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Bandos Maldives Island: An Ultimate Guide For A Blissful Staycation

Maldives has been everyone’s dream destination and this is because it has such beautiful islands and places where you can make many memorable memories. There are many provinces and every province has a beauty of its own and is quiet distinguishable due to the different attributes of different islands. If you fall in love with beaches and eye-pleasing islands, then Bandos is a place you should visit. This Bandos Maldives Island is astounding and should not be missed if you love waking up to white sand beaches and endless blue water of ocean.

beautiful island

Bandos Island is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. The snowy white beaches compliment the lush green forests of this island. Irresistible beaches are one of the main attractions of this island. This land is a 180000sq km wide area where tourists can spend their time and walk around leisurely. North Male Atoll is the center location of Bandos and is a popular diving spot here and there are over 40 diving sites which makes this island a perfect place for divers.

It is a multi-lingual island and people are always happy to help tourists around. Turquoise lagoon, pearl white beaches, clean blue water and lush green forests is what makes this island an amazing one. Bandos also has a glamorous Bandos Convention Center that can accommodate around 400 people and is a great architectural and modern piece on this island.

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1. Big-game fishing

catching fishes

With a great expanse of sea around this island, fishing seems to be a normal activity here. Big-game fishing is recreational fishing game that fisherman play to entertain them. They play which big fishes like tuna and marlin are used and it is an offshore game fishing that fisherman enjoy. This is also known as blue-water fishing or offshore sport fishing.

2. Snorkeling

snorkeling in seawater

This is one water sport that tourists and local people seem to love on this island. As this island is surrounded by water on all the four sides, snorkeling is bound to be a popular water sport. So, make sure you indulge in this experience during your trip to this place.

3. Windsurfing

adventurous windsurfing

This is also a known sport that many people do here. People seem to enjoy such recreational activities as they are worth your time. Water sailing is another activity which visitors seem to enjoy as gives the ultimate thrill to satiate one’s adrenalish rush.

4. Catamaran sailing

catamaran sailing

This type of sailing is a multi-hulled watercraft. Two parallel hulls that are held by a deck. Bandos has catamaran sailing which is a recreational sport and most of them also have a trampoline on the boat.

5. Wakeboarding

wake boarding in Water

Water sports are a big thing on this spectacular island and wakeboarding is another sport which is quiet popular. Tourists love the numerous sports available here as many visitors love a good adventure.

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6. Parasailing

man on balloon

Some love a good outdoor sport and for such people parasailing is the best option here. Tennis is also another sport which is played on this island. Parasailing is also known as parascending or parakiting.

These are some things one can do on this island when they are done exploring and relaxing here. Many more activities that are offered by some resorts that will leave you exhausted by night but in a good way.

1. Bandos Maldives

Luxurious rooms

This hotel is 8.4km away from Male airport. Travelling to this place is quiet convenient and easy. People also guide you around if you get lost around this island. Luxurious rooms and this hotel is a popular one amongst all others. Villas and bungalows are also offered here and based on your budget and liking you can choose an appropriate option.

2. Kurumba Maldives

kurumba hotel in Maldives

2.9 km away from Male airport, this hotel is really easy to locate. They also have amazing views that will be great start of your morning and a wonderful end to your night.

3. Paradise Resort And Spa

room with all facilities

Male airport is just 10.1 km away. People seem to love this place and good reviews are heard about this hotel and its not even that expensive. Many more hotels are available here from which you can choose and select the best option according to your budget and preference. Most of the hotels are sea facing and give you a great view of this spectacular island.

This magnificent island has so much to offer and see. So, don’t wait and visit this paradise by planning your Maldives trip with TravelTriangle.

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Shopping In George: 10 Best Places To Shop Till You Drop

George is a very famous place in South Africa. If you are planning to go on a trip to South Africa then George must be visited. It is for sure that you will really be amazed by the awesome view and beautiful nature of George. Apart from this, if you have visited a place you will definitely want to shop for some items. So shopping in George will be a noble decision. There are numerous things that are sold here. Apart from this, there are many shops and stalls that are located in various corners of the city. It is always better to first roam around the market and then go for the best one from the list.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best places for shopping in George. It would really be nice to gather some relevant information about these things.

1. Outeniqua Farmers’ Market

Outeniqua Farmers' Market

It is a great place for early morning adventure and shopping for fresh foods and vegetables. The market covers about five-hectare area and is ideal for local foods. Most of the farmers bring local vegetables and fruits from the field and sell in this market. If you wish to taste something pure and fresh then this would be the right place. The price of the products are very reasonable and within the reach of common man. It has been seen that Georgetown shopping is really a unique experience.

Location: George 6530, South Africa
What to buy: You can easily get a wide variety of things commencing from berries to bread and vegetables. All the products are genuine and pure.

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2. Garden Route Mall

Garden Route Mall

This mall has a good variety of shops and ATMs too. You can shop for various types of items. Apart from shopping, you will also like to taste a wide variety of coffees and types of foods. The mall also provides good parking facilities for its visitors. There are many open spaces within the mall. The washrooms are very clean and well maintained. Georgetown DC shopping will be really an amazing experience.

Location: 72 Knysna Road | Intersection of N2 and Knysna Road, George 6529, South Africa
What to buy: Apart from buying apparels, people can also buy various types of home decors.

3. Cape Palette Art Gallery

Cape Palette Art Gallery

It is a perfect place for buying all types of paintings. The store was formed in 2002 and it has a good collection of items that can enhance and increase the beauty of your house to a great extent. The shop also provides good parking facilities for the visitors. The store also conducts various types of exhibitions on a regular basis.

Location: 34 Airway Road | Heatherpark, George 6529, South Africa
What to buy: You can get various types of beautiful paintings in this store at a relatively reasonable price.

4. The Fudgemaster

The Fudgemaster

This is a great place where one can get and purchase various types of tasty fudges. They are also a pioneer in catering. Most of the products are preservatives and gluten-free so they are safe for consumption. The price of the items is very nominal. The store has also received many awards for their extraordinary products.

Location: Knysna Road | Garden Route Mall, George 6529, South Africa
What to buy: You can buy a wide variety of sweet dishes. They are so tasty that you will never forget the taste.

5. Wonki Ware

Wonki Ware In George

If you have a great passion to decorate your house with handcrafted pottery works, then this place is the ideal one. All the items are made and manufactured on the spot. So no need to worry about the quality and other related things. Each of the items is very unique a one will not match with the other.

Location: 42 York Street, George 6529, South Africa
What to buy: If you wish and dream to decorate the house with wonderful items, then this place is the best one. All handcrafted items are available here.

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6. Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre

Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre

It is a lovely place for shopping in open air. You will really enjoy a lot while shopping at this place. There are ample shops inside this mall and the items are mainly used in daily life. There are ample parking facilities for the visitors. So no need to worry about parking vehicles. The ambiance is very nice.

