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Make Shopping In Debrecen Hassle Free With This Guide

Next to Budapest, Debrecen features as the second largest city in the country of Hungary. It derives its status from being the largest Hungarian settlement during the 18th century. Thus, Debrecen is not only a hub of all important trade and other commercial activities but also is a hotspot for Hungarian culture. If you are planning a trip to Debrecen, then shopping must definitely be on top of your list. The souvenirs that you will collect while shopping in Debrecen will act as a great reminder of your trip. Additionally, these little tokens also work as thoughtful gifts for those back at home. Through these mementoes, your friends and family can get a glimpse of the exotic places that you have visited during your vacation.

To help you in your quest, here are a few tricks and tips that will act as an elaborate guide when you are heading out to go shopping in Debrecen:

Considering that Debrecen is a house for multiple shopping centers and local shops, it has a range of wares available for its shoppers. Whether you like visiting uptown malls or hunting through the streets in pursuit of local shops; following are some of the highly sought after items to buy when shopping in Debrecen: Artisan Products, Perfumes, Handmade Sweets, Hungarian Crystal Products, Home Decor Items, Zsolnay and Hollohazi

Debrecen happens to be the most populous and largest shopping destinations in Hungary. Needless to say, there are multiple stores that offer amazing articles at attractive prices. Some of the most famous locations that can be considered as shoppers’ paradise are listed below:

1. Debrecen Market

Debrecen Market

The Debrecen Market is a haven for those seeking souvenirs and locally produced goods. Hungarian crystal and porcelain products are largely produced by the local craftsmen. Thus, a section of the Debrecen Market is dedicated to beautiful porcelain, chinaware, and crystal items that are made by the locals. These items make excellent souvenirs and gift items that are available at very affordable rates. Additionally, while shopping in Debrecen, keep an eye out for arcades that have antiques for sale. If you are an antique collector, you might find some unique pieces in the pockets of Debrecen Market that sell interesting antique items.

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2. Borhalo Debrecen

Borhalo Debrecen

Situated in the heart of the city, Borhalo Debrecen is renowned for selling a wide range of wines. If you are a connoisseur of wine, you should definitely check out what Borhalo Debrecen has to offer. The in-store attendants are known for being courteous and considerate to the visitor’s demands. Thus, first-time drinkers will be introduced to an unparalleled experience at Borhalo Debrecen.Conversely, if you happen to be a teetotaler but also know someone who would appreciate the gift sets that they have in their stores, you can handpick a thoughtful present for them.

3. Bortarsasag


After Borhalo Debrecen, another wine shop that wine aficionados should look out for is Bortarsasag. It contains a wide range of wine from the various regions of Hungary. Wines having different origins, aromas, and colors are available in the packaging of pretty bottles. They maintain an elaborate catalogue of all the wines that are available in their cellar. If you place a request for a wine tasting session, you will get the rare opportunity to experience a large variety of wines from all over Hungary. An attendant will offer you the perfect wine bottle depending on your tastes and your budget.

4. Vino Market Bor Szakuzlet

Vino Market Bor Szakuzlet

If you are looking handcrafted Hungarian beer, then the Vino Market Bor Szakuzlet is the right place for you. This store will offer you value for money beverages without compromising on the taste or quality. In addition to the Hungarian beer, Vino Market Bor Szakuzlet also offers Special Fruit Wine, Hungarian Wine, and Palinka. One can also participate in wine shows and wine tastings in groups of 6 to 15 people. Arrangements for the same can be made telephonically.

5. Magyar Kincsek Boltja

Magyar Kincsek Boltja

Magyar Kincsek Boltja is a one-stop destination for all your souvenir and gift shopping in Debrecen requirements. You can even get your hands on a few relics of the historic past of Debrecen. The store is located right between the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen and Debrecen Reformed College. It can be found tucked inside the vast exteriors of the Kalvin Square Business Center. You can find an array of items including handmade products, paprika, palinka, champagne, wine, postcards, stamps, gift baskets, maps, handicrafts, honey cakes, and more. The store is open for business from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, it is open from 8 am to 2 pm.

6. Vinyl Cafe Hanglemezbolt

Vinyl Cafe Hanglemezbolt

Paying homage to the past, Vinyl Cafe Hanglemezbolt combines the love for antiquities, music, and food. You can find all kinds of music across all genres from late 1950s to the current generation. The store has maintained an impressive collection of 6,500 records covering all the golden eras of music. If you are lucky, you may even find the rare first pressings of certain vinyl records that are worth a fortune! In addition to vinyl records, you can also get your hands on other musical accessories such as CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, BluRay discs, turntables, and even headphones. The store celebrates ‘World Record Day’ on the 13th of April so if you are around in that duration, you should try to give the cafe a visit.

7. ONE Fashion Debrecen Store

ONE Fashion Debrecen Store

Ladies who happen to be on a mission to find the clothing items and accessories that are in vogue will be pleased to visit the ONE Fashion Debrecen store located in the streets of the heart of Debrecen. The store maintains a plethora of vibrant outfits, footwear, and accessories. Whether you are looking for daily wear attire or something specific for an occasion, all your needs will be met at ONE Fashion Store. Apart from the elegant dresses, the store also has designer bags and backpacks for work or other events.

8. Debrecen Plaza

Debrecen Plaza

The Debrecen Plaza is located in the heart of the city and houses over 58 stores. The mall opened for visitors on 10 December 1998 and continues to be a gorgeous example of fine architecture. It happens to be the one-stop shopping center where all your shopping needs will be met. Apart from the usual kiosks that sell electronic items and its accessories, the Debrecen Plaza also has specialized stores that offer customized items such as hats and glasses. What really makes the Debrecen Plaza worth the visit is the fact that despite the prevalence of high-end stores, all products are available at affordable prices with discounts exceeding 50%! The cosmetic and perfume stores are especially known for attracting the ladies.

9. Korzo Gift Shop

Korzo Gift Shop

Zsolnay is well-known globally for manufacturing premium porcelain items. Even after a history that goes back over 160 years, Zsolnay factories are still highly operational offering unique technology for manufacturing, sophisticated aesthetics, and unparalleled quality. If you are looking for distinctive Zsolnay products, then you should head towards Korzo Gift Shop. Tucked in the corner where the Debrecen Market, Piac Street and the Simonffy street intersect, the Korzo Gift Shop holds a treasure for those looking for Zsolnay products. Whether you are looking for porcelain tableware, vases, eosin items, outdoor ornaments, pots, fireplace and stove tiles. The store also offers hand-polished crystals and glasses (both lead and lead-free variants) along with bonbons, and Murano glass jewelry.

10. ZEMA Jewelry Store

ZEMA Jewelry Store

When you go jewelry shopping in Debrecen, do check out the ZEMA outlet present in the city. ZEMA has evolved into a major brand that is even worn by some of the famous celebrities around the globe. The chain maintains its status by offering high-quality 21-carat gold and 23-carat platinum jewelry. The store is over a decade old and offers a wide range of handmade jewelry items consisting of snow-white porcelain that is hand painted by artisans. The store is curated keeping in mind the various kinds of clients. You can choose from minimalistic to artistic to antique Hungarian designs.

