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10 Best Places For Shopping In Chisinau Every Shopaholic Must Visit Once!

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and it harbors a lot of commercial centers which caters to tourists, like restaurants, shopping malls and the like. There are huge shopping varieties here, which enable one to have the best shopping in Chisinau. From the shoes, jewellery to antique paintings there are a lot of things which one can buy after roaming around these street shops and markets.

If you’re looking out for a hassle-free shopping experience, then make sure to keep this shopping guide handy and explore these best places for shopping in Chisinau.

1. Elat


If you are in Chisinau thinking about how everything must be so pricey and nonnegotiable then you are definitely wrong. This city has everything one could ever want and that too within a budget so that each and every tourist is satisfied. If you too have shallow pockets but are determined to go back home with some great finds then Elat is your best bet. This is an informal market, which sells a variety of things like jewelry, shoes, clothes, paintings, and antiques. Anything you want, you can surely find it here. As for prices, they are negotiable, so make sure you bring your bargaining skills in here. Also, as a bonus, street parking here is for free.

Location: Decebal Ave. 99, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Shoes, jewelry, paintings, clothes, and antiques.

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2. Grand Hall

Grand Hall

If you are staying near the Chisinau train station, then the Grand Hall will be closer to your residence. It’s one of the modern shopping centers in here since it was recently renovated. You can shop here to your heart’s content and then when you get tired just sit down for enjoying a cup of coffee at any of the cafes or maybe recharge yourself with a meal at any of the restaurants. Its recent renovations don’t mean that prices have been fixed to cover the costs, instead, they are still negotiable and you just have to be able to bargain. Grand Hall has parking where you can park for free. It is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 hours.

Location: Negruzzi Ave. 2/4, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Clothes mainly.

3. MallDova


Out of all the shopping malls in Chisinau, this is the best in terms of its splendor. Shopping in Chisinau, Moldova is a completely different experience than anywhere else in this city. It is the most modern shopping mall which was built in here. It is also constructed according to European standards which increases its appeal. It is not located far from the city center and actually falls along the main road while going towards the Botanical district and the airport. Moldova offers a mix of entertainment, shopping, and dining for its visitors. In the fourth floor, you will find multiple restaurants, a small casino, a food court, a movie theatre along with an entertainment complex which includes a bowling center, games, and a cafe or bar. In the ground floor, you will find a Fourchette supermarket. Underground parking is available here for free in the parking garage ID the mall.

Location: Arborilor str. 21, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: MallDova has everything from clothes to kitchen utensils.

4. Gemeni


If you are on the lookout for something convenient, somewhere you can get your things without much hassle then Gemenii is the place to head to. The best part of this place is that there is a McDonald’s right next to it so if you get hungry while looking for the perfect T-shirt or dress then you can catch a break there. This shopping destination sells shoes, clothes and other accessories. You can easily find Street parking in here as well. As for prices, they are negotiable here as well. So make sure you pay attention to what they are quoting and what the locals are doing so that you don’t get cheated out of money.

Location: Stefan cel Mare Ave. 136, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Clothes, accessories, and shoes.

5. Megapolis Mall

Megapolis Mall

This place truly has it all. If you are looking for a shopping venue, a singular place which will have it all then Megapolis mall is the venue to head to. As the name says, it is a huge shopping mall and it is also a mix of restaurants, cafes, stores and also a supermarket. So shop, dine and buy the next dinner item, all from here. Being here will surely save you time as it’s all under one roof. Parking is free in the parking lot, which is situated right next to the Mall. It is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 hours daily.

Location: Sadoveanu str. 42/6, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Everything is available here.


Shopping place

If you are struggling with a low budget but still want to get some amazing souvenirs back home to show off, then don’t look at the other pricey and modern malls, just come to UNIC. It is located on the southern end of the Stefan cel Mare Blvd and offers everything for sale. Bring money and also comes prepared to bargain. This is also the oldest shopping venue in Chisinau. Come here to bargain for clothes, shoes, utensils, electronics and more. Don’t worry about parking as it is available for free. It is open every day from 8:00 to 19:00 hours.

Location: Stefan cel Mare Ave. 8, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Everything is available here for sale.

7. Traditii Noi

Traditii Noi

As the name might indicate it is the one-stop destination for all things traditional and more precisely, for traditional clothing. If you want to take back some traditional Moldovan clothing or textiles to commemorate your time here and tell others back home about your journey then step in here. They are open from Monday to Friday starting from 8:00 am and closing at 7 pm.

Location: Grenoble str, 179 B, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Traditional Moldovan textiles and clothing items.

8. Sun City


Sun City Mall is located right in the center of Chisinau and next to Cathedral Park but opposite to that of the Leo Grand Hotel. Sun City is a recently renovated shopping mall and it features a variety of restaurants, shops, and cafes. Apart from this, you can also get some select varieties of Moldovan brandy and wine here at a No. 1 Supermarket. Prices are negotiable in here. Come here and select from the sheer variety which is available not just in terms of stores but also in dining cuisines. It is open from 9:00 am to 8 pm.

Location: Al. Pușkin str. 32, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: A variety of retail things are available.

9. Art market

Art market

This is an open air market which sells traditional handicraft products. So if you want more traditional things apart from just Moldovan clothing, then this is the place to head to. But the market has other things on offer too, like Soviet-era memorabilia, antiques, jewelry, and paintings as well. Basically, this is the spot to go to for buying all things vintage. Prices in here are negotiable but remember to carry cash as they don’t accept cards. It is open every day if the weather permits.

Location: Stefan cel Mare Blvd. between Mihai Eminescu Theater and Organ Hall
What to buy: Vintage products, jewelry, paintings, traditional handicraft products, and Soviet-era memorabilia.

