub of tourism. The park is also the world’s largest swamp so in case you want to unravel your hippo instincts, Pantanal Matogrossense National Park is ‘the’ place for you.

National park

It has been considered as one of the World Natural Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Pantanal houses the biggest parrot on the planet, the hyacinth macaw. It has the largest concentration of crocodiles in the world with almost 10 million caimans. Pantanal is one of the most renowned wetlands in the world. Since it’s the largest tropical wetland as well, it contains 3% of the entire world’s wetlands.

Opening Hours: 8 am- 9 pm
Established: 24th September 2018
Area: 1356.06 km square
Location: Brazil

Here is Pantanal Matogrossense National Park on a map:

Black jaguar View

Brazil is filled with an awful lot of wildlife and has greenery oozing out from almost everywhere. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of this is only found in the Amazon Forest where animals stealthily disappear as soon as they hear you, which can be quite a frustrating affair. On the other hand, in Pantanal, you’ll be at an advantage to see most of those magnificent beasts parading and roaming around as if they are shouting out- if you have it, flaunt it!

Pantanal has over the years become a flood-prone area. A view which is much adored and fancied by the tourists. Quite ironic huh! However, during the floods, despite fauna being lost, the flora has probably reached the epitome of beauty. In fact, the floods are considered to be the most spectacular time to visit the park.

Nevertheless, the park is a reserve for almost 659 species of birds such as the toucans, nightjars, lapwings and the list goes on. And on the other hand, there are almost 159 species of animals. The wild pigs, rheas, tapir, giant otter, giant armadillo, anteaters, jaguars, ocelot, marsh deer, chestnut-bellied guan and the black and tawny seedeaters are quite a delightful sight.

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There are a lot of things that can be enjoyed in Pantanal Matogrossense National Park. From going on safari tours to capturing photogenic sites, there is a lot to do in the park. Here are a few things you can definitely try:

1. Go for Safaris


There are many safaris-night and day, that take you for a ride into the dark, making you forget all worldly dues in the face of such majestic sights. These journeys can be made on either jeeps or also on horsebacks. You may find many agencies at the entrance of the park itself with whom you can coordinate for your rides.

2. Birdwatching


Imagine being one with the skies and innumerable colours that travel them. The park is an abode to almost 652 vibrant and magnificent bird species. So if you believe in praising the beauty of these winged beings, and it is suggested that you pack a pair of binoculars, along with some patience, along with you.

3. Photography

Photography at mountain peak

The sights in the Amazon have always been the most favourite place for all the renowned photographers throughout the world. May it be bird, animal, plant or human, all beings reach such a transcendental state in these forests that this spell becomes very difficult to shed off. And it is these spells that the photographers love to capture. What are you waiting for then, grab your lenses and be prepared for some serious clicking.

lake view

To reach Pantanal from anywhere in the world, you need to fly to Cuiaba to enter Northern Pantanal or to Campo Grande to enter the southern Pantanal. The distances from the cities to the park are not too vast and scenery is beautiful, which make the on route journey even more exciting.

fabulous hotel

One may not be able to find any accommodations within the National Park but there are plenty in the neighboring areas of Pantanal, Corumba, Caceres, and Pocono. You could always do your research online on sites such as Airbnb and Tripadvisor.

The hunger and craving for taking in more or rather taking it all in at one go is not very satisfactory. So whenever you plan your trip to Pantanal, make sure you have ample of time in hand, for marching on these lands is going to take a lot of your time but also give you the time of your lives.

Here are a few questions are people frequently ask about this beautiful national park:

Q. What is the best time to visit Pantanal Matogrossense National Park?

A. Anytime between the opening hours i.e. 8 am -9 pm.

Q. How are the roads on the way to the National Park?

A. The roads aren’t very smooth so be prepared for a rough terrain

Q. Are there any eateries in the National Park?

A. You will not find any refreshments within the premises of the National Park so do carry the bare necessities and please do not litter.

Q. Are private vehicles allowed in the park?

A. You will have to check with the authorities of the National Park by contacting them.

With so many amazing things to do at Pantanal Matogrossense National Park in Brazil, and the holiday season just around the corner, don’t hesitate to make this your next holiday plan! Plus, you can look up more on this tropical paradise that welcomes summer in December. We don’t think you need any more time to make up your mind about planning a trip to Brazil.

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10 National Parks In New Jersey That Are All About History, Nature & Recreation

The Garden State, as New Jersey is fondly called by its citizens as well as its visitors, offers various places of attractions, none as beautiful as the national parks in New Jersey, maintained by the National Park Service. Some of the best national parks in New Jersey are easily accessible and are the perfect weekend getaways for your family. Planning a weekend trip is a time-consuming exercise so we have simplified that by curating a list of National Parks in New Jersey, which covers everything nature and history has to offer. These well-maintained parks are a source of endless joy and excitement, so don’t wait any longer and head out to these awe-inspiring sites.

Take a look at the best national parks in New Jersey that offer a glimpse into the history of the city and offer an adventurous experience!

1. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

If you are a person who is fascinated by the applications of science in your day-to-day life, there is no better place to start than this historical national park which houses Thomas Edison’s home and laboratory. Visit the place where the famed inventor set upon to create some of the greatest inventions known to mankind. Discover the origins of sound recording and find out whether you can recreate some of Edison’s famous experiments at this historical site. Consider visiting the Black Maria, the first film production studio in the United States, which is situated within this sprawling complex.

Location: West Orange, New Jersey
Timings: Wednesday through Sundays; 10 am to 4 pm
Entry fee: $15.00 for adults; Under 16 years old free
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

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2. Morristown National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park

Visit this historical place where the beginnings of the United States independence were scripted. The Morristown National Park commemorates the site where George Washington, one of the founding fathers of the USA along with his Continental army encamped during one of the coldest winters ever recorded. Explore the museum within the premises, which is entirely devoted to him and contains items of importance in Pre-Revolutionary America. Don’t miss out on the wonderful collection of books present in the in-house library.

Location: Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey
Timings: Mondays through Sundays; 8 am to 8 pm
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

3. Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

Paterson Great Falls View

Paterson, the first planned industrial town in America, also is the home for the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park. Located in the middle of the town, these magnificent falls along with its park system are the center of attraction for this entire city. The sight of the falls surrounded by the ruins of the mills of the once-industrial town is a sight to behold.

Location: Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey
Timings: Sunrise to Sunset
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: July-August

4. New Jersey Pinelands Reserve

New Jersey Pinelands Reserve

New Jersey is known for many firsts, one amongst them is this Biosphere reserve, which was the first to be set up in the year of 1978. One word to describe this place is “Gigantic”. Covering an area of approximately 1.1 million acres of forests, farms, and wetlands, the reserve is also the home to the Great Egg Harbour National Wild and Scenic River system, which is the best place in New Jersey for all outdoors-lovers. One of the lesser known National Parks in New Jersey, camping is a favourite time-pass engaged by the visitors.

Location: New Lisbon, New Jersey
Timings: Open all throughout the year
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

5. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

National Recreation Area

One look at the map of national parks in new jersey is all that is required to make you want to take that road trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. A paradise for hikers, rafters, kayakers, fishermen and a whole lot of others, this natural wonder is held in high esteem by the citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This is a 70,000 acres-park alongside the Delaware River and is also constantly growing in size thanks to Mother Nature. The national park is always buzzing with wildlife such as the otters, the coyotes, and the grizzly bears.

Location: 1978 River Road, Bushkill, PA 18324
Timings: Open all throughout the year
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

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6. Sandy Hook – Gateway National Recreation Area

Sandy Hook

The Gateway National Recreation Area is a 27,000 acres-park, which covers two States – New York and New Jersey and is accessible from Sandy Hook, New Jersey. There are several activities that one can pursue here such as swimming, hiking, biking for which the amenities are world-class. Also, do not forget to take the tour to the Lighthouse. A visit to Sandy Hook is incomplete if one does not see the historic Fort Hancock. There is good news for all those bird-watchers as this is a perfect spot to catch some of our avian friends.

Location: Sandy Hook, Middletown, New Jersey
Timings: Open all throughout the year
Entry fee: Only parking fees of $15.00
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

7. Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Appalachian National Scenic Trail

The famed Appalachian Mountains passes through the State of New Jersey. This means that the iconic Appalachian National Scenic Trail also passes through this state, which is precisely a 72-mile stretch starting from the Delaware Water Gap, continues along the Kittatinny Ridge and the Pochuck Valley to High Point along the New York Border. Every hiker’s dream, there are some amazing sights to be captured along this trail which is under the care of the National Park Services.

Location: Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey
Timings: Open all throughout the year
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: From late-April through early-June; During months of September and October

8. Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Ellis Island, part of the famous Statue of Liberty national monument, houses a museum which tells the tales of the first immigrants to the United States during the period from 1892 through 1954 who walked passed the now quiet halls of the museum. There are passenger arrival records still maintained here and head out there to check for your ancestors. This museum serves as an important historical site to know all about the great American Dream.

Location: Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, via Ferry from Jersey City
Timings: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm: on all days
Entry fee: Free; Visit for booking a Ferry ride
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

9. Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail

Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail

There is no love lost between New Jersey and its role in the United States’ independence. Walk along this trail that runs from Rhode Island to Virginia and retraces the steps taken by the Continental army led by Washington and the French army led by General Rochambeau to fight the colonial British troops. This trial truly celebrates the saying, “Unity in Diversity” and should not be missed by history buffs.

Location: Accessible from multiple locations
Timings: Open all throughout the year
Entry fee: Free
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

10. Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area

Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area

New Jersey is well-known for its many contributions in America’s war of Independence and commemorating those achievements, guided tours of historic battlefields, landmarks, mansions are given in this heritage area. This is the perfect place to understand how the state of New Jersey survived and helped America get its independence.

Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Timings: Wednesdays through Sundays; 9.30 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: Visit for tour details
Best time to visit: Any time of the year

The National Park Service, which either administers or protects the above-mentioned sites, have made tremendous efforts in ensuring that the visitors are able to connect with the history and the nature of New Jersey. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to US and head out to these national parks in New Jersey to enjoy the perfect weekend with your loved ones.

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Bryant Park In New York Is Opening Early This Winter! Ready To Eat, Shop & Repeat?