11. Forum Shopping Center

Forum Shopping Center

Forum Shopping Center was inaugurated in 2012 and is considered to be one of the largest and most stunning malls in the entire region. With 120 stores spread over 3 levels and 800 parking bays, Forum Shopping Center is a delight for all shoppers. If you are a fashionista, visiting the Forum Shopping Center should be at the top of your list when shopping in Debrecen. Forum Shopping Center has been spearheading the latest fashion in rage, making it a trendsetter in this area. Major Hungarian brands such as Zara, Mayo Chix, Springfield, Bershka, Douglas, and Saxoo feature their latest collections at the Forum Shopping Center.

If your shopping revolves around food, gastronomes will encounter a special surprise as they will find restaurants and cafes serving delectable food items here. Additionally, to make your experience truly convenient and hassle-free, your little one can spend their time enjoying at the playhouse. If you are lucky to drop in on a weekend, you can even participate in fun events that will keep you engaged for a good amount of time.

  • The Debrecen airport has many kiosks that sell souvenirs at fairly reasonable prices. However, if you are looking for a good bargain, you might want to visit the streets containing the local crowd and locally produced items. For more refined goods, you can check out the malls and the shopping centers at Debrecen.
  • While major malls and stores accept credit card payments, smaller shops may not be able to offer such facilities. Thus, if you are planning to splurge on local items purchased from smaller shops, you might wish to keep enough cash at hand.
  • Even though Hungary is a part of the European Union, the major currency for transactions is the HUF, that is, Hungarian Forint. Some shops may accept Euros, however, the change that you may receive on return could be in the form of Forints. This cross-platform transaction may result in losses due to the exchange rates. Hence, keeping Hungarian Forints at hand may come in handy.

In order to make your vacation in Hungary more fulfilling, make sure you go for shopping in Debrecen. From souvenirs to clothing and accessories, this city has something for all! Explore the various malls, shops, and showrooms to get the best from this city!

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7 Forts In Europe That Offer Remarkably Scenic View Of The Hilly Milieu

Isn’t it interesting to hark back to the time when people fought with muskets, swords, bows, and cannons? Even though forts were built in the Middle Ages, a minuscule number of them is preserved today. The forts in Europe signify military capability, wealth, and power. It is interesting to recall that the greatest minds in the history of warfare designed them to withstand all kinds of attacks.

We have created a list of forts in Europe of great historical significance. You will be impressed by their long and tumultuous heritage:

1. Tilbury Fort

Tilbury Fort

Situated on the Thames Estuary, Tilbury Fort protected Europe from London’s attacks in the 16th century during the Second World War. Henry VIII built the fort, and Queen Elizabeth the first positioned her army around it to face the threat of Armada. Considered as one of the most famous , you can spend your time exploring the magazine houses used to store vast quantities of gunpowder. Apart from that, you can also enter the bastion magazine passages and feel what it was like for the soldiers who lived here.

Location: No 2 Office Block, The Fort, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7NR, United Kingdom
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 AM – 6 PM)
Entry fee: INR 500 for adults and INR 300 for kids

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2. Almeida Fort

Almeida Fort

Almeida Fort protected the town of Almeida from frequent sieges it faced throughout the centuries due to its location near the Spanish border. The marvelous defensive barrier was built in the 17th century at a time when the use of cannons was becoming commonplace. There are only two possible entrances, both of which are large, bomb-proof double gates that are accessible through bridges. It is one of the to learn about the nation’s gory history. 

Location: Almeida 6350-106, Portugal

3. Charles Fort

Charles Fort

Charles Fort is one of the best surviving examples of a 17th century star-shaped forts in Europe. This architectural marvel was completed during the reign of Charles II. It remains open throughout the year. Regular guided tours of the fort are available too. It has two enormous bastions overlooking the Bandon river and three bastions facing inland. The fort was used by the military until 1922, after which they discontinued using it.

Location: Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 6 PM)

4. Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont was built in around 1885, following the Franco-Prussian wars. With sophisticated weaponry and a position on high ground, it is a vital defensive barrier. In February 1916, when the battle of Verdun commenced, Douaumont was in absolute chaos. Citizens barged into Fort Douaumont to seek shelter, but German soldiers managed to infiltrate the fort and killed them. It is, hands down, one of the most

Location: 55100 Douaumont, France
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 6:30 PM)
Entry fee: INR 230 for adults and INR 115 for kids

5. Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress sits on a rock above the Danube River. For centuries, it has remained one of the most imposing sights of Serbia. It is among one of the . The fortress was constructed to guard a road which connects Central and Eastern Europe. Golubac is located in the vicinity of world-famous Derdap National Park. After a five-year reconstruction program, the fort opened its doors to the public in 2019.

Location: Golubac 12223, Serbia
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 AM – 5 PM)
Entry fee: INR 386 for adults and free entry for kids

6. Tsarevets Fortress

Tsarevets Fortress

The murals painted by local artist Teofan Sokerov in 1985 and the modern interiors of Tsarevets Fortress will take you by surprise. From the fort, you can take in the spectacular views of the surrounding hills of Sveta Gora, Momina Krepost and the overgrown Trapezitsa. There is a free admission each last Thursday of the month. Before leaving, stop by at the cafe situated at the foot of the fort for some light refreshments.

Location: Tsar Asen Square, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Opening hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 236 for adults

7. Château de Commarque

Château de Commarque

Château de Commarque lies between Sarlat and Les Eyzies in the valley of the River Beune. The walls of the fort are covered with prehistoric art. It houses a Carolingian chapel, a prominent medieval keep, and numerous supporting structures. It stands at the crossroads of two important routes – one from Brive to Bergerac and the other from Perigeux to Cahors. The fort was abandoned and completely covered in brambles until it was rediscovered in the 1970s.

Location: 24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil, France
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 8 PM)

The credit of turning forts into tourist hotspots that everyone scrambles to visit goes to the popular TV series Game of Thrones. If you’re as intrigued by the folklore and natural history of Europe as we are, make a beeline for these forts in Europe. Some of these fortresses are known for their artistry, some for their glorious past, and some for their stunning views. Visit Europe with TravelTriangle to go back in time.

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Shopping In Estonia: 10 Marvellous Destinations For All Shopaholics!

For those who are visiting it for the first time, Estonia is a like an enchanting wonderland that offers the best of Europe on a platter without the hordes of tourists or clichéd travel lists. It opens up a world of charming medieval cities, breathtakingly beautiful islands, pristine national parks and genuinely warm people. A liberal dose of intriguing history, rich culture, unbridled adventure and unspoilt nature make it an unexplored heaven for wanderlusting souls. Adding to the list of its outstanding offerings is the experience of shopping in Estonia, which is sure to satiate both connoisseurs and bargain hunters alike.
The abundantly endowed country is a great place to pick handcrafted souvenirs from the local handicrafts stores, artists’ workshops and designer boutiques. As you wander through the medieval alleyways and chic avenues hunting for the best tokens to take back home, here’s our list of some of the swankiest malls, authentic stores and hidden boutiques for the best shopping in Estonia.