10. Jumbo


This is a very popular shopping center located in the Botanica district. Jumbo harbors multiple little boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It also has a kids area where they can play in along with a Fidesco supermarket. Parking is free here.

Location: Decebal Ave. 23, Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Clothing

Chisinau is a city whose shopping options are many to cater to the various needs of its residents and visitors alike. So if you’re planning a vacation to Europe anytime soon, then make sure to visit these famous shopping places in Chisinau.

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6 Most Relaxing Spas In Maldives That Will Pamper You To The Core

Maldives as a tourist attraction has very limited sights to see, but the pristine white beaches and exotic landscapes are what invites everyone for a chilled out vacation here. If you are looking for a destination to relax, then a visit to the spas in Maldives should be part of your list. A number of tourists spend weeks just to book their spa treatments at the best spas in world.

Here are 6 of the best destination spas in Maldives which are on the pricier side, but will help you reconnect with life and it’s true pleasures.

1. Velassaru, Maldives

Velassaru, Maldives

Authentic therapies over the water with uninterrupted views of the Maldivian seas, Velassaru, is one of the best luxury spas in Maldives, which lets you embrace the simple luxuries of life. Pamper your mind, body and spirit with spa treatments that rejuvenate your soul. The spa at Velassaru comprises of overwater treatment rooms, hydropool over the lagoon, steam and relaxation rooms as well as complimentary Sunset Yoga classes, three times a week, located at the main beach.

Don’t Miss: The Velassaru Signature Massage – 90 minutes – USD 114
Location: Orchid Magu, PO Box 2015, Mal- 20-02, Republic of Maldives

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2. Kuramathi Spa, Maldives

Kurumathi Spa

The Spa at Kuramathi is set in the midst of the island overlooking the ocean where you can relax as the treatment program takes your mind off the stress. This Maldives spa caters to the needs of everybody where traditional rituals from Europe, Indonesia and Thailand are recreated using the best natural products. The facilities include treatment rooms, a water pavilion massage room, beauty care rooms, a private herbal bath treatment room, amongst others. As you rekindle the joy of life at the Kuramathi Spa, take a moment to savour the pre-treatment herbal tea served here at one of the best spas in Maldives.

Don’t Miss: Kuramathi Care Program for 3 to 5 days
Location: Kuramathi Maldives, Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives

3. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi

This one-of-a-kind underwater spas in Male city, Maldives is like a waking dream below the surface.One of the best resorts in Maldives for couples, the luxury Spa treatment is one that will make you forget about the burdens of life. Spa prices in Maldives are quite high, yet once you are relaxed to the bone, every penny is worth spending there. The Huvafen Fushi Spa boasts of the world famous Pure Massage and Teresa Tarmey Treatments.

Don’t Miss: The Underwater LIME Spa
Location: North Mal- Atoll 08390, Maldives

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4. One & Only Spa by ESPA

One & Only Spa by ESPA

Spas in Maldives are all about serenity and calmness and this is an oasis of relaxation. The One & Only Spa by ESPA is one that offers a range of hair, nail services as well as full body massage in Maldives. The most innovative elements of western medicine and Ayurvedic treatments have been combined to offer different massage services in Maldives at this world renowned Spa Center. This is where tradition meets technology to create the best individualized treatments for each of the guests.

Don’t Miss: the ESPA Body Detox Duo Combination
Location: Reethi Rah, North Mal- Atoll, Mal- 08440, Maldives

5. The Spa & Ayurvedic Retreat at Four Seasons Resort Maldives

Four Seasons Resort

Bespoke luxury at your doorstep, the Four Seasons Resort offers massage services and spa treatments at the untouched wilderness in the midst of the Maldives waters. Here the Western beauty treatments meet the Eastern health therapy inspired by Indian Ayurveda. Special body renewal processes are designed to cleanse the immune system and increase the sense of wellbeing. The Retreat also overlooks private yoga sessions that help relax the mind and balance the body.

Don’t Miss: The Kundalini ritual for couples to reawaken the sensual energies
Location: Landaa Giraavaru, 20232, Maldives

6. Talise Spa, Jumeirah Vittaveli

Talise Spa in Maldives

Talise Vittaveli treatments are inspired by the elements of light and space. The oils and other ingredients used in the massage and spa are harvested by local communities using traditional farming methods keep the naturality and purity intact. Experience their holistic approach to well-being with treatments conducted by their expert spa therapists. The spa also offers romantic private spaces for couples and individual treatments for health needs.

Dont Miss: Island of Life Signature Massage 90 minutes
Location: Talise Spa at Vittaveli, Bolifushi Island, Maldives

Spas in Maldives promote a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness, which can only be felt once you are out of your regular schedules. The whites sands and crystal clear waters on this island are the reason spas in Maldives are one of the top attractions of this place, and you have got include it in your indulgences on your next holiday in Maldives!

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Shopping In Sofia: 10 Places To Shop During Your Visit To Scintillating Bulgaria

Sofia has become a paradise for shoppers in the post-communist era and ensures a pleasing shopping experience by catering to everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for high-end products or whether you are in search of little independent shops, you will find this guide for shopping in Sofia absolutely invaluable. While you can certainly visit Vitosha Boulevard and Graf Ignatiev which are two prominent shopping zones, you can also pursue your endeavor of finding rare items as you visit the small boutiques. And, if you ever feel hungry while shopping, be sure to visit the Ekzarh Yosif Street.

One of the reasons that people love shopping in Sofia is that this romantic capital provides you with hundreds of options irrespective of your choice. You will literally be flooded with options i.e. big brand stores to open-air markets to independent boutiques and so on. This list has been customized for you so that you can enjoy shopping in Sofia more than in any destination you have ever been to.