Winter has knocked on our doors already, and early mornings & dark evenings have been blessed with gentle & cool breezes. If you are one of those people who eagerly wait for this season, then we have a news that will make your day. Or even if you aren’t and have been just planning to sit with a blanket and sip your coffee this year too, it’ll make you jump in excitement, throw your blankets away, and fly to the U.S. asap! The gorgeous and famous Bryant Park in New York is going to open early this winter and we bet that it’s going to look straight out of your wintery dreams! 

Winter village at Bryant Park

While Bryant Park Winter Village opens every year for all the winter lovers around Christmas and offers crazy experiences to feel the jitters, this year it’ll open before you choose your makeover for the Halloween party. 

There’re surely a lot of surprises that await you there. The park houses a 17,000 square foot rink where you can skate for free! And it just depends on you whether you bring your own skates or buy them there for 20 dollars. Apart from this, the biggest brand Urbanspace will be sponsoring 170 shops that include a huge variety of kiosks and eateries for the ultimate fun!


Wait! Before you start imagining, let us tell you, there’s more to Bryant Park Winter Village! There’s going to be a restaurantbesides the rink this year, which is called ‘The Lodge’. It will bring forth eateries straight from the big chains like Mah-De-Zahr bakery, Pierogi Boys, Todaro Bros, and more. And to end up the fun on a good note, there’d be a beer garden as well! Enough to eat, shop, drink, and go crazy, right?

Bryant Park will open its gates for you on 27th of October 2018. While it might be too early for a snowy holiday, it’s definitely not too late for Halloween 2018. So, pack your bags, grab your woollens, and plan your trip to US with TravelTriangle already!

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10 Indian Restaurants In Hong Kong That’ll Delight Your Taste Buds & Leave You Craving!

Hong Kong has a significant Indian heritage, with quite a number of people of Indian origin living and working in this melting pot of a metropolis. Additionally, the city gets a significant amount of tourists from the Indian subcontinent every year. The enormous city has seemingly absorbed all the cultures and cuisines of the world, and it is not a surprise to find several great Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. Here is a list of Indian restaurants in Hong Kong that you should be certain to visit.

Take a look at these 10 best restaurants in Hong Kong where you would easily find every Indian cuisine that can delight your senses to the core!

1. Manakamana Nepali Restaurant

Manakamana Restaurant

Situated bang in the centre of the Temple Market, the Manakamana Nepali Restaurant is one of the top Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. Offering the pick of Indian and Nepali cuisines, travellers visiting the place talk most about its butter chicken curry and kulfi, a typical North Indian dessert. The food goes down well with Nepali beer that is offered here, and the staff is polite and helpful enough to make the whole experience quite enjoyable.

Location: Temple Street, Jordan Street
Cost for two: INR 3000-6000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

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2. Bombay Dreams

table and food

On the fourth floor of a seemingly innocuous office building, the restaurant is one of the best places to get authentic and delicious Indian dishes. The interiors are tasteful and well designed, and the seating is also very comfortable. The highly rated Indian restaurant offers the best palak paneer and rogan josh in all of Hong Kong and it shows in its popularity the locals as well as tourists.

Location: Wyndham Street
Cost for two: INR 3000-6000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

3. Namaste Kitchen


Come for the glorious chicken tikka and curries here, but stay for the wide array of dining options that the place has. The service staff is very warm and helpful, and you will instantly feel at home with the interiors and decor here. The place is a very popular takeaway option, so the quality of food is undoubtedly great. However, the restaurant offers a great dining experience and is recommended. The best of Indian restaurants in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Location: Queens Road West
Cost for two: INR 1000-3000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

4. Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Hong Kong


On the upper ground floor of a popular shopping mall, the Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant is the pick of pure veg Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. Specializing in South Indian delicacies such as the dosa and South Indian thali, the place is a must visit if you are craving something Indian and non-spicy. Also, the place is really value for money considering the average cost of Indian food in Hong Kong.

Location: Wings on Plaza
Cost for two: INR 1000-2000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.0

5. Dimpal Fusion Restaurant and Bar

tasty chicken

Another great Indian place in the food district around the Temple Street, the Dimpal Fusion Restaurant and Bar has the best kebabs, Indian-style and is your answer if you are looking for cheap Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. The fusion restaurant mixes the punch of Nepali curries with the universal appeal of pizza, and that makes it one of the few stand out Indian places that have embraces a new level of innovation.

Location: Temple Street, Jordan
Cost for two: INR 1000-2000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

6. Saravanaa Bhawan

table and chairs

People from South India will recognise this chain of restaurants serving authentic food from the various parts of South India, and you will not be disappointed with the Hong Kong outlet. Further, you can also find pretty tasty North Indian desserts here such as the kulfi faluda and gulab jamun. The place is also very affordable, and that has made it a big draw with tourists and locals craving the rava dosa. The best of South Indian restaurants in Hong Kong and certainly amongst the Indian restaurants in Hong ong Tsim Sha Tsui!

Location: Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Cost for two: INR 1000-2000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

7. Cicada

amazing restaurant

This fusion restaurant offers an eclectic mix of Indian and Southeast Asian food, and brilliant cocktails that go best for a romantic dinner. The paneer skewers, samosas and chilli chicken are well complemented by various dumplings, steaks and lager that you can get here. The interiors are chic and the staff is equally professional and helpful. Cicada is a must visit for anyone craving gourmet fusion dishes!