Here is the list of coolest shopping malls, chic boutique stores and vibrant flea markets to pick the best Estonian treasures at. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Solaris


In the heart of downtown Tallinn lies one of the best places for shopping in Estonia, which also doubles up as a cultural centre and a one-stop entertainment destination for the entire family. Housed in a historical building, the stylish Solaris Centre is home to some of the best high-fashion brands, Estonian designer stores, numerous restaurants, 3D multiplex cinema, art cinema and a concert hall! Here you’ll also find the largest design departmental store in Baltics displaying authentic Estonian products as well as a huge store for locally made natural cosmetics that make for great gifts. The superb bookstore, Lido restaurant and great cafes are perfect for taking a break from your shopping spree.

Address: Estonia puiestee 9, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 9AM-11PM

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2. Viru Keskus

Viru Keskus

This hip shopping centre is not only one of the most popular shopping malls in Estonia but also a hub for fashionistas and shopaholics looking for top brands and stylish collections. Viru Keskus is conveniently located in the old town and well-connected by public transport with a bus station right under it. You can shop for cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, toys and lot of other cool stuff here. The supermarket at the cellar level stocks many unique items as well as souvenirs and local sweets which you can take back home. This charmingly designed mecca of shopping is also a great place to spend a day browsing the best brands, attending concerts/shows in the atrium and savouring good food at the many restaurants and cafes inside.
Address: Viru väljak 4/6, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 9AM-9PM

3. Lounakeskus


This spacious shopping & recreation destination is the largest and most popular amongst all southern cities’ shopping malls in Estonia. With more than 160 stores and services available under the same roof, Lounakeskus also boasts of an ice rink, adventure park, a farm market, cinema and many wonderful food outlets. In between some delightful shopping at the numerous stores (from high-fashion brands to bargain ones), you can go ice-skating right there or watch professionals practice at the indoor rink. The electronics stores and supermarkets are equally good for picking authentic stuff, as are the bookstore and clothes’ outlets. With its great design and superb facilities like free parking and storage cupboards, this is a dream shopping destination.

Address: Ringtee 75, 50501 Tartu, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 10AM-9PM

4. Ulemiste Centre

Ulemiste Centre

Without a doubt the largest shopping mall in Tallinn, Estonia, Ulemiste Centre is a paradise for those who love to shop till they drop. You will be charmed by its spacious & well-designed interiors and the outstanding line-up of shops and services at your service in this popular shopping hub. Everything from clothes, shoes, sports goods, souvenir, furniture and jewellery is available at the huge range of stores in the mall. The wide open corridors are easy to navigate, there are fantastic restaurants and food outlets to satiate your food cravings and the superb play area at the top floor is sure to be a huge hit with your kids. With its superior services and facilities, Ulemiste is arguably the best place for shopping in Estonia.

Address: Suur-Sõjamäe 4, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 10AM-9PM

5. Estonian Design House

Estonian Design House

While shopping malls are a convenient place for retail therapy with the entire family, it is the designer and boutique stores that hide the true treasures of any city. Our guide to shopping in Estonia wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this fantastic store that showcases the superb collection of more than 100 Estonian designers who create products using sustainable means. Located in the Solaris centre, Estonian Design House is one of the best places to pick locally handcrafted clothes, ceramics, shoes, lamps, quirky furniture and knick-knacks. Visiting this store not only encourages local designers but also allows a peek into the amazing world of local craftsmen.

Address: Solaris Keskus, Estonia puiestee 9, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 10AM-9PM

6. Ceramics Hall Of Katariina Guild

Ceramics Hall Of Katariina Guild

Image Courtesy

Amongst our favourite picks for shopping in Estonia, Katariina Guild nestled in a medieval alley of the old town is very special because of the experience and quality of products it offers to visitors. Home to eight artisan studios, the guild showcases the work of local women artists ranging from glass work, ceramics, textiles, leather work and jewellery. The best part about this unique shopping destination is that you can also marvel at the process of creating these superior products at the different studios before actually buying them from the gallery. True connoisseurs of art can also get custom-made products.

Address: Off Vene 12, Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: 11AM-6PM (Mon-Sat); 11AM-4PM (Sun)

7. Kalev


Image Courtesy

While hunting for the best places for shopping in Estonia you simply can’t miss visiting this delightful local store that has been making the most delicious chocolates and confections since 1806. The lovely store has an unmatched collection of handmade chocolates, candies, biscuits and fancy hand-painted marzipan figures all of which would make for great gifts to carry back home. The attractive and well-managed stores allow you to buy an assortment of goodies at discounted prices compared to those at supermarkets. The white chocolate with blueberry and rice crisps is a must try for chocoholics. Enter this chocolate wonderland at your own risk though, as their tastes are truly addictive!

Address: Roseni 7, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: 10AM-8PM (Mon-Sat); 11AM-6PM (Sun)

8. Masters’ Courtyard

Masters' Courtyard

This quaint little courtyard hidden amidst the charming cobbled-stone streets of Old Town in Tallinn is not only one of the most interesting places for shopping in Estonia but also the best way to step back in time and experience the old-world charm of the city preserved in the little place. Quaint art stores, galleries and workshops display the work of local artisans which would make for great collectibles and souvenirs for your loved ones. From knitwear to candles, jewellery, ceramics, woodwork and glass work, you can find an impressive range of high quality hand-crafted products at in this hidden gem amidst the modern stores and malls.

Address: Vene 6, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: Daily, 10AM-6PM

9. Balti Jaama Turg

Balti Jaama Turg

Those looking for not just great shopping in Estonia but also for experiencing the local culture and spirit of the country must definitely visit this unique and interesting local market. Also called the Baltic Station Market, this 3-story market houses almost 300 traders selling local produce, fruits and hand crafted products. Teeming with Estonians and brimming with a lively buzz, the market is a great place to pick fresh fish, fruits & vegetables along with souvenirs and handcrafted goods at great prices. The underground level has a supermarket and sports club, the ground floor is for fresh produce and street food stalls while the first floor is dedicated to Estonian design, crafts, antiques and household products.

Address: Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: 9AM-7PM (Mon-Sat); 9AM-5PM (Sun)

10. Telliskivi Flea Market

Telliskivi Flea Market

If you want to experience shopping in Estonia, Europe like the locals then a visit to the Telliskivi flea market must feature on your list. Held at the vibrant Telliskivi Creative City every Saturday all year round, the flea market is an interesting place for picking up trinkets, books, handcrafted products and other knick-knacks sold my local vendors. You can also stroll in the entire hip area of the Creative City which is home to unique stores and cool cafes.

Address: Telliskivi 60a, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
Timings: 10AM-3PM (Sat)

With such a wide and interesting range of options for shopping in Estonia, you must take time out to explore its winding alleyways and glittering stores to take home some unique treasures from this amazing country. So, get packed and book your trip to Estonia right away!

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How Well Do You Know India? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

India is a cacophony of sights, smells and sounds that assault your senses at every turn. Its majestic landscapes inspire awe and nostalgia in equal measure. Most of the people don’t know that it is the second most populous country in South Asia and the birthplace of yoga and four major world religions. The country has emerged as one of the world’s largest democracy and fastest growing economy within 70 years of its inception. It is a beautiful mishmash of cultures, languages, and traditions. No other nation can offer the range of cuisines that India does. How well do you know India? Test your knowledge and learn about its heritage, history and people.