1. Mall of Sofia

Mall of Sofia

Being one of the most prominent shopping malls in Sofia Bulgaria, the Mall of Sofia lets you shop your heart out in the most convenient fashion. Having been recognized as one of the leading retail marketplaces, this mall was opened in 2006 for the first time and has been serving the visitors till date. While 130 retailers inside the mall await for you with some of the most exclusive collection, you can expect to find a number of international as well as Bulgarian brands here. Enjoy shopping at this leading retail marketplace while on your trip to Bulgaria.

Location: Sofia, 101 Al. Stamboliyski Blvd.
Specialties: Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery, Accessories, Restaurants, Cinema City.

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2. Serdika Center

Serdika Center

The Serdika Center is located at the central part of Sofia and has been catering to the needs of the locals as well as tourists with a diverse range of international products. The mere mammoth size of it makes it the leader of the pack. The 210 shops here have been designed to ensure that every tourist gets to purchase unsurpassed quality products at an affordable price. Having earned a reputation for its ability to make shopping an emotional experience, this mall offers absolute coziness.

Location: “Sitnyakovo” 48, 1505 Oborishte, Sofia, Bulgaria
Specialities: International Products

3. City Center Sofia

. City Center Sofia

Carrying the sense of true modernity with it since the inception, the City Center Sofia is better known for its dynamic environment. Its strategic location adds to the convenience of the shoppers as they can easily get there by any mode of transportation. Taking entertainment to the next level, this mall proudly presents Cine Grand which lets you experience films from every corner of the world. The comfortable cafes along with the VIP lounge takes care of your tired foot while you shop. The mall also embellishes itself with two hypermarkets namely Technomarket and Picadilly. Embrace the modernity at this shopping mall in Sofia.

Location: Arsenalski 2, 1421 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria
Specialties: Cine Grand, Cafe, Beauty Parlor, VIP Lounge, Hypermarkets

4. Sofia Outlet Center

. Sofia Outlet Center

Letting you purchase some of the finest fashion brands across the globe, the Sofia Outlet Center is known for offering great products at discount prices. Spread over 15000 square meters, this mall takes pride in having at least 80 outlets that offer a discount on the retail price recommended. With such discounts being offered around the year, you will always find it to be filled with shoppers and shopping enthusiasts. Whether you need a pair of jeans or whether you are looking for casual for an office meeting, this place will certainly help you to find the best quality. Adorn your wardrobe with leading fashion brands on your trip to Bulgaria.

Location: Boulevard “Tsarigradsko shose” 92A, 1138 7-mi 11-ti kilometar, Sofia, Bulgaria
Specialties: Casual, Formal, Jeans, Clothes, Accessories, Underwear, Shoes, Home Utilities

5. Paradise Center

Paradise Center

Your shopping experience in the romantic capital remains incomplete without you visiting the Paradise mall in Sofia. Offering luxury shopping experience, this mall has adorned itself with a wide variety of health and beauty brands, clothing shops, bookshops, cafes, supermarkets, salons, supermarket, pharmacy and so on. After being opened for the public in the year 2013, this mall soon rose to its fame of being one of the most important spots for trade as well as entertainment. The spacious mall is perfect for spending leisure time as well as getting rejuvenating amidst the mundane daily routine. Relish the matrimony of trade and entertainment at the Paradise Center.

Location: Bulevard “Cherni vrah” 100, 1407 Hladilnika, Sofia, Bulgaria
Specialties: Fashion, Accessories, Bookshop, Cafes, Entertainment, Gift, Flower Shops, Sports

6. Zona Urbana

Zona Urbana

This is perhaps one of those stores that will help you realize the true potential of old materials. Zona Urbana is known for creating rustic designs out of old materials. Whether you want to buy a souvenir or whether you want to gift yourself a bag, nothing can be better than this. Reminding you of sustainability at every step, this store brings in the scope for you to purchase recycled bags, wallets and more. Bring some rustic looks back home from your trip to Bulgaria.

Location: 24, Angel Kanchev, Sofia
Specialties: Recycled Products: Wallets, Bags, Cases, Sleeves

7. Open Air Book Market in Sofia

Open Air Book Market in Sofia

If the bookworm inside you is bothering you too much, Sofia is always prepared to help you quench your thirst for knowledge. The open-air book market is the ideal place for you get your hands on some of the rarest collection that helps you to get acquainted with the intriguing history of Bulgaria. No matter what your interest lies in, the open air book market will certainly enrich you with knowledge and information. You can also find novels authored by Bulgarian poets in this market. All bookmarks can satisfy their hunger for knowledge at this open-air book market.

Location: Pl. “Petko R. Slaveykov” 4, 1000 Sofia
Specialties: Books, Rare Collections

8. Dobrev’s Cheese Store

Dobrev's Cheese Store

Unraveling the best opportunity for you to grab some of the most delicious cheeses as well as dairy products, the Dobrev’s Cheese Store is a place that you should not miss while you are making the list of what to buy in Sofia Bulgaria. Get your hands on some of the fresh cheese produced here maintaining the highest standard of hygiene. In addition, you can also try either salad or baguette from the sandwich counter at the cheese store. Visit the Dobrev’s Cheese Store for a cheesy affair if you love cheese.

Location: Sofia, ul. Frityof Nansen 31, Bulgaria
Specialties: Mozzarella, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Sandwich, Baguette

10. Natural Ice Cream

Natural Ice Cream

If ice cream is something that allures you over anything else, you must visit the Gelateria Naturale which has earned a reputation for offering natural ice cream. Being produced 100% naturally, the ice cream here doesn’t contain any sugar or preservative or oil. This parlor also produces ice cream ideal for vegans as well those have intolerance towards lactose. Taste the amazing flavors of ice cream at the Gelateria Naturale.