Location: Knysna Road, George 6529, South Africa
What to buy: Apart from getting daily items, you can also get various types of household items in this store.

7. Arms Tackle & Outdoor World C C

Arms Tackle & Outdoor World C C

It would really be a great experience to shop in this type of stores. The stores have a good stock of various items. You will really love shopping at these centers. Apart from this, the prices of the items are relatively low in comparison to other places.

Location: Shop 10 -12, Redefine Boulevard, George, 6529, York St, George, 6530, South Africa
What to buy: You can easily shop for various type of fishing items at a much-discounted rate.

8. Meyer Von Wielligh Furniture

Meyer Von Wielligh Furniture

It is a great furniture house where you can get various types of furnitures with unique types of designs. The quality of the furniture is of top quality. The designs too are very nice. You will really feel nice to shop the items. All the furniture’s are made of pure wood.

Location: South Africa, 9 Diamant St, George, 6536, South Africa
What to buy: You can buy any type of wooden furniture at a very good price. The quality will be very nice and the shop is very reliable.

9. Sports Center George

Sports Center George

This is the place where you can various types of sports item. Each of the items is very nicely made and good fabrics are used for stitching sports garments. In fact, this is the right place for buying sports items. They are also a wholesale manufacturer.

Location: 94 York St, George Central, George, 6530, South Africa
What to buy: If you are wondering to buy any type of sports item then this is the right place indeed.

10. Golfers Club

Sports playing in ground

Most of the golf items are available at this shop. The products are all of high quality. Any type of item that is not available in any place is easily found in this shop. The service of the shop is very nice and can be appreciated.

Location: 43 York St, Dormehls Drift, George, 6529, South Africa
What to buy: Any type of golf item is available in this shop and above all the price of the item is very reliable. The shop remains open throughout the week.

George is really a matter of great fun. You will really enjoy a lot while shopping at this place because, besides shopping, you can taste various types of food items. There are many people who usually visit George for shopping for various types of items. You can start shopping from early morning by buying fresh vegetables and then other household items. Most of the shopping places are located in good positions. This is really a great advantage for the visitors. So, plan a trip to South Africa and shop till you drop!

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4 Marvellous Places To Visit Near Taman Tirtagangga Bali With Family

Bali is the abode of the saints found in the wishlist of almost every backpacker out there. While wishing to wander all across the celestial city, one of the most loved destinations by trotters is Taman Tirtagangga. If you are adorning the water palace, do look upon other places to visit near Taman Tirtagangga Bali with family, friends or life partner.

Being one of the major tourist attractions, Taman Tirta Gangga is an astounding royal water palace owned by Karangasem Royal. The cultural pilgrimate site is marvellously contructed in the town of Karangasem with due respect to Hindu Balinese. As derived from the name itself, ‘Tirta Gangga’ is a paradise where ‘Water falls from the Gangas’. It sure is a complex comprising of eleven tired fountain and pools, well surrounded by tropical forests. The royal property also abodes adorning statues, lush green forest, and stepping stones attracting travellers worldwide. In the recent years, it is witnessed to be visited by people all over the world in large numbers.

Once you are done exploring the beautiful destination, get going to other exciting places to visit near Taman Tirtagangga, like Amed Beach, Tenganan, Mount and Lake Batur, and Ujung Water Place. Ujung Water Palace is a splendid place situated on the peak of Mount Agung where kings used to live. If you fell in love with Taman Tirtagangga, then it will surely steal your heart away.Tenganan comprises unique villages and architecxtures showcasing Bali Aga in the most beautiful way possible. Amed Beach is an underwater playground largely visited by the adventure enthusiasts for snorkelling. Mount Batur is known to offer dramatic landscapes of the celestial city from the peak.The Lake is also renowned to fill a large portion of volcanic caldera, fascinating all.

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As known, there are plenty of enthrailling places for one to explore on the tropical land of Bali. Some of the most amusing places to visit near Taman Tirtaganggs Bali with famliy are covered below. Check them out!

1. Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water Palace


Once where the kings of Bali lived, this is a beautiful piece of architecture that you can enjoy on clear days in October. The palace is surrounded by infinite water pools and features the iconic peak Mount Agung from the rooftop. The continuous hide-and-seek game the peak plays with clouds gives the place a Disneyland style magical feeling.

Location: Kabupaten Karangasem
Entry Fees: INR 160
Timings: 7 AM – 7 PM
Best Known: Infinite Water Pools

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2. Mount And Lake Batur



Also known as Kintamani volcano, Mount Batur is one of the most dramatic landscape for sightseeing in Bali. With the magnificent view of its a 13 sq km caldera and a beautiful lake which fills the large part of the caldera, it offers a fantastic spectacle to a visitor.

Things to do: Visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur; linger around the craters on the mountain; swim in the hot springs; ride a bike through the ancient villages
Cant miss: Trek to the peak before sunrise, soak yourself in the beautiful sunrise and have a breakfast of the eggs boiled in the volcano

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Tenganan

first known as Bali Aga


Tenganan was first known as Bali Aga, the culture that still holds to the original traditions, ceremonies, and rules of ancient Balinese. Tenganan has unique village layout and architecture. Houses in Tenganan are built on either side of the north to the south concourse with doors opening on to it. The entrances of the houses are narrow allowing one person to enter or leave at one time.

The main attraction of Tenganan is the cultural ceremonies performed by the residents. This village has unique practices and traditional rule called awig – awig, under which polygamy and divorce are banned. They weave their own fabric called Kalin- gringsing and make beautiful leaf art. One should visit the village in the months of June and July for Mekare- Kare and Perang Pandan, which are two of the most well-known ceremonies.

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4. Amed Beach

Amazing Amed Beach


Boasting of an underwaterplayground, Amed Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling that offers adventure enthusiasts exciting opportunities for snorkeling and diving. It now dominates every divers bucket list because of the beautiful underwater trove that was unveiled beneath the turquoise blue waters of the beach. The vibrant marine life and the historical shipwreck perched majestically on Ameds seabed make it the best site for diving in Bali. Amed Beach owes its distinct Balinese essence to the seven different seaside fishing villages (and their colorful boats!) lining the coastline, namely Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning, and Aas. With myriad attractions both under and over the water, this erstwhile salt farm beguiles all photographers.

USP: Shipwreck Diving
Location: Karangasem, East Bali
Restaurants near Amed Beach: Warung Sabar, Bukit Segara, traditional roadside warung stalls
Nightlife near Amed Beach: Reef N Bar, BARracuda
TripAdvisor Reviews | TripAdvisor Rating: 4

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Are you excited enough? If yes, then plan a holiday in Bali and get headed to the most fun and frolic trip of your lifetime. While you are exploring the promised land, check out for these places to visit near Taman Tirtagangga Bali with family.