What do you know about India? Whatever you do, we bet your knowledge of the nation is limited (unless you’re an ancient historian or a geographer). Take this quiz to find out:

If you’ve scored between 0 to 4: You’re not the biggest geography geek out there, and that’s okay. You can brush up on your knowledge of India and retake this test. Or go back to school. It’s up to you.

If you’ve scored between 5 to 9: Not bad. Remember that if you answered a few obscure questions incorrectly, it won’t matter much in the long run. Just pull out your GoogleMaps when you need to know where the capital of Tripura is!

If you’ve scored between 10 to 15: Way to go! You aced a test that only few can pass. Brag about your achievement to your friends who are probably not as brainy as you. Also, buy yourself a brownie while you’re at it.

There are many factors that determine where you are from, like your eyes and hair color. One of them is your nationality. We hope this quiz will give you some sort of clarity on how well do you know India. Now that you’ve realised how much do you know about India, why don’t you challenge your friends? If you feel you and your BFFs are not experts yet, you can book a group trip to India and explore your country a bit better. This is in everyone’s best interests, isn’t it?

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Experience The Best Of Shopping In Plovdiv At These 7 Must Check-Out Places

There are a large number of shopping places scattered all over the city of Plovdiv. It is a paradise for any person looking for good shopping therapy. Shopping in Plovdiv, Bulgaria will give you an entirely different experience as you have a completely different shopping atmosphere here, a variety of prices, a large number of shops selling such products that you will not find in your home market. You are bound to have a lot of fun along with a completely new experience. The shopping centers in Plovdiv, are not very far from each other and the transport system of the city is prompt and always on time. The shops here have stiff competition with each other so be sure to get a lot of discounts.

Enjoy the best of shopping experience in Plovdiv at these shopping malls and streets from where you can buy local souvenirs and even branded items.

1. Main Shopping Street

Main Shopping Street

This is a pedestrian area located at the center of the city of Plovdiv. The starting point of this shopping center is the Ramada Plovdiv Trimomntium Hotel and continues up to the pedestrian bridge that is located over the Maritsa River. This is a very long and expansive shopping area. The important landmarks of this shopping street are Stefan Stambolov Square along with its municipality building, the Roman Stadium, and the Dzhumaya Mosque. Right at the mosque, the Old Town gets connected to The Trap, where you will get the next shopping center, Hali. So you see that this is the best place or the shopping therapy. There are shops here for everyone – women children and men. You will find a myriad of fashionable items here. You will get to buy cosmetics and clothing along with accessories and groceries. There are also a good number of pharmacies and bookstores. In fact, there is a there is a shop for all kinds of shoppers. This place will ensure best shopping in Plovdiv.

Location: Knyaz Alxandar I Str., Rayko Daskalov Str
Timings: Sunday closed

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2. Shopping Centre Hali

Shopping Centre Hali

Just as mentioned above this shopping centre is located at a very close proximity to the Main Shopping Street. There are around 130 shops located here, scattered over the four levels of the shopping mall. You are bound to wild shopping in all the shops. The ground floor of this shopping mall is the Hypermarket Billa. The mall has its own restaurants that serve local and foreign delicacies. Apart from the big brands here you will also get all the local brands and also articles that you have never seen before. You are bound to find Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers of clothes, fashionable shoes,various accessories, souvenirs for the loved ones, and all other articles that you can think of.

Location: ul. “Kozhuharska” 4, 4000 Kapana, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Timings: 9 AM – 9 PM

3. Shopping Center Grand

shopping center

This is another shopping mall located at the heart of the city. It is built over an area of 27,000 square metres. It has six levels that include an underground parking lot. The shopping mall has all the services that you want. Apart from the shops for cosmetics accessories and clothing, you will find a hypermarket, pharmacies, commercial banks, travel agencies. There are also offices along with numerous restaurants. Here you will find clothes both of Bulgarian and foreign origin. Along with that you are guaranteed the authenticity of the things that you are buying. The environment here is very pleasant. The shops are very stylishly arranged which increases your desire for buying the goods. The staffs here are very helpful as well which enhances your shopping pleasure.

Location: TG. Grand, Ul. Kapitan, Raycho 56 TG. Grande, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 7 PM, Sunday closed

4. Markovo Tepe Shopping Mall

Markovo Tepe Shopping Mall

This is one of the best shopping malls in Plovdiv. The mall covers an area of 55,000 sq. m. it is designed in such a manner that there is optimal flow of shoppers at all times and this commercial site is a very important landmark of the people here. There are a variety of shops from where you can enjoy shopping and also have a good time doing it. This mall houses multiple facilities like a spa centres, cafes and restaurants, and gym as well. if you wish to watch a movie then you get to choose from the cinematic experience of IMAX, LUXE, PREMIUM, or VIP. You also have a quick access banking system here, along with all required mobile services that will help you at all times. The parking space is very well planned here. There are around 600 parking spaces that are located on 4 underground levels. Along with that there is an outdoor free parking area.

Location: bul. “Ruski, 4002 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM

5. Mall Plovdiv

Mall Plovdiv

This is the first shopping centre in Plovdiv that has been constructed in a very modern style. This is an all in one shopping facility. The supermarket here houses around 120 retail shops. There are branches of important banks, mobile operators, travel agencies, pharmacies, bookstores and so much more. There is a floor here called the cinema city. It has 11 cinema halls for premiering multiple movies at once. This mall ensures that anyone who is in this area will not get bored at any cost. Apart from all this, you have a large number of restaurants all throughout the mall. There are cafes and snack bars as well. The delicacies here cover multiple cuisines. The mall has underground parking spots for ease of parking in the area. The mall is just 2.5kmm from the main shopping street, which is a ten-minute drive by car or a mere 20 minutes’ walk from this mall. The mall is open all day of the week from 9.00am to 10.00pm.

Location: ul. “Perushtitsa” 8, 4002 g.k. Mladezhki halm, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 9 PM

6. Shopping Centre Excelsior

Shopping Centre Excelsior

This is one of the best-known pearls of shopping centers in Plovdiv. This gem is located in the main shopping street. This shopping center is included in the country’s list of Cultural Monuments. This shopping center is an old building that has been renovated into a shopping mall. This shopping center is better known for its restaurants, and cafeterias, that serve excellent food and coffees. The place also has a summer garden that attracts a lot of tourists. The interesting fact about this restaurant is that the ruins of the Roman Stadium are to be found at its foundation, which also makes it a spot of historical interest.

Location: 24 Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Str., Plovdiv 4000

7. Forum Trakia

Forum Trakia

This mall is located in t het heart of the Trakia district of Plovdiv. It is the largest district of Plovdiv. There are around 120 retail shops located here and 6 restaurants. The main attraction of this mall is the children’s area and the cocktail bar. Apart from this attractioin there are the beauty centres that attracts a lot of the female crowds.

Location: 4023 “Turgovski”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM

These are some of the best shopping malls in Plovdiv that you must visit. The time you spend shopping in Plovdiv will be a great experience on your trip to Europe and you can explore the variety of things this city has to offer. Enjoy shopping and have an amazing vacation here.

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3 Wonderstruck Places To Visit Near Sukawati Art Market Bali In November

If you are desiring a fairy tale escape from reality, Bali is the promised land fro you to land on. It is an astonishing blend of beaches, lush green forests, cultural sites, ancient temples, and lively villages. One such incredible destination is Sukawati Art Market. Alongside the happening attraction are wonder struck places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November.