Location: 12A, Tsar Shishman Str. 1000 Sofia
Specialties: 100% natural ice cream

It is true that we can never list enough places for shopping in Sofia as the romantic land of Sofia has too much to offer to its citizens and tourists. With different shopping malls designed to be creative and exquisite, these top shopping places will definitely help you enjoy your few days in Sofia to a great extent. Plan an international trip to Bulgaria and have a time fo your life.

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4 Temples In Candi Dasa Bali That You Must Visit To Explore The Religious Side

Bali houses over 10,000 ancient temples that exude calm and serenity that will captivate your soul and leave you with beautiful memories in this tropical paradise. Apart from an exhilarating nightlife and the best beaches in the world, Bali is an exotic destination that has a significant cultural influence as well. These temples in Candi Dasa, Bali are a perfect example for you to peek into the rich culture

and past of Bali on your vacation. Make sure you visit these temples and catch a break from your exhausting day of sightseeing and beach hopping.

Check out these temples in Candi Dasa Bali where you can marvel at the intricate architecture and admire the culture of Bali.

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1. Pura Candidasa

Get a glimpse of the Bali mythology at this Hindu that is dedicated to Hariti, the goddess of fertility and rain. The temple is also popularly referred to as the Temple of Ten Children, legend has it that Hariti was a barren woman desperate to conceive, who ultimately gave birth to ten children. You can admire the intricate carvings inside the temple that depict the tale of the goddess and the captivating Balinese mythology.

Location: Pura Candidasa, Jl. Raya Candidasa, Sengkidu, Manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

2. Penataran Lempuyang

This ancient temple is one of the highly regarded temples of Bali and is also home to the gate of heaven. The entire landscape looks very picturesque from the gate and almost heavenly like. The temple is located in the highlands of Mount Lempuyang which is situated 1,775m above sea level.

3. Pura Besakih Temple



Considered one of the most important temples in Bali, Pura Besakih is a great point of attraction in Bali for tourists. There are more than 28 structures in the temple complex built on seven ascending stairs. The backdrop in which the temple is set is absolutely bewitching. If you want to do sightseeing in Bali, make sure you add this place to your itinerary. You and your bae can join an organized tour to make the best of our experience.

Things to do:Visit nearby temples like Kehen Temple, Taman Ujung Water Palace

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4. Goa Lawah Temple Ritual



It is a ritual of the people there to visit the goa lawah temple without any fail. Engaging in the same ritual will get you through the culture of the place in a more comprehensive manner. The interesting thing is that one can find a hoard of bats inside the temple.

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Apart from all the fascinating nightlife, bars, cafes, and the palm-fringed beaches, the temples of Bali give it the cultural touch that everyone must get a glimpse of while holidaying in Bali. Make sure you add these temples in Candi Dasa, Bali to your itinerary list and make the most of Balinese vacation.

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6 Haifa Hostels For You To Have A Comfortable Stay On Your Haifa Trip

The third-largest city in Israel, Haifa is a major regional centre of northern Israel. Haifa has great cultural significance from the point of view of the Baha’i Faith. In fact, it is the second holiest city in the Baha’i Faith. Baha’i pilgrimages take place to Haifa and many people flock to Haifa in large numbers every year to witness the majesticity of the Baha’i World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Existence of Baha’i significance in Haifa does not mean that the city is not home to people of other faiths. The city is home to many Jews, Muslim and Chirstian Arabs. Communities peacefully coexist in Haifa. Apart from religious places, Haifa is famous for its restaurants and bars, art centres, museums and galleries, parks, shopping malls, etc. There are many options for stay in Haifa. These include resorts, hotels, homestays and hostels. If you are a backpacker, a solo traveller or a budget traveller, we suggest you choose to stay at one of the Haifa hostels.

Hostels are sociable accommodations that are usually priced lower than hotels. Hostels are great places to stay because you get the opportunity of interacting with new people as well as sharing space with them. Below is a carefully curated list of the 6 best hostels of Haifa that you can choose to stay in on your Haifa holiday.

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1. Akko Gate Hostel

Akko Gate Hostel

Located in the old city, Akko Gate Hostel is just 150 metres away from the sea. This hostel is apt for backpackers and offers them all that they need on a vacation and more. Basic amenities like shared kitchen, free WiFi, luggage storage, 24-hour front desk, designated smoking area, air conditioning, heating, safety deposit boxes, family rooms, etc. are readily available. In order to help the guests enjoy their time outdoors, the hostel has a terrace, sun terrace and barbeque facilities. Activities like fishing can be arranged on request. Free public parking is available at a location near the hostel and no prior reservation is needed for it. The hostel arranges airport pick-up and drop at additional charges. To help the guests in sightseeing, the hostel provides a concierge service.

2. Bethel Hostel

Bethel Hostel

Located in the popular German Colony at the foot of Mount Carmel, this hostel has 10 different types of rooms. The hostel boasts of a very strategic location. The lower entrance to the Baha’i Gardens is only 300 metres from the hostel. Hospital Rambam and beach promenade “Bat Galim” are both only a 15-minute walk from the hostel. The central train station is also very near the hostel.

3. City Hall Hostel

City Hall Hostel

In order to facilitate the guests to know more about Haifa, the hostel arranges tours and classes about local culture. The hostel has an on-site coffee house that serves excellent coffee. To help the guests to move around conveniently, City Hall Hostel provides the airport shuttle facility on extra charge and also arranges bicycles on rent. The hostel makes sure that the guest is engaged and entertained. It has board games, puzzles, books, DVDs, music, children’s television networks and kids’ outdoor play equipment.