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10 Best Places Every Shopper Must Visit To Experience The Best Of Shopping In Moldova

Every trip should be a memorable one and the factor that creates a beautiful memory depending on various factors which will attract the tourists. Moldova is a beautiful European country which is surrounded by lovely cities like Romania, and Chisinau. Moldova is very well known for its red vineyards, natural’s forts and also for the best shopping in Moldova. With all these well-known spots how to make your tour the best one. Moldova is famous for wine production and a trip to Moldova gives you a fair reason and opportunity to taste the newly brewed wine. Moldova is also very famous for shopping. Ever interested in shopping within your budget? Moldova is the right place for shopping within a budget.

The streets of Moldova are filled with antique things and many more products which will let you satiate your shopper craving. And if you’re looking for the best places around then make sure to visit these 10 best shopping places in Moldova.

1. Piata Central

Piata Central

Piata Centrala is located in the capital city, Chisinau. This place is a wholesale open market where you can buy anything from fresh fruits to the latest electronics. The streets of this place are divided into multiple categories depending on the products. This place is very well known for fresh fruits and special varieties of cheese.

Location: Bulevard Bd Stefan Cel mare si sfint, Chisinau.
What to buy: Fresh fruits, cheese, and electronics.

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2. Andrei Mudrea

Andrei Mudrea

Andrei Mudrea is one of the best places to visit in Moldova if you are interested in modern art. This place is very well known for the collection of original and unique artworks. Though this place is filled with classic and unique artwork it stays hidden from the minh city. Every piece of art in this gallery requires a creative mind to reveal the perception of the creators. This place also has a section which includes artworks designed from daily usage products and recycled material.

Location: Chisinau,Moldova
What to buy: Modern art unique creations from junk, wall paintings.

3. Greenmarket center

Greenmarket center

Greenmarket center is a huge market which offers edible items from fresh fruits to fresh fish and so on. There are different sections for fruits and vegetables, fish and cheese and also non-season and imported products. The best thing about this whole market is that you can taste any item you would like to buy. This place offers the best quality food at a minimal price without any compromise in the quantity also. This is one of the best local markets in the country where you can buy fresh farm harvested fruits, vegetables, and nuts for the cheaper price.

Location: Tiraspol, Moldova.
What to buy: Dry fruits and nuts, eggs, homemade cheese, homemade butter, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, hot pastries and so on.

4. Bucuria


Are you candy level? We have the best place in the city who produce candy of all varieties. Bucuria is an authentic Moldovan chocolate and confectionary shop. They have various varieties of chocolates, biscuits, candy, marshmallows and so on. This company is in the business from 1946 and they are the best in chocolate industries. You can taste the best and authentic Moldovan chocolates and pastries as much as you can in five minutes. This place is an ancient yet authentic candy shop in the center of the city.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Homemade chocolate, homemade confectionaries, and marshmallows.

5. Istanbul Bazaar

Istanbul Bazaar

A trip ends with a gift to your loved ones. A trip to Moldova is always made the best with the gifts and ornaments which can be purchased from the unique creators in Istanbul Bazaar. This bazaar has a different section for every item from the experienced and talented creator. You can find carpet merchants clothing, antique, and shoes. This place enables you to experience the cultural importance of this place by providing traditional and cultural clothing and antiques. You can also buy Turkish groceries, spices, nuts and many more from this market. This market is a very well known place for gift articles.

Location:Chisinau, Moldova.
What to buy: Turkish groceries, Turkish delight, Turkish spices, antiques, antique jewelry, carpets and many more.

6. Cahul central market

Cahul central market

This place is the center of shopping avenues in Moldova. Every shopping center can be easily accessed from this center market. This place contains many open market and open shops. This place is famous for the open fish market where you can find almost every variety of seafood which is fresh and cheap.

Location: Cahul, Moldova.
What to buy: Sea foods, candy and so on.

7. Mihai Eminescu Street

Mihai Eminescu Street

This Street is one of the best shopping streets in Moldova as it is a collection of every branded item in the city. Here you can find various choices of fashion from Hugo Boss, Zara, and Benetton to any brand you wish to buy.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova.
What to buy: Fashion clothing, accessories and so on.

8. Chisinau Art Square

Chisinau Art Square

Chisinau Square is filled with multiple stalls selling traditional and cultural items like hand-woven blankets, carpets, embroidered boots carvings rugs and blanket.This is the first opened market in Moldova and is one of the famous shopping places in Moldova.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Handmade rugs, blankets, carpets, and textiles.

9. Fantezie


Fantezie has the name described is the best place to buy souvenirs to help you with your fantasy throughout the trip. You can buy famous maps to help you with your trip, standard mugs, and magnets traditional shirts and dolls.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: traditional mugs, maps, and souvenirs.

10. Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Last but not least, Carpe Diem is the best place to taste the authentic Moldovan wine direct from the cellar. This place is famous for the small winery products and also is the best-suited place for the night owls who love to get boozed and party at nights. This place allows the visitor to taste the best wines in the city which makes it even more special.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Best wines direct from the cellar

The above are some of the best places famous for shopping in Moldova and there are many more places in the city special for many products. This city is filled with streets where you can buy almost any product and as the country’s currency value is less in the market, you can buy multiple times the regular quantity than usual. This list of famous shopping places in Moldova will help you to enhance your visit to Moldova and thus will make your trip special with the list of all items you can get from different cities of Moldova at a cheaper price with the best quality. Choose Moldova for a trip to Europe , utilize the trip maximum for shopping and make it the best experience!

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6 Cottages in Maldives To Savor The Luxury Of The Paradise

Holiday plans may seem impossible to come true as for the expenses for travelling and for the stay. But one such place with low cost of staying and a best place for tourism and to spend your holidays will definitely be Maldives. Maldives being a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, which are surrounded with more than 1,000 coral islands, it’s known for its beaches, busy fish market, restaurants and shops. This is one of the most inexpensive tourist places to visit.

Surrounded by the blue ocean, and a variety of cuisines to try, Maldives has to be on the top your travel list. Staying at these places would make you rethink about your budget, but here are top 6 cottages in Maldives mentioned for your stay. These are inexpensive and are for reasonable rates.

1. Island Cottage Maldives

beautiful bond of nature and cottage

The Island Cottage lies on a local island. Staying here, one can see the real Maldives culture and Island life living among the locals. Their aim, according to their website, is to provide affordable holiday packages for budget travelers and let them experience all the luxuries of the tropical paradise.

It is a 3-star hotel. There are a lot of activities to try while your stay here which includes fishing, dolphin watching, scuba diving, surfing, resort excursion, sandbank excursion, wake-boarding, etc. Most of the visitors reviews are to compliment the hospitality at the Island cottage.

Location:-Landscape, K. Maafushi, Rep. of Maldives.
Google rating: 4.8/5

2. Holiday Cottage Thoddoo

hut type cottage

The Holiday Cottage thoddoo is located in the beautiful and scenic Ari Atoll Thoddoo Island. Tourists with minimum budget can stay at this guest house for tourists to relax and relish under the glorious sunlight of the Maldives. Holiday Cottage provides endless varieties of activities and entertainment that allows you to experience the culture of Maldives.