Location: Elgin Street
Cost for two: INR 3000-6000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

8. Bindaas Bar + Kitchen

bindass bar in Hong Kong

The place has the interiors of a typical pub but has scored quite a coup in terms of the food offered. The chicken tikka masala is a crowd favourite, but the you should definitely try the lamb biryani that is supposedly slow cooked for six hours. There is also a Bollywood night on all Wednesdays, offering a great place to socialize with the setting and music from Bollywood.

Location: Aberdeen Street
Cost for two: INR 3000-6000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

9. Curry Leaf – Indian Cuisine

curry leaf

Favourite of Indian cuisine lovers in the area, the place is best known for the wide array of curries it has to offer. The butter chicken is absolutely delicious here, but be sure to try the Mutton Madrasi and tadka daal. The staff are very polite and prompt and you will not leave the place disappointed. The place also takes the prize in good authentic and tasty dishes offered at a reasonable price, as compared to some other Indian joints in Hong Kong. Curry Leaf is the place to go if you are looking for Indian restaurants in Hong Kong Kowloon.

Location: Mau Lam Street
Cost for two: INR 3000-6000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

10. Central Indian Restaurant

indian restaurant

One of the few Indian restaurants in central Hong Kong, this is another popular Indian diner where you can get authentic Indian food from the various corners of India. Patrons have especially liked the lamb vindaloo, a popular adaptation of curry made in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost Indian state. Then there is the butter paneer and wide array of Indian breads that stand out from the other places. The food is moderately priced, and the exceptionally helpful staff makes the place a must-visit.

Location: Wing Lok Street
Cost for two: INR 1000-2000
Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5

These Indian restaurants in Hong Kong are the best places to eat at in the busy metro city. Irrespective of whether you are a local or a tourist, these places are worth trying out. If you are planning a Hong Kong trip with TravelTriangle soon, these places should seal the deal!

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3 Happening Bars In Legian Bali You Must Visit In 2019!

Bali is a great destination for nature lovers as the place has much greenery, coral reefs and beautiful sands by the brim which overall offers a great view to anyone gazing around. While traversing Bali, the beautiful country that is flooded with majestic temples, soothing beaches, and great beaches you will come across many amazing bars and restaurants too The bars in Legian Bali are all famous for their authentic infrastructures and their unique styles.

In Legian, you’ll find great sceneries and sea hues which will soothe and relax you to the very core. The place is also well prepared to offer you the gist of its amazing nightlife and evening parties that last all night long. Visit the happening place and try these amazing bars in here to cherish and relish the latest trends and ongoing traditions of this place. If you are one of those highly social and interactive people then this is the place to outcast your interests and wants. While traveling Bali try these well-lit bars and luxuriate yourself with your loved ones while savoring the great wines and cocktails in here.

Although there are several bars in Legian for you experience the amazing nightlife but here is a list of some of the most amazing bars.

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This is a popular art space and venue where arts and music enthusiasts gather. Serambi Arts Antida is dedicated to developing and promoting Balis local communities contemporary art and culture. If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy live music by local artists and a place to enjoy contemporary Balinese art and culture, there is no place like Serambi Arts Antida. It features a caf- that serves superb food and drinks and also offers free Wi-Fi. If you want to experience Denpasar nightlife that is more laid back, head over to this amazing venue.

Opening Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Location: Jalan Waribang 32, Kesiman, Denpasar

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Want a place to dance all night to house music mixed with progressive beats- Make your way to New Star Club where the resident DJs keep you grooving to the music throughout the night. If you are lucky, you can catch one of the guest DJ performances that are held once every month. With a capacity for 1,000 people, New Star House is a great place for Denpasar nightlife for singles. The club also features 16 karaoke rooms for 6 to 10 people and one with enough space for 20 people. Previously known as Nu Dewata, New Star House has a futuristic interior and a beautiful exterior in Balinese design style.

Opening Hours: 2 pm to 6 am
Location: JL. Gunung Soputan No. 16B, Pemecutan Klod, Denpasar Barat, Bali 80119

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Overlooking the private beach of W Resort, Bali, this one will surely woo your senses. Hanging lanterns, peppy party numbers in the background, and refreshing cocktails are one combination youll find here. Whats more is that they also serve Shisha and around sunset the setting of this place becomes so breathtaking that you cant afford to miss it.

Cuisine: Finger Food
Timings: 10 AM to 2 AM
Cost for Two: 300,000 IDR with alcohol (INR 1438 approx.)
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5
Location: W Retreat & Spa, Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali
Website | Reviews

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Ubud market in Bali

The ideal time to visit Bali truly depends on the weather condition and on the variations of the season there, which actually affects the overall prices for accommodation. Usually, the month of July, easter holidays and new year’s and Christmas time seem to be much crowded and families are seen cherishing waves of laughter with their loved ones. But apart from that, there is no particular best time to visit Bali as it is a year-round destination.

cover - Taman Ayun Temple In Bali

By flight:You can catch many flights to Bali as this place notices many flights from international places landing in and out of the country. If you wish to travel from within the country to a domestic city then the option for that can also be availed without any hassles as the place has regular domestic flights flying to the majority of the cities within the country. From the airport, you can hire a taxi to your destination and treat your eyes with the view as you move to the destination.