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4. Al Yakhour Hostel

Al Yakhour Hostel

Located only 3 km away from Haifa Harbour, this hostel takes special care of its guests by providing them recreation and entertainment facilities. It has beautiful outdoor furniture, a garden, a sun terrace and barbeque facilities. It has a library. The hostel also arranges hiking. It has several board games and puzzles and has a collection of books, DVDs and music. The hostel has a restaurant, bar and snack bar. The coffee here is excellent and special diet menus are arranged on request. Customer-friendly amenities like on-site ATM machine, express check-in and check-out, gift shop, etc. are in this hostel. This is one of the few hostels in Haifa where pets are allowed on request at no additional charge!

5. HI – Haifa Hostel


Just 500 metres away from the International Convention Center, this hostel has numerous special facilities. In addition to the necessary facilities like shared lounge, free WiFi, free parking, 24-hour front desk, air conditioning, heating, designated smoking area, safety deposit boxes, elevator, etc., the hostel has distinguished facilities like vending machines for drinks and snacks, fax and photocopying service, meeting and banquet facilities and family rooms. The hostel also has a chapel. It is suitable for differently abled travelers as it has facilities like visual aids, tactile signs, toilet with grab rails and wheelchair. The hostel also arranges for packed lunches on request. Like other Haifa youth hostels, this hostel arranges hiking for its guests.

6. Haifa Hostel

Haifa Hostel

Located within 3 km distance of Haifa’s Municipal Theater, Haifa Hostel caters to all the vacation needs of its customers. It has all the necessary amenities like shared kitchen, free WiFi, free public parking, shared lounge, lockers, luggage storage, tour desk, air conditioning, heating and laundry on extra charge. In order to help its guests with sightseeing, the hostel arranges tickets to shows and attractions on extra charge. To cater to the transportation needs of its customers, Haifa hostel arranges bicycles for rent and airport shuttle. The hostel has a designated smoking area. It also has an ATM machine and a market on site. The hostel staff is fluent in multiple languages.

Haifa is quite a wonderful place to holiday in. It has a lot to offer to everyone. Now you know quite a lot about Haifa. You also know which Haifa hostels to stay in during your vacation in Haifa. So, plan an excursion to Israel soon and choose to stay at these hospitable hostels.

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10 Best Places For Shopping In Montenegro To Buy Souvenirs From Your Trip

‘Shopping’ is a word that resonates with everyone, especially travelers. Whenever we visit any new place, besides the places that we visit, we also pick up souvenirs and do a lot of shopping, unique to that region to take back home with us. These are pieces of memory, which when we see even years later, reminds us of that place. Shopping in Montenegro is a unique experience. There are things that are unique to this ‘young’ country, which you really should buy when you are there.

Here is your Montenegro shopping guide on what to buy and where to buy. You definitely cannot come home without buying them.

1. Virpazar Market

Virpazar Market

This is a small fishermen village on Lake Skardar in Montenegro. It is a stunning little place and offers one of the most beautiful views you would ever see. What attracts tourists to this place is the unique Friday market that takes place here at the main square. Every Friday, during late spring and summer, they sell local merchandise including the locally-produced honey, rakija, and the wine from this region, which is called Crmnica. They also sell grape brandy called Loza. Shopping is not just limited to only alcohol; they also sell plenty of handicrafts too.

Location: village in the Bar Municipality, Montenegro

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2. Kotor Bazaar

Kotor Bazaar

The bazaar in the vicinity of the stunning Old Town of Kotor. It has plenty of shopping for people of all ages. Boutiques and shops dot the walled alleys. It is lively and this is where you will see most of the locals hanging out too. You could shop for footwear or for clothes and even here, you have two choices. You could either shop off the streets where it is not that expensive or in one of those expensive boutiques, which houses stuff mainly of Italian fashion designing firms. Up-to-date fashionable clothes and footwear are yours for the taking at these boutiques which exhibit fine craftsmanship. The bazaar also has a host of other shops – souvenirs, jewelry, books, antique, local wines – you name it and they have it all. Since it is a local market, they also offer fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, which you might not be able to carry home, but can certainly stroll through. Of course, the bazaar also houses a host of restaurants and pastry shops, where you can grab a bite when you need a break from all that shopping.

Location: Kotor, Montenegro

3. Mall of Montenegro

Mall of Montenegro

The mall, in the city of Podgorica, is in the centre of the city and has two aspects to it – the Green Bazaar and a shopping mall. This mall is a blend of traditional and modern-day shopping and is huge. It is so huge that the mall houses even a hotel within the premises. It has the best of everything and has some amazing fashion stores, a hypermarket, a bank, restaurants and cafes. For the young crowd, apart from all the shopping and dining, they also have a 12-lane bowling alley. There is nothing unique as such about this place, apart from the Green Bazaar. But if you are the one, who enjoys and outing to the mall, do visit this one.

Location: 74 Bulevar Save Kovačevića, Podgorica, Montenegro
Timings: 9 AM – 10 PM

4. Antiques Stanković

Antiques Stanković

If you are a fan of all things old and antique, then this shop is a wonderland for you. Located right next to the Maritime Museum in Kotor, this old antique shop is a treasure trove of items that are rare and beautiful. Roman coins and fibulas, original Montenegrin national costumes, Balkan silver, Russian Brass icons and the likes are all at display at this antique shop and is yours for the taking.