Sukawati Art Market is a multicolored tourist attraction located in the Gianyar regency on the Indonesian Island of Bali. If you are someone who is fond of handicrafts, then thge vibrant market would definately intruige you. It is widely popular among the Balinese as ‘Pasar Seni Sukawati’. The market cover a vast land showcasing the diversified collection of Balinese artworks, paintings, wooden sculptures, artistic crafts, and other handmade peoducts. Being close to Denpasar and Kuta, it has significantly become one of the most famous and convenient shopping complexes in the region of Bali, Indonesia.

Once you have picked up your favourite Balinese art items, proceed to other mesmerising places situated nearby, like Zen Hideaway, Sanur Beach, and Pura Puseh. Zen Hideaway is a giant swing in ubud offering you an unforgettable sightseeing of Ayung River, amusing valleys, and tropical forests all around. While Sanur Beach is a peaceful and serene destination for one to lay back and relax themselves. As the sun meets the ocean, scenic seascapes at the white sand beach and turquoise waters are eye catching. You could also wander around Pura Puseh situated on the Indonesian Island. It is a popular religious site comprising adorning stone carvings and marvellous architecture. The wandering soul on an excursion to Bali would not miss out the opportunity to explore these attractions.

Bali Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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It sure is no surprise that one could spot enormous amount of pilgrimage sites on the tropical land of Bali. Among them, some of the most wonderful places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November as provided below. Read all about them!

1. Zen Hideaway

Zen Hideaway


A must to-do-thing while in you are in Ubud. Take a swing of faith with a view of the ‘Ayung River’ over the deep valley and forests below you. It is a bit expensive but worth if you can afford it. The Zen Hideaway is located in a village named Bongkasa. The Zen Hideaway swing flies over a dense forest of palm trees. To book a swing you will have to inquire first and you will be provided with available date options. The swing session is only for 30 minutes independent of the number of people on your group, so divide the time in such a manner so that everyone gets the chance.

Location: Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Sanur Beach



A tree lined street and shady beachfront – located in the village of Denpasar in southeast Bali, Sanur Beach has for long kept itself away from the changes of morbid world. It houses some important must see places in Bali which have preserved the histories in its temples and museums.

Things to do: Go for kite flying; kayaking; wind and kite surfing; parasailing; fishing; and a glass bottom boat ride
Cant miss: Get up early and watch the sunrise by the beach; track starfishes while the tides are low (do keep them back where you found them)

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Pura Puseh

temple in bali

Comprising of a magnificent designing detail and stone carvings, Pura Puseh is one of the remarkable temples in Bali that will fill you with great awe. Renovated in 1992, this temple carries a unique essence and proof of its establishment in 1022 AD in its engraving. Displaying many Hindu deities and symbols of Hindu religion, this temple is something you cannot afford to miss on the island of temples.
Location: Desa Batuan, Sukawati, Indonesia
Timings: NA

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Now, you are all aware about the vibrant destination and astounding places to visit near Sukawati Art Market Bali in November. So, what are you pondering upon? Book a ticket to Bali in no time and get going to an enthralling trip with your top picked travel companions. Upon arrival, do not forget to share your unique travel experiences with us.

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Shopping In Latvia: 10 Best Places Where You’d Want To Splurge Happily

Modern day shopping in Latvia is centered around large shopping malls, which have shops, restaurants, and all the places of entertainment in one place.There are many market centers and shopping malls in Latvia, the biggest of them being in Riga. The bigger the city, the more is the number of shopping malls. The bigger shopping malls in Riga attract more number of shoppers and you can almost spend an entire day in these malls.

Many districts in Latvia lack shopping malls but they have large supermarkets and shops where you can go for shopping too. There are also many bazaars and marketplaces, where you can find many small scale businesses, stalls and kiosks. Also during festival season many makeshift markets are set up.

As much as shopping in Riga, Latvia will give you a luxury shopping experience, the other districts also offer many places for shopping. Here we have discussed the various shopping places in Latvia, where you can spend some dimes in. Read on to know more about these shopping places.

Whether you’re looking for clothes shopping in Latvia or natural goods and marketplaces, Latvia has it all. From high end fashion and design stores to farmer’s market you will find everything here. To offer the best of Latvia shopping experience to you, we have compiled a list of 10 best shopping places in Latvia that you can visit. Take a look.

1. Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is not only the largest marketplace in entire Europe, but it is also the best and most sophisticated one. Located in the heart of Riga, this bazaar provides a diverse shopping experience. The market is located in Old town area, along the banks of the Daugava River and adjacent to the Riga International Bus Terminal. The eye catching thing of this market are the architecturally imposing food pavilions. Here you can buy homemade Latvian delicacies and various exotic fruits. The Riga Central Market was registered under UNESCO World heritage site in 1998.

Location: Latgales priekspilseta, Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, Latvian food products.

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2. Galerija Centrs

Galerija Centrs

Galerija Centrs is a famous shopping mall in Riga. The shopping mall was built in 1938 and occupies almost an entire block in Vecriga neighborhood. This is the most sophisticated place for shopping in Riga and the place exudes an elegant ambience. There are many shops inside the shopping mall with very tasteful collection of fashion apparels. There is a total of 110 shops inside the mall including restaurants and entertainment centers. It is also one of the first shopping mall in the Baltic region to have a glass ceiling. Here in this shopping place you will find an assortment of world famous brands like Karen Millen, Marc O’Polo, Grant, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, Massimo Dutti, Nike, Pandora, H&M and many others.

Location: Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Fashion Apparels

3. Riga Plaza

Riga Plaza

Riga Plaza is a fashion and entertainment center in Riga city. You will find almost everything in this shopping plaza that will meet your fashion needs. From clothes to hair to spa service, Riga Plaza has it all. There is also a fantasy park in the mall, which is family-friendly. This modern entertainment center has a video game area, 12 bowling alleys, billiards tables along with a playground for children. Fantasy Park also organizes events like birthday parties, concerts, tournaments and conference etc.

Location: 71 Mukusalas Street, Riga, Latvia.

4. Stockmann


Stockmann shopping center is a four storied complex with clothing stores, restaurants and many other things. In the ground floor you will find all sorts of cosmetics and fashion accessories as well as footwear stores. There is also a cafe and a flower shop. In the 1st floor you will find men and youth clothing while the 2nd floor is dedicated to women and kids clothing.

Location: Janvara Iela 8, Latvia
What to buy: Clothes, Cosmetics, Fashion accessories and footwear.

5. Mols


Image Courtesy

Mols is another modern shopping center in Riga. The mall is located pretty close to the Riga City highway and is easily accessible. There is also a shuttle bus that runs from the city center, which can take you to the mall. Here, in Mols you will find many fashion clothings from populations brands like H&M and JYSK etc. This American styled mall has many European chains and a food outlet too.

Location: Krasta Iela 46, Riga, Latvia
What to buy: Clothes

6. Alfa mall

Alfa mall

Image Courtesy

This is another shopping center in Riga, Latvia. The Alfa mall was opened in 2001 and it was first in Riga to have a hypermarket and a Sportland store. There are 170 stores and 20 cafes inside the mall where you can shop and dine in. From clothing and footwear to home improvement goods you will find it all in Alfa shopping center. There is also a playground for children inside the shopping complex.