By ship: To enter Bali by the sea route, you can catch a flight to Singapore, Sumatra or Java and hire a ship for your onward route to Bali and ultimately head to Sanur and enjoy the pleasant place and its views on your way.

Tour around this magical paradise and relish the happening nights at the bars in Legian Bali with all your cronies. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and socialize with the natives while you savor the interesting drinks and mouthwatering dishes offered here. Get set and booking your trip to Bali and enjoy a happening holiday with your dear ones. Cherish abundance of memories and lock in waves of laughter with your loved one.

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7 Forts In Europe That Offer Remarkably Scenic View Of The Hilly Milieu

Isn’t it interesting to hark back to the time when people fought with muskets, swords, bows, and cannons? Even though forts were built in the Middle Ages, a minuscule number of them is preserved today. The forts in Europe signify military capability, wealth, and power. It is interesting to recall that the greatest minds in the history of warfare designed them to withstand all kinds of attacks.

We have created a list of forts in Europe of great historical significance. You will be impressed by their long and tumultuous heritage:

1. Tilbury Fort

Tilbury Fort

Situated on the Thames Estuary, Tilbury Fort protected Europe from London’s attacks in the 16th century during the Second World War. Henry VIII built the fort, and Queen Elizabeth the first positioned her army around it to face the threat of Armada. Considered as one of the most famous , you can spend your time exploring the magazine houses used to store vast quantities of gunpowder. Apart from that, you can also enter the bastion magazine passages and feel what it was like for the soldiers who lived here.

Location: No 2 Office Block, The Fort, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7NR, United Kingdom
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 AM – 6 PM)
Entry fee: INR 500 for adults and INR 300 for kids

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2. Almeida Fort

Almeida Fort

Almeida Fort protected the town of Almeida from frequent sieges it faced throughout the centuries due to its location near the Spanish border. The marvelous defensive barrier was built in the 17th century at a time when the use of cannons was becoming commonplace. There are only two possible entrances, both of which are large, bomb-proof double gates that are accessible through bridges. It is one of the to learn about the nation’s gory history. 

Location: Almeida 6350-106, Portugal

3. Charles Fort

Charles Fort

Charles Fort is one of the best surviving examples of a 17th century star-shaped forts in Europe. This architectural marvel was completed during the reign of Charles II. It remains open throughout the year. Regular guided tours of the fort are available too. It has two enormous bastions overlooking the Bandon river and three bastions facing inland. The fort was used by the military until 1922, after which they discontinued using it.

Location: Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 6 PM)

4. Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont was built in around 1885, following the Franco-Prussian wars. With sophisticated weaponry and a position on high ground, it is a vital defensive barrier. In February 1916, when the battle of Verdun commenced, Douaumont was in absolute chaos. Citizens barged into Fort Douaumont to seek shelter, but German soldiers managed to infiltrate the fort and killed them. It is, hands down, one of the most

Location: 55100 Douaumont, France
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 6:30 PM)
Entry fee: INR 230 for adults and INR 115 for kids

5. Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress sits on a rock above the Danube River. For centuries, it has remained one of the most imposing sights of Serbia. It is among one of the . The fortress was constructed to guard a road which connects Central and Eastern Europe. Golubac is located in the vicinity of world-famous Derdap National Park. After a five-year reconstruction program, the fort opened its doors to the public in 2019.

Location: Golubac 12223, Serbia
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 AM – 5 PM)
Entry fee: INR 386 for adults and free entry for kids

6. Tsarevets Fortress

Tsarevets Fortress

The murals painted by local artist Teofan Sokerov in 1985 and the modern interiors of Tsarevets Fortress will take you by surprise. From the fort, you can take in the spectacular views of the surrounding hills of Sveta Gora, Momina Krepost and the overgrown Trapezitsa. There is a free admission each last Thursday of the month. Before leaving, stop by at the cafe situated at the foot of the fort for some light refreshments.

Location: Tsar Asen Square, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Opening hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 236 for adults

7. Château de Commarque

Château de Commarque

Château de Commarque lies between Sarlat and Les Eyzies in the valley of the River Beune. The walls of the fort are covered with prehistoric art. It houses a Carolingian chapel, a prominent medieval keep, and numerous supporting structures. It stands at the crossroads of two important routes – one from Brive to Bergerac and the other from Perigeux to Cahors. The fort was abandoned and completely covered in brambles until it was rediscovered in the 1970s.

Location: 24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, France
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 8 PM)

The credit of turning forts into tourist hotspots that everyone scrambles to visit goes to the popular TV series Game of Thrones. If you’re as intrigued by the folklore and natural history of Europe as we are, make a beeline for these forts in Europe. Some of these fortresses are known for their artistry, some for their glorious past, and some for their stunning views. Visit Europe with TravelTriangle to go back in time.