Location: Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Old Town Kotor

5. Plantaže


This is Montenegro’s largest wine company. So, if you want to pick up the local varieties, be it the Vranac or the Merlot or the Cabernet, this is the place to buy from, right from the source, their beautiful and well-maintained vineyards. Built in the shape of a cave, the shop offers all these wines and more and also different varieties of local brandy.

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

6. Efesya Souvenir

Efesya Souvenir

Whatever souvenirs you are looking for, you will find it here in this shop. In fact, this is a one-stop shop for all the gifts you want to buy for back home. The Turkish feel to the place makes it even more interesting for you to shop. It’s a small shop in one of the alleys of Kotor but is filled to the brim – from the ceiling to the floor – with artifacts that are amazing and would make great gifts too. Ceramics, bright and colorful glass lamps, scarves – you will find everything here and the designs are captivating too.

Location: Stari Grad 409, Kotor, Kotor Municipality 85330, Montenegro

7. TQ Plaza

TQ Plaza

TQ Plaza is just a one-minute walk from the coast and not only is a mall, but it also houses a residential complex, an office space, and a 4-star apartment-hotel. The shopping center part of it is of course, the most exciting. It has all the brands of the world and you can shop for the best cosmetics, accessories, toys and the like. Apart from that, the shopping center also houses a grocery store and a pharmacy. If you want to grab a bite, there are a number of restaurants and cafes. If you have kids and worrying about how you will shop, fret not. They have a playroom with all the latest toys. Sounds like absolute fun…isn’t it! If you want to rejuvenate, there are facilities for you too…they have a salon and a spa. For a day of fun and relaxation, head to this shopping center.

Location: 85310, 53 Mediteranska, Budva, Montenegro
Timings: 8 AM – 11 PM

8. Paradiso


If you are a fashion buff and like to keep up the latest in fashion trends, then Paradiso will prove to be a haven for you. The latest of fashion – clothes, handbags, accessories – they have it all, under one roof and only the best and those that are in trend right now. It is a ‘mall’ of just everything to do with fashion and you will go crazy here. Ever heard of ‘Shop till you Drop’? Well, this might happen once you step into Paradiso, where you will be spoilt for choice of everything fashionable.

Location: 5, Oktobarske Revolucije, Podgorica, Montenegro
Timings: 9 AM – 9 PM

9. Budva Leather

Budva Leather

Well, this is one of the things that Budva is famous for, apart from the stunning coastline that it is located on. Budva Leather is a store that is frequented by tourists and locals alike and the leather clothing that you find here, is of top-notch quality. Leather jackets, skirts and trousers, are among other clothing items that they sell. The leather used is authentic Turkish leather and the store also offers made-to-order designs to its customers. They offer unique designs and great service too.

Location: Slovenska Obala, PALAZZO, Stara Autobuska stanica, Budva 85310, Montenegro
Timings: 9 AM – 11 PM

10. Tržni Centar FORUM

Tržni Centar FORUM

This is one of the recent shopping centre, which has opened in the town of Podgorica. It is 3000 square meters of utmost entertainment and shopping and is one of the best in the neighbourhood. The shopping centre houses a hypermarket, a pharmacy, toy shop, book shop, top retail brands, home décor shops and the like. Of course, like any other shopping centre, it also has an array of restaurants and cafes. There is also a green market located in the shopping centre, that only adds to the amazing shopping experience of this place.

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro
Timings: 8 AM – 9 PM

Shopping in Montenegro is a unique experience. This is just a gist of how much more shopping you can do in this charming little country. There are shops just for wines and there are shops just for jewellery too. Plan a Europe trip to explore this very young Balkan country in its entirety.

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3 Awesome Places To Visit Near Double Six Beach Bali In March!

Are you seeking a fun and exciting holiday to relieve all the stress of the monotonous life? Bali is a wonderful destination to spend a relaxing or even an adventurous holiday with your friends and family. Known for its gorgeous beaches, serene waterfalls and vibrant culture, this island will surely steal your heart. As it has a tremendous number of beaches, Double six beach is one of the best beaches where you can enjoy a lively holiday indulging in great activities. There are also many places to visit near Double Six Beach Bali in March which are as amazing the beach itself.

Double Six Beach is located in Seminyak, Bali, as lively as its name, this beach is perfect to spend a fun day as there are many activities that are offered to the visitors. There are many rental shops where you can rent sports items. If you want to spend a relaxing day then, you can relax on the beach while soaking under the sun. this beach is everyone’s favorite spot in the region, you can find all kinds of travelers here and even locals prefer this beach over any other for a nice outing with their friends and family. Enjoy delicious beverages from the bars nearby the beach, and do not forget to try Indonesia’s most favorite beer brand, Bintang. After an energetic day makes sure to watch the magnificent Balinese sunset, which is by far the most soothing thing to do in Bali.

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Be it relaxing by the beach or indulging in adventurous activities, Double six Beach is a perfect place to spend your getaway enjoying with friends and family. While enjoying on the beach make sure to explore these Places To Visit Near Double Six Beach Bali In March which will make your holiday more exciting.

1. Nusa Dua Beach



As the name speaks, this is the main and one of the best beaches in Nusa Dua, and is locally known as Pantai Mengiat.Several high-end resorts span the beach fronts of this beach, and are accessible from the beach. This beach is suitable for swimming, as the waters near the beach are calm and peaceful, and hence are very swim and snorkel friendly. The farther waters, however, are quite playful and are great for surfing. There are tour operators providing glass bottom boat trips, and that contrasts with the wooden boats of the local fishermen who head out to sea from this point. If you’re an early bird, you’ll enjoy the view of the magical crimson sunrise against the blue waters.