Location: Brivibas Street, Riga, Latvia.
What to buy: Clothing, footwear, home improvement.

7. Spice shopping mall

Spice shopping mall

Spice shopping mall is another huge shopping center in Latvia. There are 200 shops inside the shopping mall and there are also many places to have a meal in. The mall started in 2001 and originally had 80 shops, but has expanded quite a lot over the years. The entire Spice shopping center is made of two complexes, Spice and Spice Home and is one of the largest shopping attraction in Latvia.

Location: Lielirbes Street, Riga, Latvia.

8. Sky & More

Sky & More

Sky & More is a premium shopping center in Latvia and they are dedicated in providing their customers with the best shopping experience. From fashion to food, everything is available in Sky & More shopping center. In the ground floor of the mall, you’ll find everyday necessary items like grocery, pharmaceuticals, pet supplies, jewellery, dry cleaning, books and flowers. The first floor comprises of restaurants, salons and spas along with a fitness center. The best thing about the mall is that it is pet friendly and it also has a special dog station.

Location: Duntes Street, Riga, Latvia.

9. Kalnciema Street Quarter

Kalnciema Street Quarter

Kalnciema Street Market is one of the most popular market quarters in Latvia. Located in the Riga area, this beautiful open air market has the beautiful wooden backdrop of the restored Kalnciema Quarter. With many stalls, slow food restaurants and fine Italian wine, this market quarter is a must visit. Kalnciema market also organizes movie nights, concerts and many small festivals almost every week. If you want to buy some authentic Latvian souvenirs then hop by the Saturday pop up market.

Location: Zemgales, Riga, Latvia.

10. Berg Bazaars

Berg Bazaars

Bergs Bazaars is a historical shopping arcade in Latvia. The bazaar comprises of many boutique shops that sell fashion, designed by local Latvian designers, cosmetics and various fashion accessories. There are also many restaurants and dining places to enjoy a hearty meal. You can also head into one of the salons to enjoy a little pampering. You can also simply stroll along the bazaar streets and absorb the vibrancy that the place exudes.

Location: Centra Rajons, Riga, Latvia

Shopping in Latvia is a great experience, especially when the shopping centers are so unique and have so much to offer. Shopping in the capital city of Latvia is totally a whole other experience. With the shopping centers mentioned here, you can enjoy a nice shopping experience. So, make sure you plan your Europe trip with TravelTriangle right away and head out for a memorable holiday!

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10 Amazing Places For Shopping In Munich For The Times You Need Retail Therapy

Munich is the Bavarian capital in Germany known for the several eye-catching architectural buildings and monuments. It is an imperial city with huge roads and beautiful buildings on either side of the road. Travelers from all over the world flock this place to enjoy the royalty and elegance of this city. Not only does this city offer ample opportunities for inquisitive explorers, but it also caters for all the shopaholics. This city hosts a number of shopping malls, arcades and local markets which can be visited by every person who enjoys going on a shopping spree. Explore these best 10 places for an enthralling experience of shopping in Munich.

Munich has a number of small stalls selling beautiful souvenirs and art pieces which one can gift to their loved ones. Here is a list of places where you can go shopping in Munich:

1. Edited


Edited is a women’s wear boutique which sells clothing and accessories of a varying price range. If one is wondering what to buy in Munich then they can head to this store and check out their collection. It has both as well as non-designer pieces which one can choose from. One can find anything from a simple dress to a chic outfit with trendy cuts and design. It has become one of the most popular stores in Munich since the time it started, due to this they have opened up three other outlets in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. They have their own line of clothing as well, the price range of which varies from around INR 1,600 to INR 13,800.

Location: Edited, Amalienstraße 57, 80799 Munich, Germany
What to buy: Designer and non-designer clothing

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2. BoYco


This boutique is the best place for clothes shopping in Munich. It is a tiny store but accommodates some of the most trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories. The owners and managers over here are Italian and they personally handpick the material for the clothing and even design it themselves to produce the most amazing types of dresses, tees, and other types of outfits. The clothes available here have a little bit of Boho feel to them which makes them pretty unique. Apart from the fashionable outfits, one can even find plenty of cute handbags and printed scarf options here.

Location: BoYco, Amalienstraße 55, 80799 Munich, Germany
What to buy: Trendy outfits, Handbags, Printed scarves

3. Kaufingertor


If one is looking for options to indulge in designer outlet shopping in Munich Germany then they must definitely head to Kaufingertor. This shopping center is located just a few minutes away from Marienplatz. This shopping center houses the Hallhuber shop which is a two-story store having an exquisite collection of designer women wear. If one is looking to shop for some jewelry, they can visit the Arntz Jewellery Store in the shopping center which features a variety of magnificent jewelry pieces. There are many other amazing designer outlets as well at this shopping center which are worth a visit.

Location: Kaufingertor, Kaufingerstraße 9, Munich, Germany
What to buy: Designer women wear, Jewellery

4. Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt

Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt

The best shopping in Munich opportunities is offered by this market which generally is set up during the Christmas season. This market is spread across such a large space that it never seems too crowded, making it easier to look through the different pieces on sale here. This market is organized every year in the city’s center, making it easily accessible from every part of Munich. A lot of traditional artifacts along with several ornamental options are showcased here for sale. One can even try out the street food of Munich at the many food stalls set up in this market area.

Location: Kripperlmarkt, Rindermarkt, 80331, München, Germany
What to buy: Jewellery, Accessories, Artefacts, Souvenirs

5. Maximilianstrasse


This is one of the best Munich shopping streets which must be visited by all the fashionistas visiting this city. It has a plethora of international designer stores which are stocked up with some of the best clothing options and accessories. This Munich shopping street is the hub of all things fashionable in Munich and is spread over a 1 km street. The luxury shops which one can find here include Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and so many others. Apart from the luxury brand stores, there are other stores as well which sell the second-hand designer clothing and accessories at a much lower and affordable rate.

Location: Maximilianstrasse, Munich, Germany
What to buy: Clothing and accessories by luxury brands, Second-hand designer clothing, and accessories

6. Hofstatt

Marburg Hofstatt

If one wishes to visit the shopping malls in Munich, Hofstatt shopping center is the best out of all the malls in this city. A lot of teenagers from the elite families can be spotted shopping over here. Shop at Hollister, Gant, Schuster, Abercrombie & Fitch, OhJulia and Thomas which are the most visited stores at this famous luxury shopping mall in Europe. Option ranging from designer clothing, jewelry, footwear, and other accessories can be found at this place. After a long day of shopping, one can stop at Le Copain to grab a quick bite.

Location: Hofstatt, Sendlinger Str. 10, Munich, Germany
What to buy: High-end designer wear

7. Kauf Dich Glücklich

Kauf Dich Glücklich

Experience shopping in Munich Germany by visiting this trendy place which features all the latest and fashionable clothing options. Apart from the clothing options, there are several other accessories sold here too like jewelry, scarves, bags, and so much more. Even some selected cosmetic pieces are also available for sale here. Options from every price range are available here so that shoppers from any financial background can shop their heart out. One is definitely going get spoilt for choices by visiting this boutique store as it has almost everything.