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How Well Do You Know India? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

India is a cacophony of sights, smells and sounds that assault your senses at every turn. Its majestic landscapes inspire awe and nostalgia in equal measure. Most of the people don’t know that it is the second most populous country in South Asia and the birthplace of yoga and four major world religions. The country has emerged as one of the world’s largest democracy and fastest growing economy within 70 years of its inception. It is a beautiful mishmash of cultures, languages, and traditions. No other nation can offer the range of cuisines that India does. How well do you know India? Test your knowledge and learn about its heritage, history and people.

What do you know about India? Whatever you do, we bet your knowledge of the nation is limited (unless you’re an ancient historian or a geographer). Take this quiz to find out:

If you’ve scored between 0 to 4: You’re not the biggest geography geek out there, and that’s okay. You can brush up on your knowledge of India and retake this test. Or go back to school. It’s up to you.

If you’ve scored between 5 to 9: Not bad. Remember that if you answered a few obscure questions incorrectly, it won’t matter much in the long run. Just pull out your GoogleMaps when you need to know where the capital of Tripura is!

If you’ve scored between 10 to 15: Way to go! You aced a test that only few can pass. Brag about your achievement to your friends who are probably not as brainy as you. Also, buy yourself a brownie while you’re at it.

There are many factors that determine where you are from, like your eyes and hair color. One of them is your nationality. We hope this quiz will give you some sort of clarity on how well do you know India. Now that you’ve realised how much do you know about India, why don’t you challenge your friends? If you feel you and your BFFs are not experts yet, you can book a group trip to India and explore your country a bit better. This is in everyone’s best interests, isn’t it?

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3 Wonderstruck Places To Visit Near Sukawati Art Market Bali In November

If you are desiring a fairy tale escape from reality, Bali is the promised land fro you to land on. It is an astonishing blend of beaches, lush green forests, cultural sites, ancient temples, and lively villages. One such incredible destination is Sukawati Art Market. Alongside the happening attraction are wonder struck places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November.

Sukawati Art Market is a multicolored tourist attraction located in the Gianyar regency on the Indonesian Island of Bali. If you are someone who is fond of handicrafts, then thge vibrant market would definately intruige you. It is widely popular among the Balinese as ‘Pasar Seni Sukawati’. The market cover a vast land showcasing the diversified collection of Balinese artworks, paintings, wooden sculptures, artistic crafts, and other handmade peoducts. Being close to Denpasar and Kuta, it has significantly become one of the most famous and convenient shopping complexes in the region of Bali, Indonesia.

Once you have picked up your favourite Balinese art items, proceed to other mesmerising places situated nearby, like Zen Hideaway, Sanur Beach, and Pura Puseh. Zen Hideaway is a giant swing in ubud offering you an unforgettable sightseeing of Ayung River, amusing valleys, and tropical forests all around. While Sanur Beach is a peaceful and serene destination for one to lay back and relax themselves. As the sun meets the ocean, scenic seascapes at the white sand beach and turquoise waters are eye catching. You could also wander around Pura Puseh situated on the Indonesian Island. It is a popular religious site comprising adorning stone carvings and marvellous architecture. The wandering soul on an excursion to Bali would not miss out the opportunity to explore these attractions.

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It sure is no surprise that one could spot enormous amount of pilgrimage sites on the tropical land of Bali. Among them, some of the most wonderful places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November as provided below. Read all about them!

1. Zen Hideaway

Zen Hideaway


A must to-do-thing while in you are in Ubud. Take a swing of faith with a view of the ‘Ayung River’ over the deep valley and forests below you. It is a bit expensive but worth if you can afford it. The Zen Hideaway is located in a village named Bongkasa. The Zen Hideaway swing flies over a dense forest of palm trees. To book a swing you will have to inquire first and you will be provided with available date options. The swing session is only for 30 minutes independent of the number of people on your group, so divide the time in such a manner so that everyone gets the chance.

Location: Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Sanur Beach



A tree lined street and shady beachfront – located in the village of Denpasar in southeast Bali, Sanur Beach has for long kept itself away from the changes of morbid world. It houses some important must see places in Bali which have preserved the histories in its temples and museums.

Things to do: Go for kite flying; kayaking; wind and kite surfing; parasailing; fishing; and a glass bottom boat ride
Cant miss: Get up early and watch the sunrise by the beach; track starfishes while the tides are low (do keep them back where you found them)

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Pura Puseh

temple in bali

Comprising of a magnificent designing detail and stone carvings, Pura Puseh is one of the remarkable temples in Bali that will fill you with great awe. Renovated in 1992, this temple carries a unique essence and proof of its establishment in 1022 AD in its engraving. Displaying many Hindu deities and symbols of Hindu religion, this temple is something you cannot afford to miss on the island of temples.
Location: Desa Batuan, Sukawati, Indonesia
Timings: NA

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Now, you are all aware about the vibrant destination and astounding places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November. So, what are you pondering upon? Book a ticket to Bali in no time and get going to an enthralling trip with your top picked travel companions. Upon arrival, do not forget to share your unique travel experiences with us.

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Shopping In Latvia: 10 Best Places Where You’d Want To Splurge Happily

Modern day shopping in Latvia is centered around large shopping malls, which have shops, restaurants, and all the places of entertainment in one place.There are many market centers and shopping malls in Latvia, the biggest of them being in Riga. The bigger the city, the more is the number of shopping malls. The bigger shopping malls in Riga attract more number of shoppers and you can almost spend an entire day in these malls.