Location: Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia

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2. Cabaret Show At Sol Beach House Benoa



The Sol Beach House is in Tanjung Benoa is a hidden gem of nightlife around Nusa Dua. The place has the most dazzling cabaret shows on Sundays for its guests that include Vegas-style drag queens, dancers and performers dressed as Whitney Houston. The shows were held in the huge ballroom at the resort but have now become so popular that they have been shifted to the open air beachfront venue, making it one of the premier Nusa Dua beach clubs with a nightlife.

Location: Sol Beach House Benoa, Jalan Pratama
Entry fee:-INR 6500

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Pura Luhur Uluwatu



Statues of Ganesha flanking the entrance, monkeys begging for treats from visitors, evening dance shows this is just another day at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Built on a steep limestone cliff jutting over the sea, it feels to be perched on a throne.

Things to do: Explore the sunset delight from the cliff; daily Kecak dance performances; explore the traditionally-designed gateways; historic sculptures and Balinese architecture
Cant miss: Seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach while the sun melts down at a distance, the anniversary celebration that takes place every six months according to the Balinese 210-day Pawukon cycle

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Bali is the best destination in the entire world for beach holidays. Double Six Beach is the perfect example of a lively beach in Bali. Spend an energetic day here with your friends and family and also explore the places to visit near Double Six Beach Bali in March that will enhance your vacation. So, wait no more and plan your Bali Vacation and start packing!

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Love Train Journeys? The First Railway Line In Andaman & Nicobar Islands Is A Dream Come True

Known for its exotic islands and bounty of nature, Andaman is a famous destination among honeymooners and couples putting in on the world tourism map. What makes this place in the headlines is the launch of the first railway line in Andaman & Nicobar islands that will put it on the rail map.

If you suffer from sea -sickness and don’t enjoy ferry rides much, then fret no more. Getting around the islands will get much easier, thanks to the first railway line in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The Indian Government has given a green signal to the 240-km rail line project in Andaman & Nicobar islands, connecting Port Blair from Diglipur. The railway line will be constructed with a cost of Rs 2,413.68 crore.

andaman islands

Up until now, there were only two ways to get around the island; by air or by boat. While it takes 14 hours to cover 350 km of distance by road from Port Blair to Diglipur, the ferry ride takes 24 hours. Now the inhabitants and tourists will be able to travel along the coast by rail. This will not only make transportation easy by also give a boost to tourism since Andaman welcomes 4 lakh tourists every year and this number is only getting bigger.

Why you should look forward to the new railway line in Andaman & Nicobar is because it will be constructed along the coast linked with bridges. So, you can imagine the beautiful scenery you will get to enjoy from your window. If imagination is not your strong point, then you can only wait till the railway line becomes functional to live it real.

Both, Port Blair and Diglipur, are great places to enjoy a laidback tropical vacation. Andaman gives you a feel of an exotic foreign location. You would not even feel that you’re in India. If a foreign vacation is not on cards soon, then you should definitely take a trip to Andaman to relieve the itch of wanderlust.

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3 Serene Places To Visit Near Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali In June For A Relaxing Vacay!

Bali is the most famous tourist spot because while it offers something for everyone it is affordable and small. The island paradise is the favorite destination for many because of its vibrant culture, delicious food, beautiful sunset and yes it beaches. The island is known as the “Island of Gods”. The Balinese architecture is eye-catching and the island is home to thousands of Hindu temples. One such a place to explore Hindu God architecture is Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park aka Gwk cultural park. Gwk is an amazing place with a huge statue of Lord Vishnu beautifully designed located on the white stone hill of Jimbaran. The statue is 150 meters tall and the width is 64 meters. The park is a beautiful and perfect place to spend your day relaxing in the lap of nature. The park has lotus pond surrounded by stone pillars, art shops, exhibition hall, amphitheater and street theatre. There are many places to visit near Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali in June.

Bali Safari and Marine Park are one of the most popular Park on the Island. This park is the most popular theme park in Bali situated in Gianyar. Being home to more than 100 species of animals from different countries it is also home to endangered species like White Tigers, Komodo Dragon, and Orangutans. Eco Paradise Bambu Indah is also must visit a place near Gwk park. It is an eco-friendly resort based in the lush green rainforest of Ubud Bambu Indah. It is a paradise for nature lovers and is a perfect venue for weddings. The resort has antique Javanese wooden houses and is energy efficient. Margana National Monument Park is another place to visit near Gwk park. This place monumentalizes fallen soldiers in the battle of Puputan Margana that took place in 1946 against the Netherlands.

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There are 3 places to visit near Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali in June, to explore the natural and architectural beauty of Bali.

1. Bali Safari & Marine Park


One of the most popular theme parks in Bali, it is home to more than 100 species of animals which hail from countries like India, Indonesia and more. Situated in Gianyar, it has endangered species like white tigers, Komodo dragons and orangutans. You will get the opportunity of getting close to their amazing animals through the jeep safaris and the animals rides offered over there. This is a great place to visit with friends and family alike.
Things to do: Enjoy the safaris, take pictures, go on animal rides.
Can’t-miss: The safaris.

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2. Eco Paradise Bambu Indah

Eco Paradise Bambu Indah


For the nature lovers in love, Eco Paradise Bambu Indah is the quintessential venue for the wedding. This eco-friendly resort is based in the lush-green rainforests surrounding Ubud, Bambu Indah. The accommodation in this resort is in the energy efficient, restored antique Javanese teak wood houses. Even the pool is naturally cleansed with the lava rocks that surround it. The resort has various beautiful undisturbed venues including riverside surrounded by palm trees or the deck at the edge of the cliff.