Location: Kauf Dich Glücklich, Reichenbachstraße 14, 80469 Munich, Germany & Kauf Dich Glücklich, Schellingstraße 23, 80799 Munich, Germany
What to buy: Scarves, Clothes, Bags, Cosmetics

8. Riem Arcaden

Riem Arcaden

Riem Arcaden is the perfect place to enjoy luxury shopping in Munich. This is one of the most lavish looking Munich shopping malls. Everything from clothing to shoes from the high-end designer brands is put out on sale here. This Munich shopping mall also accommodates several spaces with gaming arenas and restaurants which can be visited for an exciting and fun-filled time. Some of the samples of local delights at the gourmet market at this center can be tried out by the shoppers here. This shopping center is frequently visited by well-known socialites as well as several business associates. The entire shopping center offers several options to have a good time on three different floors.

Location: Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, Munich, Germany
What to buy: Designer wear, Luxury branded bags, Footwear

9. Yukai


This boutique store is located in the most frequented Munich shopping areas. One can find a variety of classically styled clothing in neutral colors and muted taupes. The designs of the clothing options available here are inspired by the Japanese sense of style. These designs are handcrafted with a lot of intricate detailing to give out a completely classy and elegant outfit. Dresses sizes from 36-46 are readily available here. If one wants a different size even that can be arranged for. It has two store outlets, one in central Munich and the other in Wiesbaden. Unique pieces of jewelry along with Shibori scarves are also displayed on sale here.

Location: Yukai, Kurfürstenstraße 45, 80801 Munich, Germany
What to buy: Unique jewelry, Shibori scarves, Japanese-style clothing

10. Stoffwechsel


Stoffwechsel is the perfect place for clothes shopping in Munich. One can find the most unique pieces of designer wear over here which is sure to make anybody stand out in a crowd. All the clothing pieces are organized pretty well in this store according to their size. The designers at this store specialize in carefully observing the latest fashion trends and employing them in the most unique way in the clothing option sold here. One can find everything from vintage colorful clothing to magnificent pieces of jewelry over here. This store is open on all days of the week except on Sundays and Mondays.

Location: Stoffwechsel, Donnersbergerstraße 32, 80634 Munich, Germany
What to buy: Clothes, Vintage jewelry

Every trip is incomplete without buying gifts and souvenirs to take back home. Experience shopping in Munich by visiting the above listed trendy places where fashionable clothing, footwear, jewelry, and other such things are sold. Book a trip to Germany now at affordable rates by contacting the travel experts at TravelTriangle. Are you going to travel the world or do you plan to just sift through images?

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Temple Street Night Market: For A Bountiful Shopping Buzz And Great Bargains

Whether you’re a fan of shopping or not, street markets are one place you’ll find everything from souvenirs to tiny trinkets and from clothes to footwear, bags and more. Every tourist destination has at least one night market which makes it convenient for all those who like to wake up on their own time while they’re out for a vacation. So, why not? The Temple Street Night Market will allow you to explore some of the best in Hong Kong for a memorable holiday. Scroll through the list below to know what all you can find here and what not to miss for sure!

people buying things in night market

Surrounding the Tin Hau temple located in the centre, this market opens every night. A night market like this one, lets you buy all things Chinese and has a vibe of a typical market of Chinese culture. While you can choose from some of the rarities found only here, like tea ware, antiques and more, don’t forget to try their local cuisines on the side as the Temple Street Night Market food is filled with some delicious grubs to pick from. Also known as the Men’s market, it is famous for having a variety of men’s fashion, from clothes to watches to footwear, at an unbelievably cheap price.

Location: Temple St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 04:00 PM to 11:00 PM

men's fashion ties at reasonable prices

You’ll find several night markets on your travels but here’s why this one is so special that you just cannot afford to miss.

  • Men’s Fashion: One can find this place in the top list of ‘ladies night market in Hong Kong’ but the Temple Street Night Market is also known for having Men’s apparel and footwear. The prices are really cheap and there’s still a scope for bargain. Ready yet?
  • Fortune Tellers: This is what adds to the rhythm of this bustling market. One can see a several fortune tellers around the corners, with flashy labels offering the services at a reasonable price. If you’re in for a gypsy vibe, be sure to try one here.
  • Electronics: You can also buy a few electronic items here like mobile phones but be sure to ascertain a quality check first.
  • Second-hand goods: One can also buy cheap second hand goods like pirated DVDs, cassettes, old newspapers and video tapes.
  • Featured in movies: Due to its flashy, groovy yet authentic Chinese spirit, the Temple Street Night Market has been featured in many gangster movies and is very popular for the same.

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1. Traditional Chinese Medicines

Chinese herbs mix

You can find a number of old clinics of Chinese culture lined on the streets providing various traditional medicines and herbs for illnesses. These authentic medicines are known to cure many of the diseases, so they’re definitely worth a try.

2. Local Chinese Cuisines

Local chinese cuisines made by a woman

Amongst other street food stalls present here, offering pizzas, seafood and japanese dishes, you can also try their local cuisines while you shop for a souvenir. The restaurants here are a must try for Chinese street food and rice served in clay pots are perfect for a dinner of two.

3. Cantonese Opera

Opera singers performing at market

Groove with the opera singers at the Temple Street Night Market, while they give an open-air performance. Yes, one of the unique things about this market which makes it the best night markets in Hong Kong, as it offers a heartfelt experience and takes your mind off of the chaotic busy life, while the shopping just adds flavours to this colourful encounter in Hong Kong.

4. Antiques, Watches, Clothes, and more

Antiques, Watches, Clothes, and more1

If you’re not the kind of person who is brand conscious, be sure to check out the clothes, watches, shoes and other accessories like bracelets at this market as even though the labels are fake, the scope of bargain is very high. One can also choose from the variety of antiques and souvenirs of dragons in this market.

How to get to Temple Street Night Market1

By Walk

From Nathan road, merely 3 blocks away, you can visit this market by walking towards the direction of the signs on the Nathan road.

By Bus

You can board an A22 Airport Cityflyer bus, outside the airport going towards Kowloon. Once you’ve reached the Shanghai Street stop, you can start walking towards the Temple Street.


Boarding a Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong can be convenient for you if you wish to commute faster. If you’re at Nathan road, you can board a Kwun Tong line northwards towards Kwun Tong at Tsim Shau Tsui station and get down at Jordan station, exit A which is closer to the Temple Street.

Tips for shopping at Temple Street Night Market1

  • Be sure to check out the streets behind the stalls in the front to have a further variety of merchandise. You might get a better deal too!
  • Beware of the claims of the traders in this market that their Gucci and Prada labels are authentic. They’re not. So bargain and buy according to the quality of the products.
  • If you feel like taking some cheap souvenirs, try the Chinese qipao dresses, and varying sizes of dragon shaped trinkets.

So is it going to be a food or shopping buzz for you at this market? Plan a trip to Hong Kong with TravelTriangle today and find out what’s in store for you at this famous market.

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Traveling Europe On A Budget: Every Solo Traveler’s Go-To Guide In 2019

Traveling Europe on a budget can be overwhelming and daunting. For starters, getting there can be quite a challenge. It is hard to find an affordable, clean hostel where you can meet and fraternize with other travelers. Not to mention, the cost of eating out is high. Luckily for you, we have compiled a guide to cut down on your daily expenses on your Euro trip. Keep it handy on your backpacking trip! If you’re wondering , sit back and read our easy-breezy guide.