Many districts in Latvia lack shopping malls but they have large supermarkets and shops where you can go for shopping too. There are also many bazaars and marketplaces, where you can find many small scale businesses, stalls and kiosks. Also during festival season many makeshift markets are set up.

As much as shopping in Riga, Latvia will give you a luxury shopping experience, the other districts also offer many places for shopping. Here we have discussed the various shopping places in Latvia, where you can spend some dimes in. Read on to know more about these shopping places.

Whether you’re looking for clothes shopping in Latvia or natural goods and marketplaces, Latvia has it all. From high end fashion and design stores to farmer’s market you will find everything here. To offer the best of Latvia shopping experience to you, we have compiled a list of 10 best shopping places in Latvia that you can visit. Take a look.

1. Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is not only the largest marketplace in entire Europe, but it is also the best and most sophisticated one. Located in the heart of Riga, this bazaar provides a diverse shopping experience. The market is located in Old town area, along the banks of the Daugava River and adjacent to the Riga International Bus Terminal. The eye catching thing of this market are the architecturally imposing food pavilions. Here you can buy homemade Latvian delicacies and various exotic fruits. The Riga Central Market was registered under UNESCO World heritage site in 1998.

Location: Latgales priekspilseta, Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, Latvian food products.

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2. Galerija Centrs

Galerija Centrs

Galerija Centrs is a famous shopping mall in Riga. The shopping mall was built in 1938 and occupies almost an entire block in Vecriga neighborhood. This is the most sophisticated place for shopping in Riga and the place exudes an elegant ambience. There are many shops inside the shopping mall with very tasteful collection of fashion apparels. There is a total of 110 shops inside the mall including restaurants and entertainment centers. It is also one of the first shopping mall in the Baltic region to have a glass ceiling. Here in this shopping place you will find an assortment of world famous brands like Karen Millen, Marc O’Polo, Grant, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, Massimo Dutti, Nike, Pandora, H&M and many others.

Location: Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Fashion Apparels

3. Riga Plaza

Riga Plaza

Riga Plaza is a fashion and entertainment center in Riga city. You will find almost everything in this shopping plaza that will meet your fashion needs. From clothes to hair to spa service, Riga Plaza has it all. There is also a fantasy park in the mall, which is family-friendly. This modern entertainment center has a video game area, 12 bowling alleys, billiards tables along with a playground for children. Fantasy Park also organizes events like birthday parties, concerts, tournaments and conference etc.

Location: 71 Mukusalas Street, Riga, Latvia.

4. Stockmann


Stockmann shopping center is a four storied complex with clothing stores, restaurants and many other things. In the ground floor you will find all sorts of cosmetics and fashion accessories as well as footwear stores. There is also a cafe and a flower shop. In the 1st floor you will find men and youth clothing while the 2nd floor is dedicated to women and kids clothing.

Location: Janvara Iela 8, Latvia
What to buy: Clothes, Cosmetics, Fashion accessories and footwear.

5. Mols


Image Courtesy

Mols is another modern shopping center in Riga. The mall is located pretty close to the Riga City highway and is easily accessible. There is also a shuttle bus that runs from the city center, which can take you to the mall. Here, in Mols you will find many fashion clothings from populations brands like H&M and JYSK etc. This American styled mall has many European chains and a food outlet too.

Location: Krasta Iela 46, Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Clothes

6. Alfa mall

Alfa mall

Image Courtesy

This is another shopping center in Riga, Latvia. The Alfa mall was opened in 2001 and it was first in Riga to have a hypermarket and a Sportland store. There are 170 stores and 20 cafes inside the mall where you can shop and dine in. From clothing and footwear to home improvement goods you will find it all in Alfa shopping center. There is also a playground for children inside the shopping complex.

Location: Brivibas Street, Riga, Latvia.
What to buy: Clothing, footwear, home improvement.

7. Spice shopping mall

Spice shopping mall

Spice shopping mall is another huge shopping center in Latvia. There are 200 shops inside the shopping mall and there are also many places to have a meal in. The mall started in 2001 and originally had 80 shops, but has expanded quite a lot over the years. The entire Spice shopping center is made of two complexes, Spice and Spice Home and is one of the largest shopping attraction in Latvia.

Location: Lielirbes Street, Riga, Latvia.

8. Sky & More

Sky & More

Sky & More is a premium shopping center in Latvia and they are dedicated in providing their customers with the best shopping experience. From fashion to food, everything is available in Sky & More shopping center. In the ground floor of the mall, you’ll find everyday necessary items like grocery, pharmaceuticals, pet supplies, jewellery, dry cleaning, books and flowers. The first floor comprises of restaurants, salons and spas along with a fitness center. The best thing about the mall is that it is pet friendly and it also has a special dog station.

Location: Duntes Street, Riga, Latvia.

9. Kalnciema Street Quarter

Kalnciema Street Quarter

Kalnciema Street Market is one of the most popular market quarters in Latvia. Located in the Riga area, this beautiful open air market has the beautiful wooden backdrop of the restored Kalnciema Quarter. With many stalls, slow food restaurants and fine Italian wine, this market quarter is a must visit. Kalnciema market also organizes movie nights, concerts and many small festivals almost every week. If you want to buy some authentic Latvian souvenirs then hop by the Saturday pop up market.