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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3. Margarana National Monument Park


Margarana National Monument Park is a monument in Bali that was set up to commemorate fallen soldiers in the Battle of Puputan Margarana that took place in 1946 against the Netherlands. Theres a 17-meter tall monument with a sculpture of the letter Gusti Ngurah Rai wrote to the Netherlands.

Location: Kelaci, Marga Dauh Puri, Marga Dauh Puri, Marga, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82181
Timings: 8am to 5pm

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Bali is a beautiful beach destination where you can relax in the lap of nature, escaping the hectic city life. While in Bali make sure to check out the places to visit near Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali in June and make your Bali vacation more fun and exciting!

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Shopping In Varna: Find The Best Shopping Malls & Streets In This Small Bulgarian Town

Tourists can find excellent destinations for shopping in Varna to shop the best of things available here. It has numerous women’s and men’s clothing shops, functional stores with items for children, perfumery, and brand cosmetics stores. The shopping experience in Varna could be a great adventure if you choose the correct destinations for your shopping purposes. We have discussed below a great spot where you can experience the pleasure of comfortable, and easily accessible shopping venture.

Numerous notable shopping malls in Varna enable buyers to explore a broad array of items. We are here to make the visitors who are new to the town and looking for a one-stop destination where they can get what they are actually looking for without having to move around for searching their essentials. Let’s have a look at a few of the most prominent shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria.

1. Grand Mall Varna

Grand Mall Varna

Grand Mall is the latest and the most prominent center for shopping in Varna. A great position of the trade center with comfortable entrance to Varna railway station, Varna bus station, Varna airport, and the various significant landmarks of the town. It offers various possibilities for entertainment, shopping, and leisure purpose. It has around 1750 parking spaces, more than 220 shops.

Among the local and global brands embodied in the Grand Mall are the Inditex Group brands – Oysho; H & M, Pull & Bear, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Bershka, the brands of LPP Group – LC Waikiki; Reserved and Mohito; Arena IMAX and Arena Cinema with 9 movie theaters; supermarket BulMag, Technomarket. There are also the sports fashion brands Intersport, Sports Vision, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Humanic, Camper and Liu Jo, Deichmann, Guess, Replay, G Star, Scotch & Soda, Calliope, Terranova, Baldessarini.

Location: Varna, 2 Andrey Saharov Street
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

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2. Varna Towers


Varna Towers is among the largest shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria with a complete space of 83,000 square meters, incorporating with office space of 23,000 square meters and retail space of 60000 square meters. Each of the mall towers is rising to 70 meters high, and the apartment provides 800 basement and surface parking areas.

The most radiant attractions of the apartment are the only rotating eatery in Southeast Europe identified as Magneto, positioned on the Eastern Tower’s head. Correspondingly, the peak of the Western Tower emphasizes a “Helipad”, which is for the very first time that has been taken place in Bulgaria to be positioned on a building’s roof.

Location: Varna, Vlasdislav Varnenchik Blvd, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM every day

3. Mall Verna

Mall Verna

It is among the well-reputed shopping malls in Varna Bulgaria, offering a broad range of possibilities for shopping, leisure, entertainment, and relaxation best-fitted for all age people. It is one of the top-rated places for spending a good time with family and friends. In this trade center, you can visit cafeterias, and fast food restaurants are providing homely taste and extraordinary comfort.

Mall Varna possesses the movies “Arena” which has a 3D cinema and eight movie halls. The Mall encompasses the only hall for table tennis lovers in the town, furnished with the Mirror school of dance & movement, and trained flooring Gerflor. The spots of Playground recreation provide various points of attractions. It includes the comfort of a pub with multi-gaming tables supporting touch screens and the arcade games recent generation, associated by type.

Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

4. Hypermarkets


Moreover, in the more Sofia’s outside quarters, hypermarkets of many retail chains are located there along with this: seven of BILLA, four of KAUFLAND, and two of METRO. There are many local retail series such as 345 and Elemag, Fantastiko. If you are looking for furniture, you visit Martineli, IKEA, Domo, Aiko, Domko, etc. Most of the furniture shop architectures you will get at the Sofia Ringroad’s South arch.

5. Shopping Streets In Varna

Shopping Streets In Varna

Sofia’s Traditional commercial centers are the Central Universal Store on the pedestrian Vitosha shopping street and Nezavisimost Square. On Vitosha Boulevard principally boutique stores of world-famous designer’s patterns of cosmetics, shoes, and clothes are located. A few of the mythical shopping spots in the downtown sector, such as Graf Ignatiev Street, Rakovska Steet, Pirotska Street along with Slaveykov Square are ordered as pedestrian alleys.

Dolls Russian Dolls Matroschka

Souvenirs such as Russian dolls, reproduction icons, jewelry, wooden items, ceramics, embroidered tablecloths, and lace are for available for sale on stalls at Alexander Nevski square of the very well-known antique market. You can get post stamps, antiques, communist heritage items, WWII items; from here one can also purchase KGB membership card and Russian soldiers hat.

Also worth searching for souvenirs are the stores in the road between Balkan Sheraton, TZUM and the National Ethnographic Museum’s ground-floor store. Luxury products to take home comprises wines of Bulgaria, prominently the rakiya (fruit brandy) and full-bodied red Melnik. Another social tipple is mastika, a drink of anis-flavor that is identical to Greekouzo. These can be accessed from stores across the city.

Varna is the place not just for shopping but you can spend a great time exploring a vast collection of items that will surely attract you as well. There are a significant number of Shopping streets, Marketplaces, Souvenirs, Hypermarkets, and world-famous shopping malls in bulgaria . If you ever plan an international trip to Bulgaria, these are the places where you should go shopping.

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