Things to do at your stay here are snorkeling, fishing trip, sandbank tour, diving, candle light dinner, etc. They do offer a variety of packages during the year. Holiday cottage is ideal guesthouse for the tourists who wish to spend their holidays at a peaceful, beautiful and adventurous environment.

Location:-Fini Roalhi, Thoddoo, Maldives
Google rating: 4.8/5

3. Oliva Palm Cottages

green trees in the cottage

Olivia Palm Cottages is on the beach. There are a number of beaches around this cottage. Dhigurah beach, Vakarufalhi beach, Dhangethi beach and Dhidhoofinolhu Marina are very close by. The amenities listed in their website are 5 guestrooms, terrace, 24-hour front desk, Air-conditioning, garden and laundry services. They also provide free continental breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Location:-Dhigurah, Maldives
Google rating: 5/5

4. Ocean Cottage

sea facing cottage

Ocean Cottage is located in Thulusdhoo. They also promise to provide 24-hour front desk, Air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The best part of this cottage is that they do allow pets. For anyone who wants to travel with your pets, there is a solution for your stay. There are fun activities to do like fishing, diving, canoeing, snorkeling, and other water sport facilities available on site.

This is very close to the Coke Surf point which caters for the surfers. There are shops in 2 meters and a bikini beach in less than a 5 min walk. It is located few kilometers away from the international airport.

Location:-Bodhumagu, Thulusdhoo, Maldives
Google rating: 4.9/5

5. Coco Cottage

beautiful cottage

Staying at Coco cottage, guests may choose to explore the island surrounding. It is located within 40 km from Male International Airport. Like the above resorts, even Coco Cottage provides 24-hour front desk, Air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi. According to one of the visitors review, the prices were reasonable and were worth for the services being provided.

Another visitor says, Very nice, clean and quiet guest-house, tucked away between palm trees right next to the little harbor. The view from the balcony/sun terrace is really awesome. The rooms are large and have air conditioning. Free Wi-Fi is available through the whole guest house and little supermarkets are just around the corner.

Location:-Bodu Magu, Guraidhoo, Maldives
Google rating: 5/5

6. Sheraton Maldives

luxurious cottage

The rooms at Sheraton Maldives provides air conditioning, electrical adapters, play yard, individual climate control, mini fridge, bathroom amenities, bathtub with spray jets, hair dryer, mini bar, color TV, CD player, cable channel, and table and chairs. It has 2 floors with 151 rooms and 25 suits. Room services are available for 24-hours. Local attractions here are dolphin cruise, fishing, flyboard, wave surf, catamaran sailing, etc. Key amenities available are Airport shuttle, full service spa, fitness center and pool.

Location:-Furanafushi Island, North Male Atoll, Maldives
Google rating: 4.6/5

The tropical islands give a romantic feel, seclusion, and an opportunity to view nature’s exceptional spectacle. A holiday with family or friends in Maldives is the best way to explore the culture, food, and lifestyle of the country in the most appropriate way. Book Maldives package with Travel Triangle today!

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Super Exciting Things To Do On A Budget Honeymoon In Maldives In 2109

The wanderlust in us and love for the sapphire emerald waters and the drag towards being amidst the scenic wonder made us choose the Maldives as our honeymoon destination. The calm blue green waters bring out the relaxing and amorous vibe around us. We were always drawn to the aquatic world and a rendezvous with marine life was what drove us into the heart of the Maldives. So we decided to plan a budget honeymoon in Maldives and make our wish come true.

We landed at Male International Airport from where our accommodation, Sun Island Resort was 107 Km away. People can opt for seaplane which we did which is a 30 min flight to Nalaguraidhoo Island. From this island, we had a speed boat which took us to Sun Island resort. After checking into our room and getting refreshed we headed out to explore the island. We ate some delicious fish and chips at the beach cafe and enjoyed DJ music in the evening. Following are the amazing things we did on our holiday.

1. Crab Race

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

We got up to a spectacular Beach sunrise view and had a wonderful satiating breakfast. We explored the water sport activities like SUP, jet Skiing, the sofa float and spotted baby sharks, stingrays and other marine life in the waters. We also registered for the crab race to be held in the evening where baby crabs selected by you were to compete in a race. Evening we played snooker, badminton, relaxed in the jacuzzi. Which prepared us for a fun evening for some live performances of belly dancing and fire show display along with a live band who brought about a romantic atmosphere. Alas, we did not win the crab race, but it was quite entertaining.

2. Fishing

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

We relaxed along the shoreline after a heavy breakfast and signed up for fishing in the evening. We had expert instructors who taught us how to hold the fishing rods and insert the bait. Fishing in the middle of the ocean was fun and we were determined to catch some fish. We enjoyed waiting for the fish to bite into the bait. Finally, our patience was rewarded, and we caught the red snapper and few Blackfish (do not recollect the name). We were given the option to cook the catch from fishing. The fish was salted and grilled and given to us with fresh lime and we relished it along with the widespread of the buffet dinner.

3. Dolphin Expedition

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

It was a treat to witness the Stingray feeding in the morning. We explored the island a bit more and wandered across the beach where we could see some cranes flying across the waters, went swimming in the pool. We had signed up for the dolphin expedition and headed off in the evening taking the boat ride where we were offered refreshments while awaiting the dolphin sighting. We were amazed to spot 8 or more so dolphins swimming and gliding across the ocean with the backdrop of the sunset. We were so fascinated with the dolphin movements it was a treasured moment to watch them.

4. Scuba Diving

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

Nancy's Maldives Budget Honeymoon

We shifted to the water bungalow which awed us with the beautiful view of the ocean. From the water bungalow, there is a provision where you can directly go for a swim in the lagoon. An exciting proposition was the booking of scuba diving. We were assigned an instructor who taught us breathing techniques underwater and signs language to signal our comfort level underwater. Being skeptical at first but the instructor who was an expert diver put us at ease. The scuba cylinder weighs like 5kgs which is a backload but when you enter the water it feels lightweight. we dive a few feet into the water which each level deeper we went our confidence grew. Finally, we were amidst the fish and the coral reefs inside the water, we clicked a few pictures here and it was a lifetime experience which is not describable in words but I tried nevertheless.

Next day we bid Adios to Sun Island Resort boarding the speed boat where the staff stood with placards waving goodbye to us. We returned by flight to Male and from there via Sri Lanka back to Mumbai taking with us beautiful memories which we will treasure for a lifetime.

During the day the average temperature was 27 degrees Celsius. It was warm and sunny, and you can get a good tan during the day. The evenings were a few degrees cooler and the warm sea breeze gives you good company thought your stay.