Location: Zemgales, Riga, Latvia.

10. Berg Bazaars

Berg Bazaars

Bergs Bazaars is a historical shopping arcade in Latvia. The bazaar comprises of many boutique shops that sell fashion, designed by local Latvian designers, cosmetics and various fashion accessories. There are also many restaurants and dining places to enjoy a hearty meal. You can also head into one of the salons to enjoy a little pampering. You can also simply stroll along the bazaar streets and absorb the vibrancy that the place exudes.

Location: Centra Rajons, Riga, Latvia

Shopping in Latvia is a great experience, especially when the shopping centers are so unique and have so much to offer. Shopping in the capital city of Latvia is totally a whole other experience. With the shopping centers mentioned here, you can enjoy a nice shopping experience. So, make sure you plan your Europe trip with TravelTriangle right away and head out for a memorable holiday!

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4 Most Exciting Places To Visit Near Sundays Beach Club Bali In August

Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods” and appropriately so. It is an island in Indonesia that is full of natural marvels. Bali is home to many serene beaches, picturesque landscapes, lush green rice paddies and volcanic mountains. August is a very good time to visit Bali. It is one of the busiest months in Bali, so all the popular things to do and places to visit are easily available to tourists. One such popular place is Sundays Beach Club. You can also explore places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali in August.

Sundays Beach Club is a wonderful place for those who are fond of getting their adrenaline rushing. Adventure sports like snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, etc. are included in the entry fee to the beach club. Sundays has a very beautiful ambience. It boasts of a crystal clear lagoon and rock pools that are scattered all around. It is advised to arrive as early as possible to get the best spot on the beach because the beach club strictly follows the “first-come first-served” rule. The club opens everyday at 9 AM and closes at 10 PM. To spend the whole day at the club you have to pay the entry fees. The entry fees for adults is different than that for children. However, children below 6 years of age are allowed to enter without paying any entry fee.

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Though April, May, June and September are popularly considered to be the best months to visit Bali, August is also a very good time to visit Bali. As mentioned earlier, August is one of the busiest months in Bali. So, all the popular things to do and places to visit are easily available to tourists. Also, you can spend time at the beach under the sun most days because it does not rain often in August. You can participate in island activities that are rampant all over Bali in August because it is a summer month. August is a good time to visit Bali also because Hari Merdeka – the Indonesian independence day takes place on 17th August. With the whole island in red and white, great celebration takes place on this day. Many games are played and a parade is held.

While Sundays offers an excellent beach experience, it does not have any sightseeing options. If you wish to explore sightseeing options near Sundays, you can explore these places to visit near Sundays Beach Club in August.

1. Boneka Restaurant


Boneka is an Indonesian traditional puppet. The restaurant, located at the five star St.Regis Bali Hotel, is based on the design concept of the boneka, whose motif you will find repeated everywhere in the diner. Breakfast here is a buffet that includes tropical Indonesian fruits, sashimi as well as oysters. The Egg Nouvelle is a specialty here, which is basically a lobster stuffed with egg. The place is also quite well known for Bali Marys, Balis own little version of the Bloody Mary cocktail, which has put it in the heart of the Nusa Dua restaurants map.

Location: St Regis Bali Jalan Nusa Dua
Average Cost for two: INR 6000

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2. Trunyan


Located near Lake Batur, this village is right at the center of Bali at the Kintamani district which can only be accessed by a boat. The village is home to the Bali Anga, who have the most interesting funerary ritual. They dont burn their dead or bury it, rather the inhabitants of this village leave their dead out in the open to decompose naturally. They lay the body near the kemenyan (incense) trees, which neutralizes the smell.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Kuta Beachwalk


The newest addition to Kutas leisure spends is Kuta Beachwalk. It resembles a high-end shopping mall in Bali but with a unique design. The striking complex boasts of numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, brands and franchises and a parking facility for over 1000 vehicles. Stretched on 3.7 hectares of land, this place is perfect for best shopping in Bali for your complete family.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 10 am 10 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes. It has Play Zone, Water Play, The Amazing Walk and day care facilities to hold a childs interest. Also, Early Learning Centre, Gingersnaps and Playskool, among others, offer fine quality of imported toys and apparels.
Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta

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4. Jimbaran Fish Market

As mentioned before Jimbaran was once a fishing town, so, why not have a walk where the actual business happens and discover its true self-

The Jimbaran fish market is the biggest seafood market in Bali as its the place from where the vast majority of the fish in southern Bali is sourced from.

Arriving early here accompanies the additional perk of buying the best choice of fresh fish.

Tip: Arrive around sunset to watch the fishing pontoons dumping their treasures of mahi-mahi, red snapper, shellfish, squids, and heaps of other fish brought from the deep seas.

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Sundays Beach Club is a wonderful place to visit if you wish to spend a good day at the beach. Now you know that August is a very good time to visit Bali. You also know quite a lot about Sundays Beach Club and which places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali in August. So, plan a holiday to Bali next August and visit Sundays Beach Club to experience the beach life of Bali.

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