When To Go To Europe

If you want to take a budget trip to Europe, you should visit sometime between March to May and September to October. This is the shoulder season in Europe. During this time, the prices are lower, the weather is good, and the crowds are fewer. Avoid visiting Europe in the summers since it is peak season in Europe and prices of accommodation and flights inflate during this time.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to visit the Louvre without paying anything? We have put together a list of 5 things to do if you’re traveling Europe on a budget:

Europe Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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1. Visit Free Museums And Galleries

Visit Free Museums

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh houses several interesting museums for you to visit, such as The People’s Story, the Writer’s Museum, and The Museum of Childhood. There is no entry fee for these museums, so you don’t have to worry about money. Other free museums include Dublin’s National Gallery on Merrion Square, the Museum of Natural History, and Kilmainham.

2. Climb Filopappou Hill

Climb Filopappou Hill

Filopappou Hill is located only 15 minutes away from the gates of Acropolis. It is the best place in Athens to get a view of the Parthenon. It boasts of the best views in the city. The entry to Filopappou Hill is free and the climb isn’t strenuous. There’s a good view of the city from the top as well.

3. Hear Jazz Bands For Free

Hear Jazz Bands For Free

The jazz scene in Krakow is sensational. You can attend a majority of the shows held in the clubs, pubs, and bars for free. On most nights, you will be able to find a local jazz musician playing tunes somewhere in the city. If you want to listen to the best jazz music ever, head to Rynek Glowny area.

4. Visit Belfast Castle

Visit Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle is an off-the-radar attraction. It is not a centrally located attraction, but you should add it to your itinerary if you’re a history buff or an aesthete. Its elegant sandstone building is surrounded by stunning grounds and its mountain trails are perfect for a day out. The entry to the castle is free.

5. Catch The Glockenspiel Show

Catch The Glockenspiel Show

If you have 15 minutes to spare, head to Glockenspiel. It is one of Munich’s quirkiest attractions. You can catch the show twice daily at 11 AM and midday. It is located in one of the city’s most prominent squares. During the show 32 life-size figurines act out the Cooper’s Dance (a local tradition). Large numbers of people flock here to check out the free shows each day.

What To Eat

Finding spots to eat within your budget is easier than you think. You can find kiosks in train stations, bus stations, and pedestrian areas selling sandwiches, sausages and pizza slices for INR 309-541. Food is cheaper in the east as compared to the west. You can cook your own food for INR 5,000 per week. Supermarkets like Lidl, Penny Market, Profi, and Aldi sell groceries at discounted prices. If you want to save money on meals, you can also pick up some cheese, wine, meat, or bread and go to the park for a picnic.

Paying over INR 7,000 for a room you will hardly be in most of the day doesn’t make much sense. There are several forms of accommodation that don’t require you to share your room with a bunch of snoring strangers. Here are a few of them:

1. Staying With Locals

Staying With Locals

There are several hospitality networks, like Couchsurfing, Stay4Free, and Global Freeloaders, which allow you to stay with locals for no cost. It is a good opportunity to interact with locals and learn about the culture and history of the place. You may be offered a bed, a couch, or at the most, a space.

2. Home Exchange

Home Exchange

You can check out the popular website Home Exchange to switch homes with a family from another nation. This way works best for older travelers who own a home. People usually worry about security, but it is important to remember that the other family trusts you with their home too.

3. House Sitting

House Sitting

If you’re uncomfortable with exchanging homes, you can consider house sitting. You can watch and maintain somebody’s house while they are vacationing, and in exchange, you get a free place to stay at. After signing up for one of the services like Mind My House, House Carers, or Luxury House Sitting, you can find a place and work out an arrangement with the homeowner.

4. Apartment Rentals

Apartment Rentals

If you long for calm surroundings and a place to work, there’s nothing better than booking an apartment rental. You get your own space to cook your meals, workout, complete your freelance assignments, and more. They are double the cost of a hostel dorm room, but if you’re a traveling group or a couple, it is perfect for you.

Europe’s weak currency exchange rate and the surge in the sharing economy have made traveling Europe on a budget possible. There are primarily four ways to travel in the country: by bus, by plane, by train, and by hitchhiking.

1. By Megabus


A cheap way to get around Wales, Scotland, England, Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam is to take a Megabus. If you book a ticket at least a month in advance, it will cost you as little as INR 86. However, you can buy a ticket one day prior too. That will cost you between INR 430-1,721.

2. By Busabout

By Busabout

You can also use the hop on/hop off bus service called Busabout to get around Europe and meet other backpackers. You may get on and off whenever you like along one of their set routes. A two-week pass, which allows you to travel all of Europe with a set number of stops, will cost you INR 20,480. The pass occasionally includes group activities and comes with a guide. If you cover six cities in two weeks, it will cost you INR 3,425. The only downside is if you want to visit a city that is not on their route, you will have to shell out extra.

3. By Flixbus


For as low as INR 385, you can also book a pass for Flixbus. You can travel to 20 European countries and thousands of cities on this bus, which includes amenities like plush seats, electrical outlets, and Wi-Fi. It is the cheapest way of traveling Europe on a budget, and that too in style.

4. By Flight

By Flight

It is one of the cheapest ways for traveling Europe on a budget. You can fly budget airlines like Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet, Flybe, Norwegian Air, and Wizz Air. These airlines are very particular about baggage limits and a hard copy of the boarding pass. If you’re traveling with a lot of baggage, it would be cheaper to fly with one of the larger airlines.

5. By Eurail

By Eurail

Traveling by Eurail is far more scenic than any other mode of transport since you can watch the charming landscape go by. It is one of the most extensive rail systems in the world. Nothing can beat Eurail in terms of price if you’re traveling from one city to another. For longer journeys, like Berlin to Munich, Eurail tends to be expensive. In this case, getting a rail pass is an ideal option.

6. By Hitchhiking

By Hitchhiking

The best way for getting around Europe is hitchhiking. It is common in Europe, especially Bulgaria. Also, it is a lot safer than you would imagine. It is important to exercise caution while hitchhiking. Use common sense and always trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, bail out as quick as possible.

Tips For Traveling Europe

Take a hard look at these 5 creative ways to cut down your expenses and have more money for traveling to Europe with family on a budget:

1. Buy a metal water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles for the sake of the environment. Your health and your wallet will thank you too.
2. Cutting down the amount of coffee and alcohol you drink will bring down your expenses considerably. Consider drinking alcohol before you head to the bar so that you drink less there.
3. Movie theatres are ridiculously expensive in Europe. Consider binging movies on Netflix instead.
4. Collect Groupon, grocery coupons, and loyalty cards which will reduce the price you pay at the register.
5. Building a network on Couchsurfing by attending the local meetups can help you find free accommodation when you travel.

You won’t have any problem filling your time while traveling Europe on a budget. There are a plethora of ways to get around the country and unlimited things to do here. Our primary objective behind compiling this guide was to help answer your queries on . Book your Europe vacation with TravelTriangle to avail exciting deals and discounts and customise your holiday according to your requirements.

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