Sun Island spans across about 1.6Km and has a range and variety of elegantly furnished guestrooms. They have Standard Beach Bungalows, Superior beach bungalows which are built on the beach ensuring the direct view of the shore and the sea. The Sunset Villas overlook the vast horizon of sunrise or sunset view. The Water Bungalows are built on stilts in the lagoon overlooking the entire sea in the midst of crystal clear water and the marine life accompanying it. Within the Island, they have Buggy or cycles which you can use to explore the place. Staff is very cooperative and around the Island, you will see the gardeners pruning the bushes, cleaners, buggies to take your luggage around, rooms are well kept staffed with required toiletries having well-maintained hygiene. You can have rendezvous with Stingrays, sharks while they feed them at their respective feeding points. The Island offers various sport activities like volleyball, badminton, snooker, volleyball, they have a gym set up, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, SUP, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and also a Spa setup etc

  • It is economical to take your resort’s meal package that includes alcohol, rather than buying it from anywhere else. (If you want to drink)
  • Always carry sunscreen to avoid tanning
  • Weather is warm and sunny during January so carry summer wear.
  • Pack light – travel light.

The Travel triangle team did an amazing job in replying spontaneously to all our queries and selected some good agents for us.

Q. What should I expect as a food experience in the Maldives?

We being foodies relished the spread of food provided by the Sun Island resort. They had a mix of Indian, European and Asian cuisines. The mild subtle flavorsome crab soup is a must recommended dish to try. We also enjoyed the appetizing fish and chips at the beach café. The buffet breakfast had a huge spread of cold cuts, bread, Indian breakfast, fresh juices, and fruits. Dinner Buffet tingles your taste buds with varied flavors taking your palette on a joyride. The live counters of pasta, fried fish, noodles just added to the wonderful dining experience. The deserts satiated our sweet tooth cravings.

Q. What is there to shop in the Maldives?

Within the Island, there were shopping outlets where you could buy memoirs of Maldives.
Splendid artistic paintings resembling the sunrise and sunset across the horizon, dolphins swimming in the ocean besides other handicrafts, magnets, scarfs, swimwear, shell crafted items, etc. you can choose from. We would recommend the hand-painted souvenirs.

So, now you know that a honeymoon tour is absolutely possible on a budget. If Ashley’s Budget Honeymoon In Maldives has inspired you, it is time to book your own. Plan a honeymoon in the Maldives for a fun-filled and romantic time amidst the white sand beaches and azure water.

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10 Picturesque Miami National Parks Every Nature Lover Must Visit!

There are some beautiful national parks in Miami city which gives you some astonishing views of nature and wildlife. Far from the noises and of buses and vehicles in the city, these Miami National parks are the best medium to relax your body and mind. The beautiful green trees of the forests, small lakes and the animals roaming around in their natural habitat surely gives you solace.

If you have come to Miami for a vacation or even for a business trip, take out some time to make sure you are visiting if not all, at least one of the Miami National Parks from the list below and you will undoubtedly have a memorable experience.

1. Everglades National park

most famous national parks in Florida

This is one of the most famous national parks in Florida and records more than one million visitors every year. Although you can visit Everglades on every season of the year tourists visit the park mostly in Dry season i.e. from December to March. If you want the park all to yourself, make sure to visit the park in Summers. You can experience a good view of the wildlife as well including alligators, birds, and turtles.

Location: 26700 SW 8 St, Miami, FL 33194
Timings: 24 hours
Entry Fees: $25 for private vehicle and $20 for motorcycles
Best time to visit: December to April

2. Dry Tortugas National park

View Of Dry Tortugas National park

Dry Tortugas National park is a beautiful 7 island park spread at 100 sq. a mile in the remote waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This park is open around the year and is accessible only through a seaplane or boat so it is always advisable to plan your trip in advance. Dry Tortugas is surrounded by coral reefs, a wide variety of marine life, beautiful birds and cerulean seas which makes it one of the best national parks near Miami. Many visitors come here and have the best camping experience of their lives. It also famous for the historic Fort Jefferson.

Location: Key West, Florida USA
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Entry Fees: $180 for adults, $145 for children (4 to 6 years),$170 for students with ID, active military and seniors (above 62)
Best time to visit: Late April to Early June

3. Biscayne National Park

best Marine experiences

Biscayne National park gives you one of the best Marine experiences you will ever have. An “Oceanic Garden of Eden” is filled with crystal clear water, mesmerizing islands, and beautiful coral reefs. It is spread in the huge area of 173,000 acres and is the longest stretch of Mangrove forest in Florida’s east coast. The center of attraction of this place which attracts tourists every year is snorkeling, diving, and boating which gives the tourists some beautiful memories to cherish all their lives.

Location: South Florida, USA
Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Entry Fees: No entrance fees
Best time to visit: Mid-December to Mid-April

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4. Big Cypress National Preserve

a humid and dense land

Located near the Everglades, Big Cypress National park is a humid and dense land with vegetation and water all around. Big Cypress is home to a huge concentration of different varieties of birds and species. The park gives you a mesmerizing experience of wildlife surrounded by dense forests. The Big Cypress is spread across 1100 square miles and is a different world altogether which binds you with its natural beauty and treasures. There are various campfire programs organized to educate you more about this Miami national park.

Location: Big Cypress, FL 34141, USA
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Daily)
Entry Fees: $100 for vehicle (annual permit)
Best time to visit: May to October

5. Canaveral National Seashore

Canaveral National Seashore

Canaveral National Seashore is spread across a barrier island east of Orlando and its beautiful 24-mile beach is probably the longest stretch of sand in east Florida and is a natural habitat for the nesting sea turtles. The beautiful lagoon is perfect for swimming and fishing and surely make your overall experience better. Not only the place is filled with marine life, but it is also a natural habitat of more than 310 beautiful bird species including the rare wood storks and the reddish egret.

Location: S Washington Ave, Titusville, FL 32796, USA
Timings: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Daily)
Entry Fees: $40 for vehicles (annual permit) $3 for for foot and bicycle (per day)
Best time to visit: October to April

6. Glacier National Park

Glacier View

This national park is overwhelming in all the aspects. The number the size and capacity to inspire wonders everything is good. It is 1584 square miles. Mountain range is over 130 lakhs and 26 glaciers. Glacier is the paradise for the adventure seekers. Explore the Glacier national park and discover whatever you can. You can do endless shopping, dining, and lively nightlife. This national park is the crown of the continent.

Location: Montana, USA
Timings: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Entry Fees: $35 per vehicle and $30 per motorcycle
Best time to visit: September to October, November to April, May to June, and July to August

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7. Great Smoky National Park

wildlife views

This place is known for its diversity of animal and plant life. The beauty of its mountains makes its different from others. This park preserves the rich cultural tapestry of Southern Appalachian. You will find black bears here whose behavior is totally unpredictable you can also see wildlife views and historic churches. Blooming flowers can be seen all over the year and above all the cool spray of the waterfall will give you the feeling of paradise. Roads are often closed due to flood, tornadoes, winter storms, etc so just keep in mind before planning a trip here.

Location: Great Smoky Mountains National Park 107, Park Headquarters Road Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Timings: 24 hours
Entry Fees: $20 per person
Best time to visit: June, July, and August

8. Margaret Pace Park

Margaret Pace Park View

It is a park located in Miami Florida, U.S.A, it has land space of 8 acres. This park is located in Biscayne Bay and has a tennis court and fitness equipments as well. It also has women’s club building which is located at the south side of the park. For tennis lessons, this is the best place as they have both tennis lessons for adults and private. Most of the time the court is busy but it is busier at the time of weekends, in the morning and evening times the tennis court is over occupied.

Location: Miami, FL 33132, USA.
Timings: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Entry Fees: $2 standard fee. Other activities may need additional fees

9. Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

oldest flora and fauna

This park is just a few miles away from Miami’s downtown financial center. You will find here sports facilities, retails, dining and educational institution. This comes under top 10 tourist destination. This includes open green space and nature trails, museum facilities which can be enjoyed by the public. This preserves the unique plants and endangered species, also gives testament to some of the oldest flora and fauna.

Location: 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Miami, FL 33149.
Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Entry Fees: $ 6per vehicle (on weekdays) and $8 on weekends

10. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

This national park has been named after Maurice Gibb who was the member of 7 times Grammy award-winning musical group. One of the major attractions of this park is the waterfront view which looks amazingly beautiful. You can sit on the bench and watch the mega Yachts sail by which will be an unforgettable experience. The park has few paths, a picnic table and a playground. The park is not so big but big enough to make your day memorable and enjoyable.

Location: 18th St & Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Timings: 24 hours
Best time to visit: Mar to Aug

So, whenever you need to take a break from the daily hectic routine head towards the national parks and get the perfect dose of history and nature. Book your tickets for Miami and plan a vacation with TravelTriangle right away and spend a relaxing time watching these wonderful parks.

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Maldives In April: A Guide To Help You Have The Most Blissful Beach Vacation In 2019

The pristine shores of Maldives look even more paradisiacal when the sun makes them sparkle with its glaze during April. This is exactly when you can capture that perfect silhouette or sunbathe for some real mind therapy like you always dreamed of. Not just this, but you can even have the best experience of diving in Maldives in April.

But if all your mind questions you is why you must take a trip to the Maldives in April, hang on, because we’ve got it covered!

view of a swing hanging from palm tree in maldives

Maldives in April weather is just splendid. Considered to be one of the best months for visiting the Maldives, April blesses the island with magical weather, making it sunny enough for enjoying beach activities during the day and cool enough to spend one’s evenings out under the stars. The temperature ranges from 31 degrees to 27 degrees on an average. The Maldives in April end and the following month sees a similar temperature.

beautiful Island

A trip to the Maldives should neither be too long nor too short. If you’re planning to soak up the wonders of the Maldives in April 2019, a trip for 4 to 5 days will suffice. However, if you wish to experience the serenade of serenity that environs the gorgeous islands of Maldives, then feel free to plan a trip for more than a week because a blissful escape never harms anyone.

Maldives Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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The Maldives temperature in April is quite favorable and therefore it is a good time to visit. Listed below are a few places to visit here.

1. Male

aerial view of male city

One of the liveliest places in the Maldives, Male boasts a moderate temperature. Male is the capital of Maldives and mostly known for its grand mosques and colorful buildings. With places like the Grand Friday Mosque, Males National Museum, and Tsunami Monument, there is a lot of unique things to see here. Not just this, but you can also be indulged in experiences like scuba diving, underwater scooter ride, and snorkeling here. Another thing you can enjoy here is fresh seafood.

2. Kudadoo Island

view of private luxury island in maldives

Boasting breathtaking beaches, utmost privacy, and a plethora of water adventures, Kudadoo Island is the best place to be. You can stay at an all-inclusive luxury resort like the Kudadoo Maldives and experience the serenade of serenity in your private overwater ocean suite. If you are planning Maldives travel in April, you have got to put this private Maldives island on your list.

3. Sun Island

popular sun island in maldives

Another great place to visit in Maldives during April is the gorgeous Sun Island, which is also known as Nalaguraidhoo Island. Situated in the South Ari Atoll, this island is adorned with some beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and exclusive resorts. If basking and relaxing in the lap of nature is all you want, then this place deserves to be on the top of your Maldives itinerary. Spend your holiday in Maldives in April on this island to have a real tropical experience.

The Maldives in April offers a favorable climate to enjoy the experiences the place has to offer. Read on, to know about the various things to do in Maldives in April.

The Maldives in April offers a favorable climate to enjoy the experiences the place has to offer. Read on, to know about the various things to do in Maldives in April.

1. Diving – Experience The Underwater Thrill

diver in maldives water

Diving and witnessing the gorgeous coral reefs is one of the top things to do during the month of April as the reefs are at their best at that time. While there are a number of places to have a kick-ass diving experience, Banana Reef, the first diving site situated in North Male Atoll is where you must head.

Planning your holiday in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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2. Beaches – Soak Up Some Sunshine

view of a beautiful beach in maldives

The pristine beaches in Maldives await you with tonnes of surprises. But the least you must do during your trip in April is soak up the soothing sunshine and finish reading that last book youve been procrastinating for so long. Besides, you can enjoy a stroll, take a dip in the waters, or build a sand castle of your own.

3. Snorkeling – Witness The Breathtaking Reefs

snorkeler in maldives

If going underwater is something that triggers a phobia, snorkeling is an alternative experience for you to consider. Floating on the surface of the water with your eyes peeping at the bottom of the sea will let you witness the beauty of both the reefs and marine life like never before. It indeed is a soul-satisfying experience and theres no doubt about it.

things to pack for maldives in april

Since the weather is sunny during the day and a bit cool in the evening, here’s all you got to take for enjoying the most during your Maldives’ holidays in April.

  • A sun hat and wayfarers
  • Summer outfits
  • Flip flops and comfy shoes
  • Beachwear
  • A good quality camera
  • Essentials like medicines, suncream, and more
  • An umbrella or raincoat

Visiting Maldives in April holidays is no less than making a fortune and you’d only believe this once you experience it. So, don’t keep yourself hanging. Buck up and plan your trip to Maldives with TravelTriangle right away. There’s a lot awaiting you out there!

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9 Places For Shopping In Slovenia That Will Add Glitter To Your Wardrobe

Regarded as ‘the ideal place for living’ this relatively small country, Slovenia, makes the warmest and most friendly impression on its visitors. Adding to the natural beauty of Slovenia, the marketplaces also captures the travelers’ attraction leaving them confused as what to purchase. Shopping in Slovenia is fun as you can shop the old- fashioned way, strolling and ducking out of any high street shops, local brands, and unique tiny boutiques. From local goods to antiques, delicacies, souvenirs’, chocolate and honey related items, handcrafted items, you are sure to find the perfect things for your comfort and also bring home some souvenirs.

A trip to a new place always demands shopping be it for yourself or relatives. And if your trip is to a place like Slovenia, your shopping list is likely to be never-ending. In order to make things easier, here is a list of the best shopping outlets in Slovenia you must visit.

1. Central Market

Central Market

The Central Market in Ljubljana is a paradise for the shopaholics. Moreover, it is also a place where the local people flock to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Including the open-air market in the Vodnikov trg and Pogacarnev trg squares, a covered market in between the two squares, and small food stalls along the river Ljubljana also known as ‘Plecnik’s Covered Market’, the market is also the stronghold of Slovenian products and catering establishments.

The alleged ‘Plečnik’s Covered Market’, designed by Jože Plečnik somewhere in between 1940 and 1944, is imagined as a two-story scope of riverside showcase corridors following the bend of the waterway. Shops offering Slovenian items are situated in the upper story. In the lower story, there is a fish bazaar with a little fish eatery and ‘DobraVaga’ Art Gallery.
During summer, particularly on Friday evenings, the Central Market is transformed into a local festival of food and drinks.

Timings: Weekdays – 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday 7:0 am to 2:00 pm.
Location: Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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2. Europark Maribor

Europark Maribor

Located on the right bank of the river Drava, Europark Maribor is the biggest and the most modern shopping center in Slovenia. It is also the meeting point and a popular platform for many young entrepreneurs. This shopping center was expanded by 15,800 m2 in 2007 and on more than 40.000 m2 there are around 119 specialized stores, restaurants, boutiques including catering services. The center offers famous brands and varieties of products. Children’s too can indulge themselves in various amusements available at Europark Maribor.

Timings: Monday – Friday – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Saturday – 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Location: Pobreška cesta 18, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

3. Galerija Mikame

Galerija Mikame

Shopping in Lake Bled, Slovenia is a charm in itself. You will find clusters filled with local Slovenian products. One such shop in Bled is the Galerija Mikame. Although the name may sound Japanese, the shop has a collection of authentic and high-quality Slovenian products. The shop showcases items ranging from handmade leather products, lace accessories, tea towels and blankets, glass bottles and uncommon t-shirts. The items resemble the modern and funky style attracting the young generations a lot. If you want to collect souvenirs, make sure to stop by this place and enjoy the experience offered by the shop.

Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
March to June 10:00 – 19:00, July to August – 9:30 – 21:00
Winter season – 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

4. Zoofa


Zoofa is the hotspot for local brands and accessories. It is located on the west bank of the Ljubljana River. Zoofa features works of the local designers and craftspeople, thus encouraging local talent. The shop showcases women’s clothing and accessories from more than two dozen local designers. Each collection in Zoofa, unified by a sense of style is unique and ranges from vibrant and sporty to modest and sophisticated. Apart from the local products, the shop also is known as a pop-up store. If you are eager to adapt to the local style of Slovenia, then make sure to stop by it and make your wardrobe collection more colorful.

Timings: Monday – Friday: 11:00 to 14:30 and 15:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 13:00, Sunday closed.
Location: Breg 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. Trgovina Ika

Trgovina Ika

Located just across the Cathedral of St. Nicolas and the Vodnikov trg, Trgovina Ika in Slovenia is a spot of tourist attraction. With its attractive and unconventional outlets in Slovenia, this gift shop-cum-art gallery-cum-fashion store features the works of local artists and designers which includes jewelry and fashion to paintings and ceramics. If you love both handmade and modern items, make sure to purchase their handmade items with a modern twist. The fashion foundation works and accessories here are the best. For customer’s convenience, the store accepts all kind of credit cards. The shop attendees can speak in Slovenian, English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Timings: Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 19:30
Saturday – 9:00 – 18:00
Sunday – 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Breg 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

6. Lotos


If you love baked items, Lotos on the Ljubljana embankment is the place to go. Lotos is famous for their high-quality baked goods which include strudel, muffins, biscuits and the special treat of yesteryear, the cupcake. The place is also famous for their finger licking good jams and marmalades which are produced in more than two dozen flavors. The jams are loaded with fruit from strawberry, mandarin to pomegranate and kiwi. You can purchase small jars of jams as gifts if you want to surprise your friends or relatives with something natural and sweet as souvenirs. This is a family business, and Lotos doesn’t use any artificial preservatives and colors for preparing jams. You can find more than 25 flavors of jam in this store.

Location: Breg 16, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Treasures of Slovenia

Treasures of Slovenia

‘Treasures of Slovenia’ is a wonderland in itself. You’ll be awestruck and mesmerized after walking through the doors of this store. It is like entering the ‘Aladin’s cave’. The shelves in this store are filled with varieties of food, drinks, and handicrafts. The shelves often leave the onlookers in a dilemma as what to buy. This store captures the attention of the visitors with the best quality chocolates, biscuits, crafts beers, and Villanova also known as pear brandy. You must allow yourself with adequate time as this store will definitely leave you spoiled for choice. Whatever you are looking for, whether be it a gift or memento or you just want to taste a native special you will find it all here. And as the name implies everything will feel like treasures.

Timings: 9:00 to 22:00.
Location: Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

8. Castle Souvenir Shop

Castle Souvenir Shop

Complementing its location, Castle Souvenir Shop in Ljubljana is closely related to the castle and the tales that have emerged from its past. The items in the shop maintain the lovely memories of the castle and each product has a story related to it. The choc-full goods of the Castle sing the history of the castle and you will not be disappointed with the vast range of goods the shop has to offer. The items in the castle, be it a piece of silver jewelry, fashion accessories or even the food items, it is guaranteed that ‘Castle Souvenir’ will always be in your memory.

Timings: 9:00 – 22:00
January – March, November: 10:00 – 18:00, April – May and October: 9:00 – 20:00, September: 09:00 – 21:00, December 10:00 – 19:00.
Location: Grajska Planota 1, Ljubljanski grad

9. Nama


Nama is situated in the heart of the capital, Ljubljana. It is the oldest department store and is the favorite shopping center for people of all age groups. Nama showcases both local and foreign products. The top floor of the store is designed for the youngsters and the 4th floor features the indoor décor. The 3rd floor is for customers who want to dress in something funky and stylish. The middle two floors are for women and men who crave for recognized brands and stuff. And if you are hungry, the basement there offers a variety of food and drinks.

Timings: 9:00 – 20:00, Sunday closed.
Location: Tomšičeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

With its beautiful setting and clusters of shopping malls,Slovenia is the ideal place for a vacation. Shopping in Slovenia will definitely leave you spoiled for choices and also brighten your wardrobe collection with local unique products. If you want to calm your shopaholic nature, Slovenia is the best place to go. If you are visiting Koper, then you must go out shopping in Koper, Slovenia, it is also a nice place with lots of shopping outlets.

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Rocky Mountain National Park: A Mini Guide To This Rugged Paradise

Situated close Estes Park Colorado and just a couple of hours from Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park is open 24 hours every day 365 days a year! Bragging more than 300 miles trails and including 415 square miles, this really is a Rocky Mountain High! With such an astonishing assortment of wild animals and staggering landscape, RMNP draws in visitors from everywhere throughout the world. Appreciate the brilliant locales as you drive, climb, bicycle or take the general population transportation.

Mountain National Park View

Over a century later, his expectation has materialized — to say the least. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is a standout amongst the most prominent attractions in Colorado, drawing 4.5 million yearly visitors to its 415 square miles of mountain excellence. The wild zone incorporates 355 miles of climbing trails, 147 lakes, 77 mountains taller than 12,000 feet, and the chance to see elk, bighorn sheep, and moose. In 2014, National Geographic named Rocky Mountain National Park as one of its best outings on the planet. At just 90 minutes drive from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park, the recreation center is a noteworthy summer day trip — and at $25 per vehicle every day, it’s likewise an exceptionally reasonable one.

The rocky mountain national park weather is outrageous and flighty. Going from snowstorms in the winter to sweltering, sunny mornings in the late spring, Rocky Mountain has everything. Summer is fast, covering just July and August, yet wonderful, as temperature ranges from the 40s around evening time and up to the 80s amid the day. Whatever remains of the year, expect snow at most heights, and certainly upon Trail Edge Street. Evening storms are an ever-present piece of climbing in summer, so make sure to get on the trails ahead of schedule to abstain from being gotten above tree line in a lightning storm.

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pleasant weather and Mountain animals

Sweet spot a very long time in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) without the substantial summer swarms, open Trail Edge Street and a decent shot of pleasant weather are late May until early June or September after Work Day (mid-week) until mid-October. Be that as it may, snow is conceivable at the multiple times. September is likewise incredible for natural life due to the elk rutting season (crest mid-September to mid-October). In fall the air is clear and fresh and the skies are blue. The rocky mountain national park map is beautiful.


By Plane

Denver Global Air terminal (Cave) is the nearest real air terminal. There is no open transportation from the airplane terminal to the recreation center. Business carry benefit is accessible from the air terminal to Estes Park.

By bus

The Denver region and Granby are both served by Greyhound transport benefit. There is no open transportation from Denver or Granby to the recreation center.

By Public Transportation

There is no public transportation from the Denver zone toward the east or west sides of the recreation center. Estes Park gives free open transportation amid the mid-year with associations with Rocky’s van framework.

Fantastic Lake and little networks

Albeit Rocky Mountain National Park has no hotel inside the recreation center, you can at present appreciate housing of each kind on your excursion. Inns and resorts are abundant in the entryway towns of Estes Park, Fantastic Lake and little networks encompassing the recreation center. From memorable inns to amazing hotels, to inns, lodges, and resorts, the Rocky Mountain Park locale has something for everybody with regards to resting your head following multi-day of investigating this district loaded with normal miracles. The rocky mountain national park camping is awesome.

1. Wildlife Viewing & Photography


Regardless of whether it be bighorn sheep, elk, donkey deer, or other wildlife, Rocky Visitors have an energy for review wild creatures, particularly the enormous ones. A winter elk crowd numbering between 200-600, around 350 bighorn sheep, and various donkey deer call the recreation center home. The recreation center’s extraordinary expansive creature populace makes it one of the nation’s best natural life watching goals. Here at Rocky, you can discover 60 types of warm-blooded creatures, 280 recorded flying creature species, 11 types of fish, and incalculable creepy crawlies, including a shockingly expansive number of butterflies. While these sublime creatures are delightful and will in general move gradually as they eat their way rocky knolls, you would prefer not to go anyplace close them.

Rocky Mountain National Park is an incredible place to recognize a moose. Search for moose in lakes, lakes, and spots with willows. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park in the tumble to see the groups of elk as the huge guys accumulate their collections of mistresses of dairy animals. The pinnacle of elk trench in Rocky Mountain National Park, for the most part, endures from mid-September to mid-October.

2. Scenic Drives

Driving through roads of mountain

The street arrangement of Rocky Mountain National Park offers visitors access to different biological systems describing the higher locales of the focal Rocky Mountains. The streets take Visitors to Rocky swamp glades and aspen forests, along quick streaming waterways and up rocky sub-alpine woods in excess of 12,000 feet in height. Discussing taking a drive, don’t pass up on the opportunity to drive Fall Waterway Street. Opened in 1920, Old Fall Waterway Street took visitors to the highest point of the recreation center before the cleared Trail Edge Street was fabricated. Old Fall Waterway is a restricted, 11-mile, generally, rock street that takes visitors past Gap Falls, past the trailhead for ascending Chapin-Chaquita-Ypsilon mountains and rocky some staggering view. Be that as it may, the street is just open fourteen days a year in the late spring, so you’ll need to visit at the perfect time to appreciate this jewel.

The street begins close to the Alluvial Fan, a cascade scoured out by the 1982 Garden Lake Surge and a place worth a park and the short walk. Visitors can take a short stroll to a few lakes in the recreation center or move to the highest point of the recreation center’s most astounding mountain – the 14,259-foot tall Yearns Pinnacle.

3. Trail Edge Street

Watching from top of the mountain

Trail Edge Street is a 48-mile cleared street from Estes Park to Excellent Lake. Eleven miles of the Thruway is above tree line and the expressway hits a high point at 12,183 feet rise. Rocky Mountain National Park says Visitors on Trail Edge Street get, “exciting perspectives, natural life sightings, and dynamite high wildflower displays, all from the solace of their auto.” Regardless of what you choose to do at Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll see fantastic, life-changing landscape numerous individuals just observe on a schedule. The rocky mountain national park hiking trails are a must try.

4. Alpine Visitors Center

Alpine Visitors Center

The Alpine Visitors Center is the most noteworthy office of its kind in the National Park Administration. Sitting at 11,796-feet high, the Alpine Visitors Center is covered under snow for a while a year. Be that as it may, come May, groups begin furrowing the way to the Visitors Center and scooping out the structures with expectations of opening this high-elevation Visitors focus to people in general. At the Visitors Center, you’ll discover restrooms, a blessing shop, a short climbing trail, and a lunch room. Colorado climber Terry Housh prescribes the pulled pork or chicken for lunch at the Visitors Center.

The High Visitors Center is ordinarily open from Commemoration Day weekend to mid-October, contingent upon the weather. Summer and Fall are the busiest seasons for Rocky Mountain National Park. Park Visitors Center hours additionally shift with the season.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a standout amongst the most visited National Parks in the nation. With superb tops toward each path, untamed life wandering the valleys and the absolute most mind-boggling open-air undertakings on the planet, it is no big surprise in excess of three million individuals run to the recreation center every year. The official Park map shows streets, trails, guest offices, and different highlights. Rocky Mountain National Park is open 24 hours every day, 365 days a year, weather allowing. Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park can be very testing, and climbing a trail over your wellness level can make for a not exactly agreeable day while out on the trail. So, plan a trip to USA today and visit the amazing Rocky Mountain National Park.

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